update on giveaway~

Hello girls!
so I wanted to let you guys know since there is lots of girls that joined this giveaway, I've decided to give 2 girls the gifts!! and I know not everyone is a fan of pink so I'll let the 2 winners to choose their prize one from the flower batch and one from the bows!

I am going to draw the winners tomorrow! so if you are interested, its still open till tomorrow night~ :D

Thank you for all the interest, LOVE & support~!

so I bought some strawberries today and look what I found~ a heart shaped strawberry!! XD
it was so cute I just had to take a photo of it~ hehe
perfect heart shaped :3

and then from being cute, turn it around and it looks like boobies or a bootay haha :P
sorry the greasy face with lack of makeup >_<;;
oh and Spankedelic have informed me that I won her arabic eyes contest!!! XD
I didnt think I would win since there were so many beautiful girls with amazing makeup skills!! so thank you so much Trinh I am honored!!


  1. awww! cute strawberry!!! what great pictures <333 and boobies!! lol =X Ohh I hope I win a creation! they're so cute <3

  2. LOL - cute strawberry! And congratulations on winning that contest! =)

  3. You are super cuteeeee <3

    keep smilin hun cause all the ladies will only want to see that <3


  4. lol would u look at that strawberry.that is awesome.i once found a potato shaped like a heart..hahaha..it wasn't worth takin a picture though..heehee =)

  5. lol cute!
    it does look like booty lol! im loving ur utube vids btw ^^ ure so prettyyy!

  6. Aw, that's so nice of you!
    And that strawberry is just too cute:]

    I say you still look very gorgeous with minimal make-up<3

    Take care then!

  7. you are way cute, even w/o makeup! :)
    HEART SHAPED STRAWBERRY! i think they should MAKE those.. haha :)

    ooooo good luck to everyone who's entering~
    prizes look fab! <3

  8. Congrats on winning Spank's contest!! I told you your makeup was fierce! :)

    Awww my goodness!! THat's such a sweet strawberry!! What are the odds of that!!

  9. Hajimemashite :) At first when you typed it in my cbox i was so confused because you censored sh*t part LOL but i got it..
    Your giveaway is so cute and fun~
    omedetou on the arabic makeup contest!

  10. congrats on the contest :) and the strawberry loooks super cute!

  11. Congrats!! I loved your eyes!

    Love the strawb too...hee hee hee.

  12. Congrats on winning Spankedelic's contest! The strawberry is perfectly lovely!

  13. What an adorable strawberry!! :D

    Congratulations on winning Spankedelic's contest, seriously though, if you DIDNT win, I would've gotten angry! It was an amazing look ;]

  14. Congratulations on the win :) Heehee, love the strawberru bootay ^^

  15. aww the strawberry is SO cute!! I love finding funny shaped fruit veg/ fruit. My finace and I once found some carrots which were intertwined "cuddling" and we called them the cuddle carrots :) x

  16. wow girl congrats on winning.
    that strawberry heart is so cute. or bootay! hehe.
    girl, the flowers are so gorgeous.

    hey if you have a messenger let me know... =D
    i got your last comment.

    have a beautiful day

  17. congrats on the contest =)
    the strawberry looks delicious. korea sells hear shaped strawberries that are forced to grow into heart shapes, but the one you found is waaay better looking than the ones from korea.

  18. now that's a cute strawberry!!a heart??? now that's rare!!

    Congrats on the win!!! after i saw ur entry, i already knew i had no chance. so i didn't even bother entering. hahahah congrats!! ur entry was gorgeous and amazing!!!

    i'm doing a contest real soon and u have to join!! i'm still working on the concept, theme and etc.

  19. congrats on winning!
    Ohhh that is a perfect heart!
    I love the picture you are super adorable posing with it :)

  20. Cute strawberry heart.
    Congratulations on winning the arabic eyes contest.

  21. congrats on the win! the strawberry looks yum!

  22. i emailed you with the tracking number. i sent your prize out early this morning =)

  23. awesome@ i love that last picture i dont CARE if you have greasy face hehe it came out BEAUUUUTIFUL.

    wow im glad you took a picture that is an amazing strawberry i love them.

  24. those strawberries look delish!

  25. congrats on winning... i was mesmerized by your arabic look :D

    omg cuteeeeee strawberry!!

  26. congratulations on winning the arabic eyes contest. u truly deserve it! that heart shaped strawberry is too cute to eat! lol!

  27. omgosh...that's one perfect shaped heart strawberry! congrats to the winners of your contest!


let me know what you think~ :3

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