sexy? moi? X3

I forgot to write about this sweet mama GiGi gave me this award~ but I'm not sexy at all, looks more like a kid with no curves keke X3

Rules: List 5 things that are sexy about yourself, & pass it on to 5 awesome blogger friends

so I guess according to my lovely bf I have
1. sexy cute lips *i think its duck lips*
3.my intellect *my nerdy side*
4.of course a guy would say booty X3

and now I would like to pass on to the REAL amazingly sexy ladies!! all of this ladies here is who I drool over and they are super nice which makes them twice as sexy!! hehe XD

1. super duper always sexy~ xXPINKXx
2. the lovely sexy~ Glow chaser
3.real sweetie sexy~ Holly Ann-Aeree
4.miss classy sexy~Fun size
5.super model sexy~ J doll


  1. Thanks sweetheart *HUGS*

    and you're definitely sexy!!! LOL

  2. Congrats on the award!! I agree you are a sexy thang!! ;)

  3. Hehe, congrats! You're definitely sexy, girl. =P Especially compared to me, lol. I look 12 in some pics.

  4. awwwwww!!! thanksss. and omggg you are freaking gorgeousss! (that is one of the first things i told you when i stumbled across your blog (all stalker like and shittt lol) hahaha.

    thanks soo much ^_^

    im gonna do it tomorrow cause its like 4am right now...and i have to get up for class at 9 >_<

    blahh i was not made for this east coast time..i can never go to sleep at a decent hr. i need to live somewhere that has the correct time difference. haha. (weird cause ive always lived in CT)

  5. Hahaha - you mentioned me!! YAY!! LOL

    Thank you eki!!! Sexy dolly face you xx

  6. aww i missed it! happy belated bday!

  7. hey baby

    Thanks for the AWARD of SEXINESS...lol!!! hmmm what do i think that sexy about eki! its your eyes and lips and voice...i think your a total package hunnie...now if you can only take a picture of your tush!!!

    just wanted to pop in and say HAPPPPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! you are an april fools baby!!!! how fun is that...i would pull so many prankies on you...you must get trick candles all the time when you blow out your b-day cake!!! hahaha


  8. who hoo! congrats on the award you hot stuff you! :) told ya you were hotness!! ;) and happy belated birthday!

  9. happy belated birthday! i also tagged you for the kreativ blogger on my blog ;-)

  10. your lips are sexy!

    hehe i love the songs in your blog.
    i love 1000 words! but by koda kumi ! lov her!
    i sang it and i will post in my blog later ^O^

    i know it sucks, when u want him here u cant.. =(


let me know what you think~ :3

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