how to apply false lashes Q & A translated mag scan~ :3


so I had time to translate some mag scans! this is from scawaii 9/09
I thought this was perfect mag tutorial for those who want to wear false lashes and had questions regrading to how to wear them!

I wanted to do a tutorial on how to apply false lashes before so when I saw this I thought it was perfect since this is what I do to apply the false lashes, I wanted to share with you~

hope you like them I couldnt translate the small fonts it was too small >_<

click on image to enlarge~ :D

me wearing the VOV false lashes in 212~
they are so comfortable and looks natural I love this lashes! :3

took this photos in natural light so you can see the lashes better since most of my face shot I get too lazy and use flash :P

used for this look:
VOV false lashes in 212
dejavu fiberwig mascara
mac fluidline black track
majolica majorca trick on powder PK740

DHC Q10 cream foundation in beige ocher 02
NYX concealer jar in beige
mac blush in whim
NYX round lip stick in strawberry milk
NYX round gloss in whipped

contact lens:
clearly colors in grey storm

I am wearing jewelry from my babe DSK~ necklace with AB clear leaf charm, rose heart charm, aquamarine star charm~
they are so pretty I love them :D
you can get them here

DSK jewelry

thank you for stopping by~


next up facial mask review


  1. ahhh you look so pretty in your pics! i love the lashes and the contacts!! and the dsk necklace is gorgeous!!

  2. gorgeous :) i love falsies! it makes your eyes open up and pop! :D

    great work translating the scans! :D

  3. I always poke my eyes when attempting to put fake lashes on T.T thanks for the mag scan eki!!

  4. aww, thanks so much for translating the mag scans girl! I wish I could read japanese because my favorite magazine is Vivi! ;)

  5. YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!! THanks so much for the scans and translations! LOL! Pics only take me so far.

    No matter how many times I try, I still suck at applying falsies!

  6. Thanks for posting and translating information this was so helpful. Please keep this up, look for forward to your future posts!! :o)

  7. thanks for the scans! :) Are the bottom lashes your real ones tooo?? I wish I had some bottom lashes! You can't even see them lol.

  8. this tutorial is such a great help thank you for posting...

    love the VOV falsies you used here...

    have a blessed day!!!

  9. you're gorgeousssss :) and thanks for the translations! <3

  10. So beautiful, Eki! And a lot of thanks for the translations...the girls will love it! You look fantastic, and the lashes are so real!

  11. You look so doll like in your pics!

    The falsies are FAB!

  12. wooo...i was just looking at those scans the other day since i don't understand what its saying, thanks for the translation! :]

  13. Thank you for the translation. It is useful I think.
    And you look gorgeous on your photos.

  14. thanks for the mag scans! so nice of you! i need to practice putting lashes on. and gorgeous pix! i like the natural light! <3 Rina

  15. wow, thanks eki! :)

    do you put fake eyelashes on the lower lash line as well? i always wonder how you get the lower line so full.

  16. You look so gorgeous!! I love your eyelashes. They look very subtle and natural. I'm not a very big fan of those OBVIOUS false eyelashes.

    Thank you for the scans. ^^

    ♥ Milk

  17. Ohhh so pretty :D Thanks for all the scans too!

    lol and that would be easier hehe my email is ec_tini@hotmail.com

    What color did you have in mind? (: Aww and why doesn't the sidebar like you lol X3

  18. Thank you for translating the scans and sharing this with us. You look beautiful as ever in your pics.

  19. OMG!
    another one of your cuteness & im gonna die

    you just look so cute

    i haven't tried any VOV falsies yet coz there very few VOV stalls here..

    i wish i could see one too & ill buy one myself..
    it does look so natural on you!

  20. You look gorgeous Eki and thanks for the scans and translation!

  21. gorgeous ! ur eyes look amazing and this lash tutorial is full of great info! Thks!

  22. Stunning stunning gal! You are so beautifuuul :D
    And thanks for the translation!
    T-T False eyelashes is so uncomfortable I think....

  23. Hi Eki! Thanks for the translations!! >3

  24. thankies for translating the magazine!!!

    I love ur make up :D

  25. You're awesome for translating this for us Eki! Will definietly try falsies now. You look beautiful as always. (:

  26. AH! I wish I saw this yesterday.. it was my first time trying false eyelashes!

  27. Wow! I can't stop looking at your eyes! They're so mesmerizing!

    So very pretty<3

    And thanks for the translation!

  28. eki, the lash look so natural on you :].

    & thanks for translations!

  29. your eyes always look so gorgeous! <3
    thanks for translating again :)
    so so helpful! <3
    i always wondered how the lashes get so full towards the end.. i didn realize you used half of a second pair of lashes to create that look :)

  30. Beautiful! You play up your eyes so well. I leave the falsies for special occasions, though, because I get so frustrated putting them on :P

    Do you know anything about Waicon lenses? I heard that they're really hard to get.

  31. great job on the scans! It was very helpful! I didn't know that trick about putting more falsies on the edge!

  32. You look super gorgeous and enchanting Eki! I love your eyes. Thank you for the scans!

  33. Eki, thank you for taking the time and translating the mag! This look (like everything really) looks so pretty on you. :) Your eye color really goes well with your hair.

  34. you're so pretty!
    thanks for the tips on applying false lashes. :)
    i've tried so many times but am hopeless at it, and always give up in the end, lol.
    i'll try again following the tips from the mag!

  35. your sooo pretty
    thanks for the translations :)

  36. You are flawless! I love your blog and I've never really been into Kawaii but you are really making me love it!

  37. Thanks for the magazine scans and the translation. I've a pair of VOV false lashes but, have not try it out. I will try it next week.

    You look very lovely!

  38. Hey hun, I just posted about your cosmetic bags!! Thanks again! :)

  39. omg. so prettyy.

    I am not a fan of false lashes but they really look good on you.:) and good news im considering to put those lashes too.

    Take care eki!

  40. Hi, just wanted to leave you a comment to say how totally cool your blog is ! Great posts and you have interesting pictures too. Thanks so much for sharing them - have a great week !

  41. This is a very helpfull review,thank u so much for sharing, u look so beautiful with false lashes^^

  42. Hii gorgeous! :)
    thanks for following ..omg im honored haha i was so suprised b/c i really look up to you<3 thank your for the eyelash tutorial in english ..i never knew putting mascara at the end would help =)

    Have a wonderful day<3

  43. Thanks so much for translating eki!! It's so helpful...gonna try it out! You look gorgeous as always! :)

  44. You look so pretty in all your photos (:
    By the way thanks for looking at my blog (:

  45. woo thanks so much for mag scans, and translating the tutorials

    so helpful, thank u eki!!

    hmm...i really wanna learn japanese tho

    u look gorgeous eki, u look like a doll....so pretty

  46. I wish they sell translated japanese magazines!! aahhaha! :)

    Oh EKI you always look so beautiful! You look like a full size doll! :) I envy your beauty! :D

  47. you look so gorgeous!! what camera do you use??

  48. I luv luv this post. Thanks for translating the mag scans. I always do wonder what they say step by step. I would so luv to have that big eye effect with the fake lashes, yet I rarely put them on. I get lazy I think. lol.
    Looking gorgeous and luv ur eyes as always. =)

  49. Ive always wanted to get my hands on those magazines but dont know where to find them here! thanks for sharing! you look very gorgeous!

  50. i like your pictures and your blog. love all the hello kitty stuff


let me know what you think~ :3

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