COSPLAY contest entries~!! :3

OK wow that was alot of work XD

I wanted to post this up before the poll to make sure I have everyone's entries!

ALSO I am picking out 2 of the winners and the 3rd winner is by the POLL it is going to be pretty fair polling system provided by polldaddy.com~ will be up tonight if Im not missing anyone!

This contest was for my appreciation to the readers of my blog so I am choosing the winner by EFFORT, IMAGE & FOLLOWING MY DIRECTIONS for the contest which tells me you do read my blog~ ^0^

I HOPE everyone had FUN doing my contest!!

1. Ichigobunny as Tifa from ff7

2. Jdoll modeling anime inspired look

3. eyesaddiction's cousin as rebel school girl

4. Valli with ff inspired makeup

5. Whit with anime inspired makeup

6.Shobe as Rin

7.Danielle as Zhen Ji

8. Sofie as little mi-chan

9. Popchampagne as dark angel

10. Sarah as pigtail anime girl

11. Jamie as sailor mars

12. Sanniet as chi from chobits

13. Rae as shampoo from Ranma

14. Mika as goth lolita

15. kawaiikao as kawaii girl

16. Miu Miu as kawaii school girl

17. Piggy as mana from malice mizer

18. Kon as pirate girl

19. Jocelyn as cat girl

20. Makeup world as hello kitty

21. Saint as Esther from Trinity blood

22. Vamp as a pirate queen

23. Kittykatvvhore as with anime look

24. Sher as visual kei gothic lolita

25. Erynn as hime geisha

26. Yu as kawaii dreamy fairy girl

27. Yunie as Yuna from ff X

28. Krystal as kawaii anime girl

29. Kalai as Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club

30. Nu Nu doll as kawaii evil anime girl

31. Rena as kawaii pigtailed girl

32. Narita as Cinderella

33. Ashley as evil villan

34. Joeyana as Freya from chobits

35. Annacleo as red riding hood

36. Thiamere as Lulu from ff X

37. Emilita as pink bunny girl with lady gaga inspired

38. JI as gothic loltia cutie with bunny miumiu

39. Rawrtini as chi from chobits

40. INNERCHLD as Rei Ayanami

41. Gracie in cute and fierce anime look
42. Jen as Japanese horror girl/broken doll
43. Flow of time as Faith

44. Stephanie as Elizabeth from persona 3

45. Momoberry as NANA

46. Roseilee


  1. Holy cow 45 entries! *dies* That probably took forever to do :P I still think Mana from Malice Mizer is going to win, cos she looks -exactly- like Mana!!!

  2. oh my gosh!! so many entries!! they're all really good too!! it's gonna take a long time to choose three winners O__O;

  3. woooooowww. youre gonna have a difficult time to decide. there are sooo many amazing entries!

  4. Wow, look at all those great entries~

  5. oh wow ! so many entries o_o
    they all look so good too!
    must've took forever to do this update xD

  6. wooow! all entries are GREAT! goodluck on choosing the winner. :) it's goona be tough.

  7. !! You have hard task ahead of you Eki ~!

    I can't wait to see the winners, I think I will spend all evening looking through the entries :D

  8. wow everyone did an awesome job good luck to all

  9. omg! must be hard to pick the winner! good job to all!

  10. WOW!! So many entries :) You've done so much hard work to post all of these photos and links. Job well done! Otsukare~ (tte mada ka. lol!)

  11. OMG!
    that's a lot!

    i agree that that is a hard work
    im pretty sure it will hard to choose the winners

    but i think everybody did a wonderful

  12. wow I love them all! Its gonna be hard to pick winners here!

  13. great entries!
    good luck to everybody! :)

  14. i can't believe all the entries! everyone looks so wonderfully amazing! you are such a wonderful contest host! it must have taken you so much work to just update everyone =)
    thank you eki!

  15. omg im blown away by ALL these entries, everyone did such an amazing job, that I couldn't choose just 1 winner, and what a tuff call for the judge.

    Awesome Awesomeeeeeeeeee JOB ladies, kick ass efforts and I didnt realize how many beautiful cosplay girls were around in the blogger world!

  16. Wow, everyone did such a great job!!

  17. Wow 46 entries! Great job girls!! And Eki this is gonna be a hard one for you to decide! :) WOw!!

  18. holy snap that's a crap load of entries!!! what an amazing job these girls did!!

  19. wow! everyone did an amazing job! hahaha it would be tough to choose the winner..haha good luck ladies :)

  20. Holy shit, this is the most entries I have ever seen in any contests I have been in! Bet you have a very hard time choosing the winner ^_^

  21. wow!! there's so many!! i really like #38 :]

  22. Wow hun! Great job putting all these together. I'm sure it wasn't easy!
    What great entries! Simply amazing! Wonderful job ladies!

  23. awesome entries! congrats on a great contest!

  24. 1st of all..WOW!!!!! So many good entries to choose from! Goodluck everyone!

  25. oh wow there are so many! i like #26!

  26. Wow! Gorgeous ladies! How could you possibly pick a winner! They all look so beautiful! This will be a very tough choice! Good luck to all the contestants!!!

  27. wow! thats alooot of entries! ^+^

    everyone looks so GREAT!!!
    the girl that put eyes over her eyes was pretty smart ^3^

  28. Wow!! I knew there was going to be alot but didn't expect this much. There's so many that I love!!!!

  29. The ladies look gorgeous!!! Have fun picking out the winner, Eki dear!

  30. aweee kinda sad i didnt enter but WOW these ladies did amaziiiiiiing! i really dont know who will win

  31. whoaaa so many entriesss!!

    i really love Mirror's Edge Faith - veryyy nicely done!

    and the Mana was well impersonated too!

    goodluck everybody!! :)

  32. wow some of them are so good!

  33. Wow congratulations to all the contestants that entered. Everyone looks great. Some are so unique!!

  34. Wow some of these are crazy good! I gotta vote for #9 though :)

  35. wow - these ladies did an AMAZING job on their makeup and costumes!!

  36. well done ladies :) good luck ^^,


let me know what you think~ :3

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