Funny face contest~ LOVE packages LOVE kit kats X3 *pic heavy*

HIIiiii~~ X3

THANK YOU FOR 1000+ followers!!!!!! I couldnt believe my eyes when I logged in today! XD
I'm truly HAPPY to know that you are enjoying my blog and following me :D

thank you so much for all the support and LOVE that you guys give me, I truly appreciate it all!!
and to the new readers, I hope you enjoy my blog as well thank you for stopping by :3

on to the FUNNY and weird photos I got here XD

its to make you and Funkiimonkee laugh LOL~
here is her contest she has going on to


the rule is for only ONE photo so the first one is my entry~ but I couldnt resist not to post the funny photos I have with me and my best friend Yuan Yuan XD~

we goofed around on photobooth alot when we roomied together :3

all time fav photo of Yuan2! this photo cracks me up every time I see it! X3

we have been BEST FRIENDS since the 5th grade, when we are together we turn into a kid so much fun being stupid and goofy together hehe :D

I got her herrohachi shirt by KYM! it fits her perfectly and its SO her LOL X3

thank you Kym she LOVED the shirt!!! :D

an on to my recent LOVE packages!!

a fellow Japanese blogger~K at bihada diaries sent me sweeteness~ <3

I purchased from her blog sale the Hello Kitty AHA Apple Gommage I have been eye this product for LONG time but couldnt get my hand on them so I was uber happy to see this on her sale!! X3 she asked me if I wanted anything else so that she can go get me I asked her if she could find some LE kit kats!! :D
so she found Ramune kit kat and Ume soda kit kats!!
oh man how I drooled over looking at other peoples blogs over this I been wanting to try some crazy flavored kit kats especially Ume sode kit kats! :D

they are so kawaii in their packaging and the colors are so pretty~I had to try them immediately after I opened the package LOL XP

they taste just like what it is!! so refreshing and so GOOD! really creamy at the same time I guess because its still chocolate? :3 The Ramune one says good/better when chilled so I have some in the freezer I havent tried them cold yet Im pretty excited hehe~

but my fav have to be Ume soda so good the after taste has such a great ume flavor! not salty but really good ume taste so refreshing!!
and she also included apple yogurt pocky~ yumm and other candies!!

THANK YOU K!! you are a total sweetheart!!

how cute is this packaging!! also comes with free bookmark! :3
will do a review on this item in the future~

ohh Ramune kitkat~
*ramune is classic japanese soda sorta taste like sprite*

my fav Ume soda kit kat~
my all time favorite is anything Ume and this has great ume flavor!
*ume is japanese plum*

Apple yogurt Pocky~

now here is a surprise LOVE package from RINA!!!!!
of RAE630

OMG she is super super sweet~ she already sent me a surprise package not too long ago with her kawaii piggy now she sent me super KAWAII love package!! X3

My jaw just dropped when I opened it, I couldn't believe all the kawaii goodies that was inside XD its like she know what I LOVE like I went shopping and she knew exactly what to get me!!

how thoughtful is that?? Im truly lucky to have a friend like Rina!! I LOVE U is all I wanna say to YOU! :3 you are truly generous, truly a wonderful person and a FRIEND!!
your BF is truly lucky to have you!!!

I cannot say how thankful I am, you made me SO HAPPY!
Thank you x a million or trillion!!! <3<3<3

Nail max magazine *will do a scan of them* :D
kawaii art supplies
HK kawaii over load!! XD
a HK mouse pad, HK slippers, HK eye mask, HK ds case~

kawaii Hello kitty DS case!! how you knew I have a DS??? X3 its so kawaii it fits perfectly!
so kawaii!!
HK says "look at my ribbon I'm hello kitty!" hehe

more kawaii over load with stickers~
thank you so much for all the mechanical pencils!! they are too cute!! the 2HB pencil looks very interesting I cant wait to use them all to sketch~ you are too thoughtful! XD

and here is my recent craft store purchase~
some new fabric that I cant wait to make!

ribbon madness~ working on some new bows :3

also check out May's blog~ she is having her 50+ followers giveaway!!
great prizes including yours truly, eki love in her giveaway~ :D

thank you for reading this super long post >0<
still have lots to review and do a tutorial on, Im sorry to make you wait... :P
will work on it!!



  1. lol at your best friend's pic..(the one where she's wearing black)
    she seems drunk

    different kitkat flavors..
    how cool!
    i thought its only chocolate & white choco

    i can't wait for you new creations!

  2. yay Congrats on 100+ followers Eki! You deserve it! <3 <3 <3 Those kit kats look delish :)

  3. Wow so many lovely love bombs! I love Japanese candies and snacks, they're the best! I really want to try all those unique flavors of kit kat. Aww you have a DS and now the perfect case to hold it in, so kawaii!

  4. those pictures are so silly!!!!

    omg those kit kats sounds so yummy.. why do they always have the best flavors in Asia only!! The US is so not creative with their flavor selection hehee

    You got so much HK goodies!!! Everything is so cute.

