made with eki love~store XD

store is now open!! XD

not much selections yet working on new pieces currently~ I will do custom orders as well~

Im just a lover and a sucker for cute things so if you are as well, visit my shop :)
I will send you extra love if you buy 2 or more! X3


  1. its gorgeous! im a sucker for the cutest things!! im ready to have my very own from you!! =D i already know which one i want!

  2. Good for you eki!! Can I link your new blog store to my boutique section?!


  3. i lOve the new hair color! i wanna start dyin my hair again.. But i dont have soft hair.. so it gets really nappy n tangly =( so no more dying for me... sigh* mayb just not now.... but u look great!!!

  4. Yay!!! you opened a store! I'm glad <333 I would like to buy something hehe weee can't wait <3

  5. yay for the store! I know I will def be a future customer!


let me know what you think~ :3

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