mag gyaru look~Rae love package <3

I was looking at Ranzuki gyaru magazine and I really liked Suzu's makeup here so I mimic her look~I will do a tutorial on this look when I have time :D

Here are the item used for this look
Lioele BB cream
NYX concealer in beige
Jill Stuart blush in 02
mac fibre rich lash mascara
Loreal lineur Intense felt liner in black
NYX brow pencil in taupe
MUFE aqua eyes in 8L silver
Bourjois trio effet lumiere in Les Bruns Culvres 41
Majolica Majorca in PK740
NYX round gloss in sorbet

a total surprise LOVE package from

she recently purchased my handmade item and I didnt expect her to send me a return thank you love package!! Really thoughtful package filled with so much love! :3 she is super talented, total SWEETHEART!!

checkout her BLOG because its filled with lots love and her handmade creations with tutorials~ the piggy is HANDMADE her!! its super kawaii~ it put a big smile on my face when I first saw it along with her really sweet letter I almost teared up,,she is such WONDERFUL person!
I am so thankful to have met such a amazing Ladies here!!

Charina ^__^
you made me really happy with your LOVE

hehe I love this happy HK sticker it changes when you move it XD
I heart facial masks~ she is really thoughtful!

she knew my fav gum of all time UME UME UME~
piggy is modeling them for me ^0^

PIGGY is super kawaii with her bow made just for me! XD
it is made so well~ my mom was really impressed by her crafting skills!!

eki heart Piggy~
thank you so much Hun~ :D


  1. Somebody be lookin' all cute in this blog ^_~
    You achieved Suzu's look exactly!
    I can't wait for a tutorial!! I love seeing Eki on cam!

    Isn't Rina amazingly sweet?! She sent me a package this past week filled to the rim with goodies! And an adorable little piggie with a Star attached!! She's so thoughtful! <3 We're so lucky to have met her!!

  2. OMGOSHH cute piggy! :D I thought it was a cow at first xD

  3. eki. i really love your makeup. you look like a doll. so gorgeous.
    i heard you sell hair bows?? sorry if i'm wrong.. someone referred me to you. hehe :)

  4. Eki, you are my favorite Kawaii Princess! You look much better than Suzu!

    What a cute Rina package!! You and piggy are adorable!

  5. aw... the piggy is cute indeed! <3

    and your makeup looks EXACTLY like Suzu's!!!! so pretty <3

  6. Thank you for the link. Will be saving up money to grab a few of your bows :) They are super kawaii~ Thank you once again ^^

  7. the little piggie is so cute. love your makeup and the new hair! can't wait to see the tutorial. xoxo.

  8. dang! She made that piggy?? That is just so cute!!! :)

  9. Love the look - esp your eyes! And omg, the piggy is SO CUTE!

  10. Great look! Replicated flawlessly (: And lots of cute stuff hehe :D Ooo and I would def. do your layout for free hehe :3 Been trying to build up clients but its hard :<

  11. i love the look u did! very kawaii :D

  12. Woow you look so pretty, you should show us how did you achieve that eye :)

  13. Hello:) I am loving your makeup looks! Pls do the tutorial soon- it looks soooo pretty!!

  14. I love your bangs Eki! You look totally cute!
    And your take on that look is very pretty,too!

  15. u are so kawaii... and your gyaru look is really nice

  16. wow your eyelashes are SUPER LUXE! i'm jealous!! :P loving the look~

    i realllyyy love bangs on you! super cute :D

    i got a piggie too~!! rina's so awesome xDD

  17. Sooo cute! I love the piggy, I've been eyeing her creations for a while, it's super cute!

    And for your hand made crafts.. I love them and I must order something sooooon! :D

  18. Ekkiii--- I love the gyaru look on you. It so dolly-like. eyes are huge, you make me want to start wearing nude lipstick. Love your new hair! ^^ The piggy is absolutely adorable!

  19. eki i love your makeup!! and you look sooo pretty and flawless! what do you do for that flawless skin? unfortunately i've been blessed with acne-prone skin =|

    wow i love you blogger babes! everyone is so talented! the piggy looks so cute!!! and that's so sweet of her to send you the goodies =)

  20. Eki, do you ever take bad pics? Methinks "no". :)

    Love ur piggy!

  21. I'm so happy you liked everything!!! Your pictures are making me sooooo happy! <3

  22. i love this look!! haha but that girl has like.. nonexistant eyebrows!

    your eyebrows look so good I'm gonna try the NYX brow stuff!

    btw eki, idk if it's just me or my eyes but I find that the pink font contrasts with the bright blue background makes it hard to read and it hurts my eyes..

  23. aww.. how cute!! that piggy!! ahh!! want one.. hehe.. u mimicked the girl's look to a T. gorgeous! =)

  24. so cute! your eye look looks exactly like hers :)
    can't wait to see the tutorial~

  25. Eki san! Love your new 'do!

  26. KAWAII! The look and the goodies look awesome!! You're so prettty!

  27. Cute pig and you look gorgeous, as always!

  28. wow!! beautiful look and I'm obsessed with your new hair! Yayyy- I got my package!! YOU WERE TOOOO SWEET EKI!!!
    You shouldn't have sent that much! wow!! Luv ya babe!

  29. that's such a cute look!! I love the big brown eyes paired with light pink cheeks and lips!
    the love package is also really sweet!

  30. ohhh such cute pictures of you! And I'm loving your new hair- soooo adorable!

  31. You look super cute! I love your new haircut, it's adorable!♥
    Can't wait to see the tutorial!*-*

  32. you look so gorgeous
    and is this a new layout?
    your skin is freaking amazing!

  33. You always look gorgeous no matter what look you're doing!! And how sweet of Charina to send you all those goodies!! That sock pig is too cute!!! :)

    GOt your package yesterday! Didn't have time to open it though, cuz I wasn't home. So after work today for sure!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! :D

  34. omg haha thanks for changing the font color LOL. I didn't want to seem whiney b/c it is your blog after all :)

    I'm gonna go to the outlet this week and grab the nyx stuff! I have tons already but you make it look so good!

  35. I love that look! I definately want to try it myself!

  36. SO cuteeeeee!! look the girl but only prettier :P

    awww that toy is so cute too!! i love the last pic hehe. great smile!!

  37. Looking gorgeous always! The piggy is so cute!

  38. piggie is too CUTE!!! xD
    and you look so cute too with the Suzu's look! hehes ^^

  39. wats that hair color yuh have?:D i waannt tat color . . is it like a golden brown ?

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