voting polls up~

Ok so the polls are up and PLEASE vote fairly~ :) VOTE on the IMAGE that you like the best!

I do have access to polldaddy's premium account so I can check on same IP with same registered web address as well so please be fair! ^__^

after the poll closes I am going to check on the votes to make sure its fairly voted ok! any votes that are from the same web address will be disqualified~



  1. You had so many great entries it's hard to choose! But I know which one I liked the most! Some of these girls got really creative with the photoshop! :)

  2. I voted for #17, Mana! Cos obviously she's put in the most effort!! It's not easy to replicate Man's look, the makeup and dress is very complicated. I was in complete awe when I saw Piggy's entry! Thanks for all your hard work, Eki, this must've taken forever to do ><

  3. Aw good luck to everyone!
    My mom really wanted to vote for me so she used her own computer.. do computers in the same household have same IP address? LOL x)
    Anyhow I really love everyone's entries!

  4. such good entries!
    was fun to get to be part of the voting process <3
    was fun voting!

  5. Momoberry: Gah, the hubs voted on our computer! sorry!

  6. Ahhhh! All entries are so AWSOME @_@ who to vote forrrrr.... Haha

    Good luck to everyone!

  7. i always love ur pix!! soo pretty.. hehe

  8. i already voted... but it was so hard to choose just one :S

  9. yayyy i just put in my vote! Ur contest was so much fun.. so many interesting entries lol

    and is that still the geo brown ur wearing? I am in love with ur eyes here!!!


let me know what you think~ :3

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