bee creative's giveaway~ my sewing LOVE

Hello loves~

so Kym at bee creative is having a awesome giveaway and I was able to be one of the sponsor for her giveaway~ :D
she is really creative and sweet I heart her shirts!
I thought this was awesome idea to support the lovely creative ladies here on blogger!
please check out her site~


Just wanted to share alittle of what my sewing items looks like :D

also I added more requested cosmetic pouches in my store~

All of the item I make are made with lots of attention and LOVE & each item takes me 2hour+ to make. I make them for the reason to share my passion of Kawaii , cuteness that you also love that maybe you cannot find at some stores~ that is why I started this store :3

they are no means factory quality but I do make them with lots of care and with quality

Thank you so much for your support & LOVE X3
Its really rewarding for me to make others happy with my creations and seeing your smile <3




  1. i spy browwnnnnnn!

    neeeee eki do you have any jewelry ideas? i'd love to make an eki piece xD

  2. Thanks for yout comment. If you ever find an eye cream that works, please let me know:)

    Awww...i like the brown comestic bad. It's too cute.

  3. Eeeeee, how cute! Can't wait to see your new creations!

  4. i had some fabric like that the brown with polka dots :D

    I love them they are so cute ur bags ^^

  5. thanks for the cmt!

    &&.i love the bags, they are so cute!

  6. love the glitter names in ur banner!

  7. You have such patience :D I would never be able to finish it.. LOL! I made pajama pants a few years ago and never finished :( haha! I'm very proud of you eki <3

  8. Aww I love your pouches! I agree with you, I make stuff because I like making it rather than for the profit. Keep up the great work, cuz you are so creative and all your stuff looks SOO CUTE! :D

  9. Wow great creations once again! Btw, I love the first picture that you took <3

  10. All you guys are soo sweet to sponsor this giveaway!! It's gonna be a great prize for sure! :)

  11. eki!! im interested in sewing and have been looking at a few singer and brother brand ones..would you suggest janome to be a good one or me? im a beginner but i do plan on sewing as often as I can hopefully atleast once a week since nursing school starts soon..i do want a good quality one that wont breakdown or have problems with so much...where did you buy yours?

  12. wAo! thats so great that ur being a sponsor ^-^


let me know what you think~ :3

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