drug store buys~ new creations :3

a quick post~
I went to walgreens today since I ran out of my fav liquid eyeliner~ end up buying new hair color as well XD the color looks pretty but I havent used Loreal feria in a long time so I dont know how it'll be but I like Loreal hair dyes so I m sure it'll be good :P
I'll be your guinea pig LOL ~will color my hair soon since my roots are already showing >_<

pretty CG boundless color nail polish in 420 pink twinkle
with very pretty pinkish gold shimmer
my fav drugstore eyeliner
Loreal Lineur Intense felt tip liquid eyeliner
it lines so smooth and stays on all day~its a great buy :3

also new creations that I was working on here it is~



  1. Ohh I'm sure your hair will look lovely as always! Thanks for the eyeliner rec. I loooove your new bags, so cute and roomy!

  2. YAY for hair dyes! I'm trying out subrina's hair dyes and I've been positively surprised by them!

    The keune colors got me a bit yellowish, but the subrina doesn't do that, plus it's waaay more than half cheaper!

    So yay for drugstore dyes!

    Oh, and I love your new creations! Still saving up for those!

  3. I will have to keep that Loreal liner in mind the next time I need liquid liner! :)

    Good luck with the Feria dye!! I'm too lazy to do roots, I just dye my whole head a diff color! LOL! I'm sure you'll look just as gorgeous as ever Eki! :)

  4. n'awe I absolutely love your creations :) I should really re dye my hair soon. If I comb my hair up I have a stripe where my roots are. Keep up the lovely blog posts lots o love lolren x

  5. I love that eyeliner too! It's my favorite! I can't wait to see what your hair will look like after you color it.

  6. i like the l'oreal hair dyes, even if they have the hair dye smell, they work better than most other ones i tried like herbal essence. i wonder what it'll look like on you =)

  7. i love feria! it's my preferred dye, it doesn't smell horrible haha :)

    and l loveeeee your new creations xD

    and thank you!! the light i used was a flash.. i actually used a canon 580ex but i also have a nikon sb800 :)

  8. I can't wait to see how that dye looks! I like the flakies in that nail polish, it looks nice layered over a darker color. Your new pouches are super cute!

  9. I have not seen that CG nail polish and now I have to! ;)

  10. cool nail polish

    ive never used loreal so I cant wait to see the results ^^

  11. wah~ hihi eki :]

    such a great haul, i luv buying stuff from drugstore

    thx 4 the haul, imma go check out those stuff :]

    ooh u got new creations aww!!! those r so so cute, especially that polka dot bag w/ pink bow, i luv it!!!

  12. Lovely new creations!! Btw eki,what else did you do for a treatment to your hair beside the tsubaki mask?because I notice you color your hair quite frequently :)

  13. i can't wait to see your hair once u dye it again! <3
    you dye your hair so well! :P looks so even :)

    your new creations are so adorable eki! <3

  14. I love that eyeliner! I wonder why I switched to something new? lol, but some guy took it once and wrote a smiley face on my paper and it has tiny silver shimmers in it ^_^

  15. i've been looking for a great liquid liner! i'll have to try that one out! :)

  16. I need to try that eyeliner : )

  17. how do u color ur hair so much and it looks sooooo healthy! o.o and im lovin ur new layout for ur store! too cute!

  18. How do you take care your hair? Cause I like dying my hair as well but it always turn to twigs after I dye it.

  19. oh i love the bows. they're so cute. :) i have to say i love your blog.

  20. how often do you color your hair? It looks so nice and healthy ^^ I need to color my roots. They're showing but I'm so scared, they might get more damage :(

  21. hey eki, thanks for following!


let me know what you think~ :3

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