giveaway winner~

I've only counted the ones that said "I want it" got rid of the ones that didn't and the winner is

36 maitai!

please email me your info at kimura.erika@gmail.com~ ^__^

thank you everyone that have joined in my giveaway!!

I will be having another giveaway soon~ stay tuned for that one! XD


  1. yayyy! congrats to her :DD

    btw sissss- where do you buy the *dhc foundation? (not lunasol hahaha).

  2. even though i didn't win, i'm happy it went to someone awesome! yayyy for mai! hehe! :P

  3. aww missed it by a mile hehe
    buuutt congrats to the lucky winnahh maitai!!

    eki you have a BIG BIG <3

  4. yay c0ngrats to her!

  5. Congrats to maitai!! And I LOVE EKI! ;)

  6. yay congrats to the winner!!

  7. i love how you use your blog to sale your products...sweet



  8. Oh my gosh! I was on a short break up until yesterday so I totally didn't even know I won!! Thank you Eki!! (I emailed you my info to both your email addresses). And thank you for the congrats everyone!! :D This is my first giveaway win ever! I'm so excited >_<

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let me know what you think~ :3

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