thank you giveaway~!! :D

Hello ladies! I wanted to say thank you for all the love I got!

I am so happy that I started this blog and got to meet such an amazing sweet ladies here! I have recently moved to a completely different state *FL-MN* and I was feeling lonely since this is a new life for me. Without friends and family completely out of my comfort zone, everything is new to me here so that is why I started my blog to meet amazing people like yourselves!

So to say thank you for coming here to leave me such a sweet comments that makes me smile, I wanted to give alittle something, a hand made love~ :3

sorry its not much right now, I wanted to save all the goodies for a future contest!

here are 2 hair clip made by the glue gun master :P
a hime phone strap
2 my fave coal nose strip
nail decor rhinestone palette

all you gotta do is just tell me *YOU WANT IT*
and be my follower since this is a thank you gift
I will do the random draw thing ok


the HIME bow will make you look innocent XD


  1. Wow! What an awesome idea:]
    I started blogging too because I moved away from home and there's so many lovely, kind individuals here<3

    Anyhow, I would love to join in the 'Thank you giveaway':]

    Take care then and talk to you soon!

  2. I want it! Thanks! Those hair clips look super cute on you : )

  3. aww you are so pretty! and thank you for a give away =D I started blogging because I wanted to get to know more people too!

    I would like to join the giveaway! Your creations are adorable <3

  4. I love blogging too! I've "met" some pretty cool people while blogging and it's fun for me too! I want it! That bow is so cute!

  5. I WANT IT.

    I think those are precious give-aways.
    AND yes,I think it's awesome that we get to meet a lot of really cool and nice people around here. =)

  6. I want it!!!!... you are soo cute, Miss Glue gun master...he he he.

  7. i know how you feel, i went thru the same thing a couple years ago but it just gets better as time goes by!

    I want it!!!

  8. I want! I want! haha glue gun master!

  9. omg ,the bow is so cute with the houndstooth design! and i love the phone charm too!

    i want themmm! haha. please =]

  10. I would love to join the giveaway too.
    *I Want It*
    I hope you enjoy the new state you are in.
    Moving is always hard in the begining.

  11. Oh Happy belated birthday ;_; sorry so late.
    You look so pretty in the pics!

    Take care!

    Oh and i wanna join! ^^

  12. hi hun,

    i know what you mean ..
    i was super lonely when i started college and started living in the dorm.. i pretty much cried everynight..

    but look at where we are now =)

    im glad you're happy <3

    stay beautiful!


  13. That's totally what I love about blogging too. It makes me really happy just to have a group of ladies who are really positive and supportive that I can be a part of. =)

    And oh yay! I totally want the cute prize. =)

  14. I love new and interesting blogs!
    I started my a little time too .. but its for sure is better =)

    It is very good meet new people from all over the world .. different techniques and learn =)

  15. i waaaaant. but i think you definitely pull those bows off better than ANYONE.. sheeeeeeeeez :) hahahaa. you are BEAUTIFUL! what doe-y eyes! i'm jealousss. what fabulous prizes though<3

    beauty bloggers are awesome :D fun to read, always really, really super nice. i'm glad i got into it!

  16. i want it :] your first vid was great, don't be nervous! keep up the good work.

  17. "I WANT IT" These are so so cute! Thanks for the giveaway xxxx

  18. Would love to join the give away! I have been wanting to try the coal nose strips. I hear they work very well.WOULD LOVE

  19. awwwww we love you eki!! LOL

    I have *met* some wonderful people on here people that I hope to keep in touch with ever more.

    GIMMEEEEEE I WANT IT....i mean please?

  20. sooo cute!

    I definitely want it!

  21. Awww Ekichan, you KNOW I want it! Anything made by you!! :D It was hard moving away from home a few years ago... especially having to do a long distance relationship. Sometimes it really sucks :P Anyways, I hope you feel a little better with the new environment soon, and you know you can always talk to us!!


  22. meeee! i want it

    actually i want the hairbow most of all heeee

  23. i soooooo want it.

    babe thank YOU for having such an amazing blog! you are extremely creative and people can learn a WHOLE lot from this blog . So thank you for contributing yoru creativity!

  24. how cute! do I have to say it? :D I want it! ;)

  25. Glue Gun Master! LOL!! TOo cute!! How sweet of you to show your appreciation!! I'm glad you found great peeps through the blogger! I know I have!! :)

  26. ahaha, I WANT IT! =D
    you're so cute and thoughtful.

    i felt the same way too when i first moved here in US. but now it's all good.

    stay happy! :)

  27. Hope you had a great birthday celebration (even when there's no friends around - speaking from own experience).

    I'm not a follower, as I'm more about email updates than Google connect. Would love to subscribe if you have the option. Thanks.


  28. yah, I want it too. those are so girlie and sweet. I love cute things.

  29. *GASP* i want! those hair clips are soo friggin' CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

  30. hey girl, it is pretty amazing how you can stumble across amazing people online.
    i sort of relate to you since i moved away from my friends...it's hard to make them here where i live now.
    just know that there are many of us on blogger that will be there for you as support. it's the least we can do.
    girl you're just the sweetest thing.

    it would be nice if you would add me to your give away. yes please, i do want =)

    oh and thank you for being such a sweetheart. =)

  31. Aww I just recently had a giveaway too!
    Good luck &&

    "I want it!"


  32. Can I have it please? Thank you for this giveaway Ms Eki!

  33. I WANT IT !! I WANT IT!! heehee..i'm glad ur loving blogging!! i love it too!!! it's all love and support in here!!!

  34. Oooh I like your hairclips! Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that you WON my contest! please email me your shipping adress as soon as you can =)

  35. The two hairpieces you're wearing in the last 2 pics are waay cute! Where are they from if you don't mind me asking?

    Also... eh, I want it? Hehe... (sorry, chotto hazugashii, gomen ne)

  36. OoO! I want it :] so cute, I love hand made crafts! So personal and creative. I just started blogging - inspired by all you lovely ladies, I'd love to meet some new people!

  37. Please count me in!<3
    Moving is really hard at first, but it offers a lot of chances! Hope you enjoy where you are living right now!^-^

    You look very pretty on the pictures by the way!♥

  38. I found your blog last wk and I loved your first video! Pls make another one soon :)
    The hairclip is so adorable~ I want it.. please! haha
    I just started blogging a month ago, if you have time pls come by~

  39. wow, you are good at making crafts. I want to make those cell phone charms. I just started reading your blog and I really appreciate all the makeup help.

    Please add me to your contest! Thanks!

  40. The bow is so cute, I totally want to win too!!

  41. Hope to see your next tutorial!!

  42. the bow is so pretty.. is it too late to join?

  43. Hey,
    I found you on Spankedelic's page. Congrats on winning her contest! I'm following your blog.
    & I want it!! :)

  44. Love your bows and flowers they are so cute!!! I would love to enter your contest! Thank you!

  45. I love love your creations! How on earth do you create them!?! I have always wondered...!

    You are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing with all of your fans and hope you never stop blogging!

  46. I am your follower!! i love those! MEME

  47. I want it I want it!

    You are so lovely and those bows are AMAZINGLY cute! Thank you for all you do for us readers!

  48. aww great give away! I want it!
    I love ur eyes...

  49. i wants =D the hair pieces look super cute on you

  50. Thanks for doing a mini giveaway, your clips are so cute! I'd love to go in the draw please :)

  51. Just blog hopping and saw your blog, the hair pieces are so cute! I want it... hehe~


let me know what you think~ :3

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