pink lips~

Hi beauties~

Sorry for not posting as much anymore... this week have been not so good for me =__=
week started with me twisting my ankles by miss stepping 2 steps on a stairs so I've been gimping around with pain on top of that its that time of the month... and also Im sick >_<

Weather here is Minnesota have been really challenging for me its been really chilly already Im not used to that so I've been feeling crapo,,so I am sorry Im behind on commenting and replying XP

I made a mini tutorials on how to get nice pink or nude lips since I get asked alot on how I get my lips to be nice shade of pink so I wanted to share with you~ :)

as you can see in my first photo below with me applying lip balm my lips are reddish pink, my lips are really pigmented which I hate :P I love my lips to be nude or baby pink so this will be good for both :)
1. moisturize your lips with a lip balm this will prepare your lips for the concealer, I use any type of lip balm this time I used Burt's bee's

2. conceal your lips to make your lips neutral for the color to be applied by doing this your lip stick will be more vibrant in color, for concealing my lip I use my DHC Q10 foundation over my lips as well~ you can use any concealer or your foundation :D

3. color your lips with your favorite shade of lip stick, I used my at the moment favorite NYX round lip stick in strawberry milk~

4. gloss to finish the look :3 by glossing its will give you 3D effect~ I used NYX round lip gloss in sorbet, You can use clear gloss as well I like to have really baby pink lips so shaded gloss does the job~everybody love juicy lip hehe X3

also in the mail I got beautiful jewelry by Lavender from jewelryoflav.com
She make her jewels from Singapore~ all of her jewels are made with stunning and beautiful findings~very Hime gyaru style XD
I am in LOVE with this earring!!

check out her store~ :3

also VIVI 10/09 with Nicole Richie on the cover dressed in gyaru style~ X3
she is so kawaii~

THX for stopping by~ ^0^



  1. Great tutorial Eki! You have such nice pink lips! Sorry to hear about your injury, I hope you feel better soon! Thank you for the scans as well. Your new jewelry is very cute as well.

    I just posted about your lovely makeup bag, thank you again!

  2. Nice tutorial! I also hate my lips are pigmented >_<

    Sorry to hear about your ankle! And the cold, I hate cold -_-;; Hope you feel better soon!!<3

  3. Hey Eki,

    I hope you and your ankle gets better. I'm currently sick as well...almost going on two weeks. I love NYX products. The lipstick looks so smooth. You look great with your falsies on. ^_^

    Take care!

  4. Feel better.I know how you feel about the MN weather. That is the one thing that I could not take when I lived there, the winters were too long.

  5. My lips is pigmented as well!~ So this tutorial will come in handy. ^^ Nicole Richie looks better in the magazine (not so trashy).

  6. I hope your ankles heal up soon!! And sorry to hear it's that time of the month (mine comes this week) and drink lots of liquids and get plenty rest!! We need Eki healthy! :)

    Oooo I love Burts Bees Lip balm it's my HG!! But great pink lips indeed!! Very simple to accomplish with Eki's way! :)

    Gorgeous jewelry! Eki you make a perfect model for anything! And thanks for the mag scans! :)

  7. Wow, you are so cute with this lipstick ^^

  8. Wow you look gorgeous in these pics, that lippie is the perfect colour for you

  9. i love this entry :D great tut, cute trademrk eki bows and of course, tons of pics of you!! i hope you had a better week neechan >__<

  10. i could follow all ur steps but i'll never be able to make my pigmented lips look yours :( U're earrings are very sweet btw :)

  11. awww
    i hope you feel better asap,girl
    applying hot compress would help...

    this is such a nice tutorial, in my case, i fill my lips using lip liner so that the concealer won't sink into the lip lines.

    thanks for the scan..
    i have to admit that she looks way better here

  12. I hope your feeling better! The summers are too short and hot in the Midwest, and the winters too long and cold!

    I love your flowery goodies, and the makeup bag! Thank you again!

  13. kyaa! ^-^ that's gorgeous gorgeous! >u< (jewels and lips)
    and wow, nicole looks nice! =3

  14. omg, eki, you read my mind!

    thanks for the tutorial, but I have been using this method for a long time but it's just that sometimes, the concealer/foundation melts into the lipstick/lipgloss and then my lipgloss gets this weird uneven pink+beige colour,does that make sense? Haha..
    Do you get that too?

  15. Aww I hope you get better soon! And you look just as cute with just the lipbalm on! And the earrings look gorgeous on you! <3

  16. oh i love the pink lips too.. haha.. my lips is also quite pigmented.. sad... always have to conceal to get nude clr.. nice looks! n take care.. pple r falling sick cos of the weather.. i am too :(


  17. i loveee baby pink lips!!
    thanks for the tutorial!

    i loveee your fringe. can you make a tutorial on styling bangs?

  18. I never really liked Nicole Richie but she looks so cute and stylish in the mag scan

    I love vivi and mina but it's really hard to find in UK

    Hope u get better soon!

  19. Woot, pretty pink lips! Thanks for the tutorial, eki!!!

  20. Could you do a video tutorial on how you style your hair like in the pictures above? It looks so gorgeous and voluminous!

    ♥ Milk

  21. hey hun~ wishing you quick recovery!

    thanks for the lip application tips~ ive got very pigmented lips and never thought to conceal them first^^

    + the purple lenses look great on you.


