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1. I am a lefty, when I worked for apple I was amazed at how many lefty's were working there
since I felt like a outcast when I was glowing up being a lefty. In Japan parents used to *fix* left handed children because it was seen as not the norm and looked down up on for being lefty... yeah its weird :( The only one thing I hate being a lefty
is that your hands go over your writing and smears it LOL so alot of lefty writers tend to write weird hehe
Left handed people think with the right hemisphere of the brain which is the art and creativity is stimulated in the brain so I did meet alot of very talented people who were lefty's~! :D

2. I drive a *box* car Toyota BB/scion xB :D I love it but alot of people ask me why I got it since they think its ugly but once they get a ride in it they love it XD

3. I LOVE UME *japanese plum pickle* anything ume I tend to drool over and my mouth waters LOL

4. I almost died when I was 10 years old, I drowned in my neighbors pool I couldnt swim then and my older brother was suppose to watch after
me but he went inside to play nintendo I was left with my floaty in the pool with my neighbor friend who was around my age, my floaty slipped under me and while I sank I remember reaching for help and my friend thought I was playing around. All I remember seeing on last moment was the sun in the rippling water and hearing my heart beat then I blacked out next thing I remember I was in the house with a whole bunch of people surrounding me with paramedic with the defibrillators. My neighbors dad found me floating head down in the pool my friend thought I was playing dead, He performed cpr until paramedics came and they performed cpr until I came to, I remember I was in total shock i didnt know where I was, I turned my face and they had huge mirror from the floor to the ceiling and I saw my face it was blueish, my lips were purple that impression is still with me. They said I was at least in the waters 2-3 mins my heart stopped for 6 min they didnt think I was coming back so their last results was to use the defibrillators. I was rushed to a hospital were I stayed for 2 days I remember it was frightening to stay in the hospital have to hear your heartbeat the whole time and the scent and the quietness was the scariest. :(
since then I am really thankful to be alive and see life in a different positive perspectives *sorry that one was long and sad story* but I dont have fear of waters so that's a good thing, some people will after they drown and Im a pretty good swimmer now :D

5.I have one older brother and one younger sister so I am a middle child :D

6. I was a tom boy when I was growing up since I had older brother that I looked up to, so I was really into skateboarding,roller blading and video games.

7. I am short, I used to hate the fact that I was short so all I did was wear really high heels, heels that hurt too but it was like wearing clothes for me, I felt that it was necessary back then but now I embraced it. I cant help or control how I am, I didnt choose to be short I just am so I accepted it. :D fyi: Im am about the same height as tila tequila alittle taller than her I coulda joined mini moni LOL

8. I hate bell paper *green,yellow,red you name it* I hate the taste and anything that it is cooked with tastes like it... but I think that's like the only thing I hate other than that I'll eat anything ^0^

9. when I sleep I dream alot in very vivid and very detailed, when I was younger I used to dream about drawing and I'll vividly remembers it and draw it in real life, that was really neat time of my life when your imagination is cool, but now I dream about weird stuff but still very vivid detailed, weird dream like fighting a ninja or something LOL but the best dream is when Im flying in the dream and I wish I could do that in real life or one time I had a dream that I had that door like the one *doraemon* have dokodemo door *where ever door* its a door that you can place and use to go anywhere just like the ones they used in pixers Monster INC man I wish I had one of that! XD

10. I LOVE art, and I love artists of any form art~ I always get excited about art but I kinda lost passion for it so I LOVE being around artists brings back the passion in me and makes me motivated!! hope this didnt bore you too much

here is a scan from Ranzuki a makeup tutorial that is kawaii that I have translated for you guys~! :D hope it'll help also the model is wearing all maybelline products ^0^ lastly my tribute to MJ~ did you know that he was the highest humanitarian donor in the world for a celebrity in his life time? he donated and raised money for charity and for the needy in more than $300 million. whatever people have to say about him he is still a great human being, for a one person to give that much to and for others. You have to know being a huge celebrity like MJ was not easy, it can come with alot of negative pressure from the press. so I leave at that rest in peace....
my all time fav of MJ "BEN" he has the most beautiful and innocent voice when he was young T_T


  1. Omg, this didn't bore me at all!

    When I was reading your story about how you almost died, it gave me chills. :( gosh, what a scary story.

    & I HATE bellpeppers too! They're the one food that I cannot eat at all. Like you, I'm also short, but it must be because we're japanese. Japanese aren't very tall. Oh yeah, and I also like ume. Ume candy is my favorite :) *Yum*

    I liked reading this post, I liked learning more about you~!

