new hair dye~ surprise love package :D

Hello there~
so I have finally colored my hair again :)

Loreal superior preference les true brunettes in UL61 ultra light ash brown
this dye is made for black to dark brown hair.

I start on the roots first and leave on the roots for 10 min and then all over for total of 40 min, My hair looks lighter than the photos with hint of ash brown shade :D
I think it turned out pretty good but its not light as the models shade on the box as always :P

as you know I color my hair alot so I always make sure to take care my hair to keep it healthy since hair dye will make your hair brittle and makes it drier so if you color your hair alot

I recommend using Shiesido Tsubaki white hair products~ :D
Tsubaki comes in two type Red is for normal hair white is for damaged hair. Contain Tsubaki flower oil extract which is great for your hair and repair hair with shines and smoothness.

I use white since its made for colored hair, use shampoo and conditioner together to see full results! with extra care get the Tsubaki hair masque use it 1-2 times a week and you will see a big difference in your hair :D

I got a surprise love package from GINA!!
she purchased my handmade items and she was so SWEET to send me a return handmade love package XD she made me her creations! they are so KAWAII and beautiful swarovski!!
you can check out more of her creations at her store :3


THANK YOU so MUCH Gina!! really pretty color combinations and flower~
I LOVE them!! ^0^
coffee crisp was super Yumm too~ <3

I'll leave you with a flower from the garden :D
its a rose but really tiny and with lots of pedals so beautiful arent they hehe



  1. Hey that's my HG hair dye brand!! LOL! True Brunettes all the way!! And I think that's the same color I dyed my hair with!! It look soo much better on you of course! :) My roots are showing too... I'm just too lazy right now! LOL!

    Ooh.. pretty pieces!! It's a purple plumeria! :) LOL!! MM.. candies!! What a beautiful flower!!

    Eki hon you are one GORGEOUS CREATURE! :)

  2. you look so pretty Eki! I love the new hair color!

  3. Your hair colour is GORGEOUS! You're lucky to have a peachy complexion that goes well with ashy tones.

    Wonderful jewelry! You look beautiful as always!

  4. wAo! nice stuff! ^_^
    and ur hair is gorgeouuus!
    also, that happens when i dye my hair too *.* it's never like the model~

  5. babe..

    Im loving that color on u. I'm totally checking it out real soon. Coz im bored now with my dark hair. People in office keep on saying i look so innocent wit it!

  6. Love the new hair color - you really have such a natural beauty!


  7. WOW that flower is too pretty !! It really does not look like a rose~~

    I wish i could dye my hair but I promised myself I wouldn't anymore. I used to be a dying hair ADDICT ha ha~~ the color is really cute ^ ^

    you're lucky you have good experiences with american hair dye !

  8. hi eki ^-^
    i wrote a commebt b4, but im not sure if i publish it ...

    gorgeous hair!!! :3

    also, i haven't got ur mail yet~

  9. I really like the design of Soulmate Jewelry..will place an order in near future! Thx for sharing :)

    I like short bangs, it makes a girl look younger in my opinion.

  10. I love Gina's style! Especially those earrings, they're beautiful :)!!!

    I love how both you and Holly dye your own gorgeously dye your own hair! You two are too good. I think if you two were ever together in one place, all the guys would get nose bleeds lol

    Have a great weekend! ^_~



  11. That's a very beautiful hair color^^ U look gorgeous in those picture~

  12. In your second pic you look like those 3d character in final fantasy lolz only with longer hair ;)
    The earrings are so cute! :) n I've been meaning to try the shiseido tsubaki but its not readily available where I live -..-

  13. Your hair looks gorgeous! I always wanted to dye my hair a lighter shade of brown.. xD But I am a wuz ahaha! But it looks so beautiful on you! ^^

  14. *GASP* those earrings are to die for!!! GORGEOUS!! Lovin the hair color as well. You take good care of your hair. I get lazy with mine. lol


  15. I like your new hairstyle! It suits you.

  16. the colour looks so great and next time i dye my hair, i think i'll leave it longer on my roots too. i never thought of that lol, thanks (:

  17. your hair is so cute.. love it! I color my hair alot too, so I'm definitely gotta have to try the Tsubaki line

  18. i LOVE how that brown turned out! when i used to dye my hair alot, brown would never show up... it would just be a tint under the sun! :(

    that jewelry is gorgeous! the flower on it is such a nice touch! hehe!

    happy saturday ekiii! <3

  19. I love the hair color on you! I've always wanted a light-med brown like that but my hair is so to change colors from diy kits >.<" Tsubaki conditioner is awesome..I've been using the red one and I can already tell the difference =P

    I was wondering if you will make more Hime pokadot B that type of pouches cous I'm really interested!! Thanks!

