Just random~drawing,flower :P


so Im just posting better photos of the recent hime style flower kamikazari *hair decorations* that I made,,haha

People have been asking me,
"how come I dont sell my creations"
I just donno if anybody wants to purchase em.. X3

I just like making em since I like kawaii things!
but if anybody wants to get some just let me know~ :D

they are all made with eki love~ haha

so I've been doodling or trying to get back in to drawing but I don't really have the patience like before,

when I was younger I used to love draw draw draw~ now my hands hurt, can't concentrate and my imagination is blah.. its sad :/

I need my imagination to get stimulated some how......getting older sucks, I wanna be a child again when everything was colorful and my imagination just flowed ah~ happy times X3


  1. pretty drawings! and i love ur hair pins!

  2. wowwwwwwwww.. you are super talented!!!! <3 i love your drawings!!

    if i could pull off cutesy things, i could totally buy one from you.

    could i really get samples?? that would be amazing! <3

    here's my addy!! :)
    sarah sakamoto
    2517 modoc rd apt 26
    santa barbara, ca 93105

    thanks so much darling :D

  3. everything is just so beautiful! love the angles & light to the photos too. :D

  4. You got some major kawaii skills =)

    I like it already. Such a Eki style <3333

    Lovely job hun!

    Hope you're enjoying the warm weather <33

  5. wow I like yr drawing alot and you're really good in makeup too :)

  6. Your hair decorations are so pretty~I would definitely purchase.

    The drawings are great. Getting older does suck. I swear I get more a.d.d everyday.

  7. Your hair pins are adorable, and you are so funny...lol

  8. I forgot to tell you that I love your drawings! It's too cute...and the character is sexy. How much are your hair pins going for? You should definitely sell them! They are toooooooo cute!

    Hehe you're funny...my nails don't match my dress, but I don't fit very many stuff nowadays.

    Your new camera makes my Canon look like a wimpy camera...LOL. Love the photos you take with it, very nice.

  9. Beautiful Hime pieces Eki!! :)

    And your drawings are really good!! Super pretty girl! A self portrait perhaps?! ;)

  10. i love ur drawings =D so pretty!

  11. you've got some great drawing skills! even when i was really into drawing/doodling, i was never that good =P

  12. Eki,

    I have purchase similar hair bungees from Galeries Lafayette in Paris, and they cost a BOMB!! I can't even wear them now because I've cut my hair. Believe me, people will pay for your beautiful creations!!

    You should also do a darker line (like black silk roses--very French) for us OLs!!

    Go for it!!

    P.S. You are my ideal Japanese beauty! Fuz is my ideal Chinese beauty!

  13. Your drawing is amazing!! I know what you mean about getting older and less creative though, lol. I used to be able to doodle all day too... now there's just no time for doodling anymore. =/

  14. such cute flowers! haha the girl's dress in the picture totally reminds me of this dress i just bought at american apparel

  15. wow! how pretty! ( drawing & roses! )

    and omg. thats why i love being a bit childish in my head~ *u*

  16. Those hair accessories look extremely cute!

  17. The hair pins are so cute! I'd get them when I start working again lol.
    You are an amazing artist! Even when you doodle the face looks so detailed.

  18. Amazing drawing. I love your style.
    I know how you feel when you get older and feel less motivated/creative. I wish to bring back that creativity again.

    The hair decorations looks so cute.

  19. OMG!
    Your drawing is so awesome!!!
    You're so creative and talented, you should keep at it!

  20. すばらしいえきちゃん。がんばってください。すごい。

  21. love your drawings! you have a talent!!

  22. You have a true talent, and yor hair looks fantastic, amazing colour!

  23. Your artwork and craft work is totally Awesome!!!=)

    I wish I had ur talent for drawing anime. I read mangas and I alway wish I can draw those cute/sexy anime characters. hehe.

  24. Ahhh I love the pins!!<33
    & your drawing is amazing!

  25. Sooooo thats bad work for you?? Because in my book...what you drew is AMAZING! You are so talented!!! Is there anything you can't do? You draw amazing, you look amazing, you take amazing pics! Just amazing!!

  26. I also love drawing... but I'm afraid I'm losing touch already... I need to practice... Gosh, Eki! We've got lots of things in common! Well, you're prettier than me... ^__^

    Just practice... Stay creative! ^__^


let me know what you think~ :3

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