  2. Ben's one of my fave songs from MJ! RIP..

    what a scary experience of a near-death experience. im middle child too!!! I have older bro and younger sis... oh and I love UME too!! LOL

  3. Hi Eki, I have heard of "fixing" the lefty thing. I think it's an Asian thing. :(

    #4 made me sad but I'm happy that you came out ok :)

  4. Oh man! that story of when you drowned! I bet your brother felt bad after that. but its good that you aren't afraid of the water. I sorta am. . . I start getting scared when I don't see the bottom of the pool or ocean,lake, etc. clearly

    my little sister is a lefty. and her handwriting is artsy weird. lol

  5. Oh wow, I learned a lot more about you. What a scary experience you had as a child!!

  6. Wow Eki! A Southpaw!! That's coo!! I'm always fascinated when I see a Lefty writing! I always end up staring! LOL!

    And I think most of us has had a near drowning experience! I've had a few! But I'm glad that everything turned out alright for you! :)

  7. I'm a lefty too ^___^ I actually quite enjoy being a lefty. For some reason people are all surprised when they know I'm a lefty! Heh~

    The makeup look is so pretty! I love that blue! It's so bright~

  8. omgosh that is so scary!! i almost drowned but then my uncle was right there and jumped in after me; nothing like your experience. so are u super scared of water now?

  9. I love your scans! More please [: I love the looks and it looks perfect on me since I have a doll-like face. Kind of cool how people think I look more Korean or Japanese when I do an kawaii-inspired look for the day (I'm Chinese)! :D

  10. wow, thank you for the translation. I really love japanese magazines! ARIGATOU! ^^

  11. thx for sharing! what a scary incident, we are lucky ur ok^_^ thank goodness for cpr!!

  12. Ooo that story is scary X_x My mom hates water because she took swimming lessons where the teacher threw her in the ocean off a pier :(

    Ooo and I am same as # 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 :D And we're not short, we're fun sized ^_^

    Oh and most definitely do email me about your layout and we can work it out (: It would be great to work with you! :3

  13. You're a lefty -- Silicon Valley is filled with lefties--my Jamal is one! He and I met at Adobe in San Jose!

    I had a near death experience too...I was hit by a car when I was 16!

  14. 1. I've noticed that a lot of creative people tend to be left-handed. I remember in high school, all the artsy people I knew that could draw were all left-handed. :)
    2. I think scions are cute!
    3. OMG, I think UME is soo delish. I can live off that stuff!
    4. Wow, that's a really traumatizing experience. I'm glad you got through it just fine & you even learned some positive from it. Most people aren't that strong & would probably have a water phobia.
    6. I was a majorrr tomboy growing up too. I remember all the girls on the block always had to have the newest Barbie dolls but I had all the GI Joes, Power Rangers & Ninja Turtles. :)
    7. I used to hate being short too! Up until high school, I was always the shortest girl in class. I remember in high school I owned a pair of 6 inch heels. It hurt like a motherrr, but I figured I could endure the pain if it could give my vertically-challenged self that extra boost! Btw, Tila is soo tiny! I love standing next to her whenever we take pictures. I feel taller! But then I see the picture & realize she can make anyone look like an ogre. Haha.
    10. I feel you on your passion with art. I used to draw a lot in high school, but one college came around I could never find the time to draw. I got really excited when I saw your drawings. You're so talented! I want to go to Japan & meet some of the artists there. That would be a dream come true for me.

    An aside: Wow, what a small world! I can't believe you moved, I have a feeling we would've gotten along great! & I was going through your blog & I saw that you used to draw for DeepVision. That's so awesome! I know so many people down in Orlando. We might actually know the same people. Lol. As for moving to MN, how do you like it there?

  15. I hate bellpeppers too!!

    I agree, MJ was an amazing artist and also a great person. People need to look past his "flaws" and see him as a human being instead of a celebrity.

  16. yay! i'm so glad you did the honest scrap hun!

    i love how you have turned your fear into a catalyst to be a better swimmer! i had a drowning experience but had been, until now, very afraid of the water, which is super bad because i live surrounded by water! your positive outlook in life radiates in your blog and photos, and it's certainly very influential that you can spread a little bit of joy to everyone with your art and passion =).
    i wish i could remember my dreams. when i sleep i usually completely blank out. it's only when i wake up and sleep again do i remember my dreams. your creativity is apparant in all you do!

    my cousin is a lefty too and the things he thinks up amazes me all the time. and i sometimes think i used to be a lefty but they changed me because sometimes it's easier for me to use my left side than right or that's my automatic response. maybe i'm just uncoordinated! =P

    Michael Jackson, no matter what they say in the media, has dedicated his entire life from childhood to death in spreading happiness into this world through his creativity and love for music and art. It takes so much to be in the public eye and I applaud him for his life's work and compassion towards others when others are not as kind to him. May he rest in peace.

    yayay! i'm so glad you did this hun! thank you! you always have very interesting entries =).

    and thank you so much for the recommended cleanser. i will definitely check it out! =)

  17. wow what a tramatic near death experience!! I'd be afraid to go to pools after that... So scary! Hehe I used to be a tomboy too when I was younger, wear really really wide jeans and loose t shirts... hehe. Lovely magazine scans as usuall cutie ;)

  18. nice scans... love! aww, drowning? oh my. but I know my brother having cpr too when he was still a 3days old baby... the milk milk accidentally went to his lungs and then he almost die. I cant remember clearly because I was only 1 year old ++

  19. I'm a lefty too! You're so right about growing up in an Asian family. I think my parents were trying to make me convert to right hand (when I was in kindergarten) but failed cuz my right hand had no strength. They finally gave in and accepted my lefthandedness.