  20. I use the Tsubaki hair products too, they smell so good and they really work! makes my hair shiny~

  21. super cute earrings :D and nice hair color, I think I want to dye mine but I'm too lazy to maintain it because my hair grows fast like yours :)

  22. Eki-chan! This is my first time commenting on your blog, though I read it often! Thank you so much for doing this hairdye review ^_^ My hair is naturally dark brown (nearly black) and I never know what dyes to use on it. I usually use Palty, but they discontinued my favourite shade so I was at a loss as to what to try next! I think I'll give this a shot! Thank you! ^_^

  23. Eki, love your new hair babe! I have tried the red Tsubaki but not the white. I need to try that.

  24. So cute! Love your bangs - and pretty mail. :D

  25. very pretty hair color! i'd be afraid to dye mine that light but you totally look himegyaru aka SUPER GORGEOUS in the first place.. SOO.. it totally works on you<3

    woowww! i like her jewelry designs, very different :)

  26. you look different! <3
    i love your new hair cut! <3 very very cute <3
    i just had my hair dyed yesterday too :P

    the love package is really cute :)
    esp the earrings! <3

  27. That color looks pretty on your hair!

  28. Hey Eki nice hair color, I really like the earrings it looks very pretty on u , and the rose is really pretty too, ah i wish i had a garden ...hehe ^_^ lucky u

  29. I love your bangs ^^ super cute on you!

    I dyed my bf's hair that shade and it came out the same as yours so pretty :D

    I've never tried tsubaki shampoo I've seen it at my local Japanese market but I didn't know if it was good but I'll definitely try it!

  30. Your hair color looks so nice! Evertime you do a box-hair color it looks perfect ^^

    Also those earring are super cute~

  31. love the color ! i wanted that color but i used this new squid ink natural hair dye in dark brown because i just went blonde & my hair was super brittle and dead. and now my hair is dark dark black. ): i'm using what you used next time (:

  32. you make me hate my dull black hair
    & i'm suddenly urging to dye it
    your shade ahhhhh

    haha tsubaki products are love <3

  33. Seriously, are/were you a model?! You're so pretty!! And the hair color is verrry pretty on you. I wna dye my hair a dark brown too but the process from black to brown is too much for my hair to take. Take care!

  34. hi eki! The tsubaki line is awesome for my hair I'm using the damage care one's...

  35. wow, you look like a model here and i really like your new hair color. i need to dye my hair too. its always been black. i need change lol

    also, those earrings are super cute.

  36. pretty hair colour!:D i've been thinking about colouring my hair too! :D

  37. omg u look like a model...Very beautiful!

  38. I like your new hair color. Tsubaki hair masque is my HG product.

  39. You look gorgeous! I love the color on you! Thanks for the hair product rec! The earrings and other things you were sent are beautiful!!

  40. Beautiful photo's Eki, I love the colour of your new hair do'

  41. I like this color hair on you. Gina's necklaces are so cute! So dreamy!

  42. Hey, that color is nice!... I was thinking of dying my hair again for a brighter color and I've seen so many brands so far that this one seems nicer that any other I've seen. So, I was wondering, did this one burn like that Garnier you used or not?... I've always wanted a light brown hair color, but I'm reluctant to use dying products that are specially for brunettes as I think they might do too much damage to my hair, also I'm olive skinned and that's why it makes me hesitate a little bit. What do you think?

  43. hi.

    i just dye my hair with beige blonde (i have black hair before) but I dont like the result :(( planning to dye my hair nextweek again with light ash blonde.

    im trying to find the light ash brown here in the market but didn't find one so i bought the light ash blonde.

    i really want this hair color :( 

    do you think I will have a goo result? :D

    Thank you


let me know what you think~ :3

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