  5. WOW! Hahaha, I really enjoyed this post. Cute photos of EVERYTHING.

  6. ramune kit kat?!?! I want some! :D haha and hello kitty is so cute! the one with the BLUE bow :) She's trying to teach us how to wash our faces LOL!

  7. haha, I love the funny faces! ^__^

    & oh you're so lucky that so many people love you, but it's because you're just an amazingly sweet person <3

  8. I love your new fabric, can't wait to see what you create with them...the blue material is calling to me LOL!

    Your pics really cracked me up, you're too cute Eki.

  9. Everything is really cute! I cannot wait for the nail scans!!

  10. OH WOW! The second package is magnificent! gorgeous! so cute!

    Funny pictures :)

    Your blog is so cute. ^^


  11. Awww so sweet! I wish I had a best buddy who will do these wacky things with me:) Thanks for your entry:) I am so envying all your kawaii gifts! Can't wait to see what you make too! Have a great day gorgeous gal:)

  12. Congrats on the subs!!

    Cute new stuff, Ramune Kit Kats?! That must be awesome. I'm a sucker for different flavored Kit Kats. I usually order them from jbox.com but they take like a month to get here!

  13. Omg, the stickers are just so cute!! so pretty.. And and the pencils!! arhh!! so pretty.. I'm dazzled..

    Aren't you a lucky girl.Congratz on 1000+ followers.You deserve it.

  14. Cuteness! You've got a lot of super cute stuffies! I really enjoy reading your blog, you are a very amazing blogger! Oh, and I can't wait to see what you make with that really cute pink fabric, you know the one with the roses...

  15. first time i'm seeing those kitkat flavours!are they good??
    congrats on the followers ^^ and here's to many more!

  16. it's ok eki! wish you could have been there as well. it was loads of fun. we'll have to do it some other time then.

    btw, i love kit kats too and when i saw your pics, my jaw dropped and i started to drool over it. will have to get me some kit kats now. lol

  17. the kit kat flavours are so cool..sometimes i wish they weren't LE
    haha i love photobooth. i couldn't even tell that was you at all XD

  18. now this post is pure love :) & happiness!

  19. mmm those kit kats look fun! i want to try some where can i get them?!!

  20. i love your blog, congrats on your 1000+ followers!

  21. Grats on 1000 followers!

    I am supposed to get my foundation Friday I am so excited!

    I love ramune (my least favorite sadly was a hello kitty one! I save the bottle tho) I am so envious of your kit kats! Are the ume ones tart at all like ume boshi?

    All your other items you got are so cute! I didn't know they made HK ds cases, gonna have to hunt one down. ( ^_^)/

  22. Awww all those goodies you got are so cute! And Rina is such a sweetheart! :D that Kit kat looks yummy, I've never seen a green one before oO I wanna try it if I ever see it around hehehe

  23. haha! i loved looking at your funny pics! doesn't even look anything like you guys! :P so cute! <3

    mmm.. the kitkat looks yummy :P have never tried those flavors before :P

    ah.. u'r so easy to love eki! <3 so nice to be showered with gifts! <3

  24. I am so jelous! I need to find someone to do a swap with for kawaii things!

  25. your header is so amazing. these pictures are funnny! :)


  27. rina's so niceeeeee!! :) :) i'm loving those pencils!! :D

    and awwww so sweet :D i love hearing best friend stories! hehee :)

  28. LOL I love messing around with Photobooth on my MacBook! LOL!

    Aww K is one of the sweetest! ANd she KNOWS how to pick the best snackies to send! :) I love swapping with her!

    And look at all that love!! You lucky girl!! See how we all love EKI! :)

  29. Hee hee...those pics of you and your bestie are so cute and funny!

    Awesome love bombs you received from K and Rina!

  30. the kit kats look soooooo good!!
    can't wait to see what you come up with the new ribbons :):)

  31. wooohooo! i'm soooo glad she loved it eki! it does look great on her! ;P and isn't photobooth amazing? i could spend hours laughing at myself for the silly things it can do to your face. hahaha!

  32. wooohooo! i'm soooo glad she loved it eki! it does look great on her! ;P and isn't photobooth amazing? i could spend hours laughing at myself for the silly things it can do to your face. hahaha!

  33. You and your best friends are so funny in the photos. Super nice love packages. I'm drooling over your kit kat..lol

    Thanks for entering my giveaway and promting it on your blog. Good luck to you:]

    Wow, Advanced Bio renewal clay Masque by Cellnique sounds interesting. I want to try. I know..I'm a masks freak.

  34. wAo! nice stuff! <3 hellokitty! i never knew there was so much different kitkats ^o^
    and wow. seems like you have a great friend there! =3

  35. Wow i want to try different flavoured kit kats too! They're so small and cute~ and they look delish!

  36. wow! so much amazing candy<3!
    i seriously need to try them all :)

    you & your best friends' pics are so funny XD

  37. lucky!! kit kats are my absolute favorite candy. my favorite that i've had in other flavors are cherry and just white chocolate :) i hope to try others!

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