    Do you know how to swim after your near death experience? I almost drowned when I was 6 or 7 and never gotten over the fear of water...

  20. wow once my friend dreamed of her fighting ninjas, and she actually kicked the wall while she was sleeping and broke her big toenail so badly they had to pulled the whole nail off. XD

  21. Hey sweetie thanks for the follow and it was nice learning more about you! Oh my gosh, so glad you are okay from your swimming accident. That sounds really scary. I like your music selections by the way! Oh, and art is my passion too. I love it and finding new ways to create...

  22. Interesting tidbits Eki... Good thing you learned to swim! I still need to take swimming lessons..

  23. Omg.. I was like clenching my teeth when I read your little story >.< Glad you made it though Eki =)

  24. WOW.. almost dying! :( well i guess you technically DID die. oh goodness, that's so scary. but wow you came up with some pretty interesting facts!~ thanks for sharing neechan :D

    i love the mag scan :D i need to get me a white eyeliner, dangit! hahaa.

  25. I'm so glad you didn't die!!! <3

  26. i'm so happy you did the honest scrap. it wasn't boring at all :D i loved learning more about you~ :)

    number 4 made me sad :(
    but it's good that you're ok now ! (:!

  27. This was such a lovely post to read, Eki! It's always nice to get to know more about a person - especially about such a kind person like you! ;)

    I have been tagged either, but haven't done it yet, so yeah... :p

  28. The other thing about writing lefty is that you can't use spiral notebooks (cuz your hand always sits on the spiral - ugh) So annoying, huh? And my hand was always black with ink or pencil, because it always covered what I wrote on the page.

    cool fact about MJ. It's interesting, how the media would always focus on the negative about him, and people would eat it up.

    Like you mentioning his donations (that's amazing!) - instead, all you hear about on the news is how much debt he had, and who's going to get what from his will.

  29. Ooh! I had a fun time, reading =] My friend had the same thing, as you... He's a lefty, but his mom fixed him to be a righty! I was amazed when he told me, but he said it was pretty common in Japan. And I used to think the same of the XB, until I rode in one! lol.

    PS: It's great to know that you're okay =D

  30. omg i had a bad experience with water too! mine wasnt as scary as urs tho... and i still dont know how to swim! :( but wow thats such a scary experience!

  31. Omg that's so scary!! (O.o)

    Same here, for #5, 6, 7. :)

    And I got the giveaway package last night--thank you! :) I love it!

  32. i enjoyed this post =D
    wow near death experience huh? i think i would have been traumatized and never go near water again, but good that you don't have that fear
    omg the model has such pretty eyes! thanks for the translation

  33. Thanks for sharing! I enjoy reading these personal posts. I'm glad you don't have a fear of water after what you've experienced. I had a similar experience (not nearly as severe) with me flipping off my floaty. My brother witnessed it from far away and yelled to someone near me to get me. A guy lifted me out quickly. It was all really quick, but I remember sinking, reaching up, and looking up and seeing the sun. I just remember how everything seemed like slow motion. Another near death experience, my heart rate was abnormally high, they had to restart it with a medication that stops your heart and restart it (ya, spooky). Being a nurse who gave it before, people flat line for as long as 8 seconds. You give it fast, watch their heart stop on the monitor and stand there waiting (hoping) for it to restart by itself. I remember asking one of the nurses to hold my hand. They gave me the medication, my eyes rolled, I blacked out, and then it was like the world faded back in. I can still picture the face of one of the nurses before I blacked out. If I could draw, I could probably draw a detailed picture of her face.

  34. thank you for sharing this very nice make up tutorial..

  35. I'm so sorry to hear about your drowning experience!!!! must have been so scary!!!
    I'm so glad that you are well and alive :)

    I think that your vivid dreaming skills are pretty cool! :P
    I have a friend that does the same thing :P I love hearing all the different dreams ppl have :P

    thanks for translating the magazine scan btw :)
    I always love looking at Japanese fashion magazines and its always a bummer because I don't understand a single thing! :P

  36. oh dear! the drowning experience sound so scary :(
    luckily you survive! :))

    I'm short too! :(( 150cm... and I still hate it so much! :/
    always can't wear those gorgeous dress... T.T too long for me... :'(

    thanks for translating the mag!^^


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