ben nye haul~

I have recently purchased from UrbanG's blogsale, she had lot of nice items for sale so I was lucky enough to snatch this items! ^__^

everything looks new and it came in nicely packaged!! she save me lots of money since Ive been thinking about getting ben nye palette for a while and she had it on her blog sale ^__^
she was so sweet she included the lots of nail polishes and mascaras!! GO check out her blog sale she just posted mac items!! click here

they go fast since the price is really low!!
Ben Nye Lumiere palette is VERY PIGMENTED! very vibrant in colors also very shimmerly, I use Ben nye for mainly for like theather makeup and SP FX makeups, its a brand that was originated for theather makeup and makeup artisrty!

also got coastal scents blush palette, Ive never used coastal scents before so I wanted to test it out :D
last ly I snagged a guerlain terracotta bronzing powder in brunette. Its very sheer and shimmerly, gives great summer glow! its slightly scented but I dont mind the scent. :D


  1. OOO I've been wanting to get the lumiere palette for a long time but definitely will be waiting until later to buy it. So not in the budget right now =(

  2. Wowww super awesome blog sale haul!
    The pigmentation for the Ben Nye products are so great, I've heard such nice reviews about their products and how they have good dupes for MAC, but perhaps even better. Anyway, I'd love to see you try the new products on. And you and your bf look really cute together in the roller skating pics! :D

  3. WOW. nice haul EKI! Been wanting to have that palette for a long ass time. anyways, enjoy your goodies! <3

  4. im so jealous!
    i wanted to get a ben nye too
    but i can't find one..
    we have kryolan here in the philippines but the price is insane!lol

    too bad i didn't caught that blog sale
    lucky you!
    you also got the bronzer..
    i would so love to try the guerlain bronzer..
    i've been lemming for the les meteorites but i can't buy it yet for i have so many things that i need to spend my money on..

    do a review on it!

    hope you'll have a nice friday,eki

  5. WOW, nice haul! Those colors look so gorgeous!

  6. Wow, the Ben Nye palette is so pigmented! I wanna see you do a look with it :) GO CRAZY!!!!

    Glad you found a good deal on the goods!

  7. wow that palette looks awesome!! i want to see some serious FOTD's with that baby! hehe :)

  8. Great buys Eki! And she threw in great goodies!!

  9. wow its so pigmented, great haul!

  10. Such a pretty palette! I really like the cosmic blue one! Do a look with it XD Go wild Eki! heheee

  11. what a nice haul eki! i so want that ben nye palette too, but it's too pricey here. :( it looks really pigmented. can't wait to see your looks using it.

  12. the pigmentation is soo good! wow! nice haul!

  13. Those are gorgeous! So pigmented!! Good thing you are able to buy it for cheaper.

  14. Great steal eki!

  15. wow~ nice hauls!! :D
    are you going to use the eyeshadows for some shots?? ^^

  16. Wow, the Ben Nye colours look amating! Can't wait to see you wearing these colours!^-^♥

  17. I really need to pick up one of those! I see so many great reviews,theres this costume store here that sells ben nye :)


let me know what you think~ :3

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