  22. gorgeous! i think i'm running out of adjectives.. haha =P

  23. thanks for the tut! and those earrings are very very cute :)

  24. ahh..good tips about concealer/foundation on the lips.i have pigmented lips.thank you :)
    you look very prettyyyyyy!!!! like a doll :) get well soon x

  25. Feel better Eki~!!!!

  26. i love your eyes ..you are pretty as always

  27. I have the same pigment problem, know how you feel! You have the perfect baby pink color! Great post!!

  28. oo... like the pink lips tut. yes, the weather here has been a pain in the butt but i'm looking forward to wearing boots and long sleeves, jeans, tights and all that fun fall stuff.

    you know, for your twisted ankle... our cultural remedy is having a prego woman massage it and it should feel a lot better within a day or two. i twisted my ankle back in april and my gf, who's prego, massaged it and within the day day, i was able to walk fine again. works wonders.

  29. aww, hope you start to feel better soon - I've twisted my ankles plenty of times to know it's no fun to be hobbling around =T

    very nice tutorial on the baby pink lips :)

  30. Thank you for sharing how you do your lips. I hope you are feeling better! So strange to me to hear that it is chilly in other places. It has been over 100 degrees here in the LA area for a couple of days now. And we are having a lot of wildfires. The air is gross which makes me feel gross. Makes me wish I was there with you in the chilly weather! Oh! love the earrings. I must check her out! <3 Rina

  31. your lips look so nice :)!
    thanks for the tutorial, i'll try applying concealer to my lips to see what it does for me

    have a good day, eki !

  32. Your tutorial for nude lips is perfect!~ It helped alot. I noticed that without applying concealer, the color wears of quicker! Thanks for the tutorial! ^_^

    I love Nicole Richie!~ = ]
    It's so nice to see her on the cover of ViVi! I'll be sure to pick it up! ^^

  33. you have really nice plump lips!!

    NYX strawberry milk and sorbet make such a cute combo..thanks for the tips!

  34. Feel better! What a way to end your summer :(

    I love Strawberry Milk-it's the ultimate girly color to me!

  35. thanks for the tutorial :D I think baby pink lips suits you well because you're very kawaii ^_^ and those earrings are so CUTE and one of a kind!

  36. Aww, hope you're feeling better soon! And ooh, I like your tutorial & the nice scans. =)

  37. gorgeous
    eki you are too pretty! stop making me jealous :)

  38. OMG you twister your ankle????
    Did you go see a doctor?
    It must hurt so much!>///<
    I hope you feel better really soon!

    Awww my packages don't arrive! I'm going to ask tomorrow what happened in the post office, it's weird...-.-*

  39. Pink lips and black eyeliner is my fav look. I had a post awhile back mentioning this. Luv your take on this look. I think I'm going to get those two NYX lip products now. hehe. =)

  40. Wow, Eki! You look so beautiful<3

    Love the lip tut.:] Thanks~

    And Nicole Richie does look supre kawaii! Just love her large eyes<3

  41. Hi!
    Sorry about your ankle, I hope that and your body from the cold feel better soon.

    I love the pink lipstick, it looks great!

    I am on day 3 of the dhc foundation, so far so good! I actually don't know which shade matches me more, 1 or 2 lol. I think 2. One thing I do notice is that after 8 or so hours it does not last as well. I use primer and a loose powder to set it. does it ever start to fade after a long day for you too?

  42. Hope you feel better!
    Thank you for the tutorial.

    Nicole Richie has great style even when she's preggers.

  43. WOW!
    You are beautiful. You look like a celebrity - no lie!
    And that's why I nominated your blog for an award!!

  44. sorry to hear about your ankle, i hope you get better soon =D
    thanks for the tutorial!
    oh, and i looooove your bangs sooo much. that little sweep is so hrd to get sometimes. umm..i have a weird request haha, if you could get a picture of the top of your head where the bangs are. i'd like to know how you get it like that without a harsh split in your hair. pretty please =)

  45. Eki, sorry to hear about your accident and of your illness. Hope you recover soon! :)

    Great pink lip tut and super kawaii earrings!!

  46. Oh man that sounds really bad! I hope you are getting plenty of rest and feel better real soon! Btw the baby pink lips look very cute on you =P

  47. Hey Eki, so sorry to hear you are sick and injured! :( I hope you get lots of rest and recuperate very soon. Thanks for the lip tips & those earrings look stunning on you!

  48. i was really hesitant to get the strawberry milk l/s cuz it looked way too pink but i finally ordered one right after seeing this entry ! lol . it looks gorg on you !

    & i nominated you for an award on my blogg !

  49. Yes Nicole Richie is just too kawaii!! OMG i need that magazine for fall tips!! ^^

    and I really adore your pink lips. Such gorgeous lips! :D

  50. I hope you feel better! I don't like cold weather either!

    Thanks so much for this tutorial! I love all your make-up tips. I think this is my first time posting on your blog. I was scared to try concealer before because it made my lips more chapped the last time I tried. Maybe my lips were just in bad condition? I'll try again!

  51. thnx for the tutorial eki! <3
    i usually have very pigmented lips too! haha :P
    was curious...do you use lip scrubs eki? :)

    the earrings look really cute on you!

  52. wow love those earrings!
    thanks for the tut

  53. Sorry to hear abt your ankle and sickness. I hope you're getting well soon.
    Thanks for the tute :) and I was @.@ at the nicole richie pics lolz she looks cute tho

  54. sugoi~ whenever i try to get lips like that it always looks chalky or inconsistent. thanks for the tips! <33

  55. Awesome tut on the pink lips!! Feel better soon sweetie!

  56. gorgeous lips and great tutorial! Great tips for the perfect pink lip! :) Love you Eki hun, get better soon!!

  57. nicole richie looks so chic in that photo shoot. :) i love her style.

  58. Thanks for the tips Eki ^^
    Those scans from Nicole Richie reminds me of Ayu.. Go Ayu! =D

  59. Sorry to hear about your ankle :(

    I love that NYX lipstick you're wearing! You look so pretty

  60. Gorgeous....! I like your pink lips. Thank u for the great
    tips...I would try it :)


let me know what you think~ :3

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