geo angel purple~ tagged~

Hello~ :D

so I got a new pair of geo angel in violet from JoJo at

Ulzzang style

she is the sweetest girl I know :) she purchased my creation so she told me she sells AUTHENTIC circle lens direct from Korea so I got two pairs from her geo angel in violet and grey~ :3
she will also include free lens case with purchase and on top of that
she offers FREE shipping WORLDWIDE!
also if you tell her you came to her store from my site she will give you discount!!
WITH the CODE: ekishopping
orders under $20-10% off
orders over $20-20% off
orders over $60-1 pair FREE+10% off total
orders over $100-2 pairs FREE+10% off total

the color is very subtle but will give you the puppy eye effect and very comfortable!

make sure your GEO comes with the authentic seal and the serial number! they are MANY FAKE GEO lens out there and can cause harm to your eyes!
your eyes are VERY important to your health :)

if you are not a contact lens wearer already PLEASE go get your eyes fitted for contact lens at Optometrists *eye doctor* they will tell you if you are ok for wearing contact lens and they will guide you with how to wear contact lens and maintaining your eyes :)

when you open the jar lift the plastic cap

and then pull the cap

Here is the close up of the lens~
I am also wearing VOV false lashes in 212 that JoJo gave me XD they are SOO natural looking and kawaii I LOVE them!!


2 new creations in my store for sale :D

FREE matching bow with purchase :3

ALSO I was tagged by Summer with 10th photo tag~
and everyone else who tagged me THANK YOU!!
I am really BAD at being tagged I forget to do them most of the time,,, >_<'
Im sorry... :3

1. Open your first photo folder
2. Scroll down to the 10th photo.
3. Post that photo and story on your blog.
4. Tag five others (or more) friends to do the same

here is my 10 photo that was in my iphoto~
me as happy baby~!! I say I was like 1 years old :3
sorry the photo is burrly I took the photo of a photo long ago and my mom has the original :P
my mom said I looked like a monkey when I was born head full of hair and she said I drooled alot so my bib was always soaked!
you can see my eye brow are thick LOL XP
I have to tweeze alot cause of my hair eyebrow :D

I will tag <3
amy naree

thank you for reading! <3


  1. thnx for the tag dear ^__* you were such a cute baby!

    those circle lenses give your eyes a very alluring look :) I want to get some as well, how long can you wear them?

  2. Hi eki :D Thanks for the tag~ I just did it but I will do it again since it was fun hehe :3

    Btw hope you like how the layout is going so far ^^

  3. omg, you were such an adorable baby. kawaii desune.

  4. Your baby pic looks adorable!
    Plus the VOV falsies look so natural on you- gotta put that on my list now.

  5. prettty contact lenses and great advice

    I cant wear contact lenses T_T
    and those bags are very adorable

    and u as a baby is so cute!

  6. ooh! ^-^ so gorgeous! i want to get lens soon!
    and how cute! ur creations remind me of chocolate muffins with pink icing *u*

  7. awwwww ur so cuuute! lovin the new contacts as well.

  8. kawaaaaiiii akachan xD hehehee. <3

    i LOVE those circle lenses on youuuuu!

  9. Thanks for the link, I will check it out!

    The lenses look really pretty on you! Gah I wish I had brown eyes then every circle lens would suit me, and it would be SO MUCH easier to find a natural looking enchanting lens! ;)

    The new creations are super cute! ^^

  10. Aww, you were adorable as a baby. ♥

    I've seen a lot of people wearing circle lenses and I like them a lot. Maybe I should purchase them too, haha.

    - Cookiie♥

  11. Those lenses make your eyes look so pretty. I wish I could wear them. I tired once but the left one slid up behind my eye bone. Scary!

    And... thank you for telling people to go to the optometrist first. Very important!

  12. one day i will try that geo lens..
    for now im still scared of sticking my fingers to my eyes..
    but i will conquer my fear sometime

    your new creations are so cute!
    the hair clips look so nice on you

    & your so cute as a baby
    you look like a doll

    me wanna hug you tight!

  13. oo... i like those contacts! i want some too. too bad i need prescribed ones. :(

    hey, it's kinda late, but i'm having my bday celebration next weekend in brooklyn park if you & your bf would like to join us. just thought it'd be fun to hang out. let me know if you're able to come...it's on the 22nd.

  14. hey babe thanks for advice!!! those are some cuute poka dot bags i think brown and pink is beautiful combination!

    awe eki you def have to be one of my fav bloggers! hehe

  15. you look gorgeous hun =) i love the purple lenses! my pair just broke :(

    thank you so much for your concern sweetie. i'm doing better this week. =)

    i love all your pieces sweetie! you are such a creative person =)

  16. aww baby Eki! Adorable!

    When I was a baby, my mom shaved my eyebrows! (Lots of Viet ppl do it so their daughters will have more eyebrows ?_?) lol FACT!

    I have the Geo Angel in Violet too! I haven't opened them yet..hehe saving them for a special occasion I guess!

  17. Wow those lenses look great and so do those lashes! Looks so good on you n__n.
    You look so cute as a baby too haha so happy!

  18. You were such a cute baby :) I love babies with thick eyebrows, my niece has thick eyebrows I adore her so much! :) and nice lens colors!I'm not to daring when it comes to color contacts, I stay on the safe neutral colors mostly XD

  19. awww you were a super cute baby :)

    i love those geo lenses... i'm really wanting to try some out after seeing a lot of people wear them. i don't need glasses or contacts so i've been putting it off, just because i don't want to hurt my eyes or anything. but they are super pretty :)

  20. Love the VOV falsies & ur lens color. looks great on u!

  21. aww you're such a cute baby! :) My nephew max was really big on drooling! His shirt is ALWAYS wet and when we went to sea world, I was always wet too because I had to carry him! haha, and I got some from mesmerized eyes ^_^ They're really pretty but I don't wear contacts on a daily basis so maybe I might end up selling mine :/

  22. the purple lens looks so nice on u!!!.....

  23. such a cute baby photo :)

    the purple lenses are nice - very subtle but they define your eyes a lot!

  24. The purple lenses look really good!

  25. Omg, u were such a cute baby! :) The Geos and lashes make you look like a doll.

  26. Aughh stupid thing... it's up now you should be able to view it :3

    I was gonna get the purples too but I didn't think the color would show up too well so I got green instead (:

  27. Thanks for tagging! ^^ I love the baby Eki picture! My mom said the same thing about me that I was like a monkey when i was born... ^^;; haha.

  28. Hi Eki!!! :) you're so beautiful! Really stunning! You look cute with those geo lenses. ^^ I have 2 but I only can wear them 3 hours max! :( how long do you wear them?

  29. Awww Eki you were a beautiful baby!! You had the same smiling sweet sparkly eyes then as you do now!! So KAWAII!!

    And gorgeous in the purple lenses! Wish I could wear those types of contacts but I'm too blind. Cute new bags!! Brown & pink is such a cute combo!!

  30. awww! how beautiful your pouches and dotty bows! Polka dots are my weaknesses as so as combination of pink and brown love it!

  31. aren't you a cutie baby
    thanks for the codes! after trying a pair a few days ago, i really want to get more! and what better place than in korea hehe

  32. Hi eki!I'm new here..can you add me up? here's my blog emnazaon.blogspot.com I hope you don't mind thank you..:)


let me know what you think~ :3

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