update~ eki photos

Hi there~
here are recent customers/beauties with my bows!!
thank you for modeling them and sharing your thoughts about my creations I really appreciate it!! you all looks so kawaii~!! :D

sorry for no post lately :P
alot going on lately~ so I wanted to post some of the stuff Ive been doing!

ALSO my giveaway is ending tomorrow at 11pm central timezone :D
so if you havent enter please do so~ X3

so here are some photos from my bf's friends house he is a toy collector~ I thought it was cute so took some photos of his collection~ :)

he gets most of his collection from KidROBOT
they are all adorable make a room look bright and colorful I love it~

and then we went to ikea
we always get the Swedish meatballs there, its my Bf fav since he is half Swedish LOL :P
I got the marinated salmon with mustard dressing, it was too fishy even for me and I love raw salmon so I was disappointed it looks good tho~>_<
both meal were only $4.99 so I cant be too mad hehe

I saw this mirror set at ikea for only $29~ its so kawaii! but I didnt get it since my bf thought it was too girly XP

after we went mall of America since its across the street from ikea, here is me with giant sanrio's kuromi sitting outside the store! :)
didnt get much at the mall just got me some cleansers from lush will do a review on it after I use it a while~ XD here is what I got from lush sounded great for sensitive/oily breakout prone skin :D

Detoxifies and exfoliates oilier, problem skin

Herbalism has China clay to remove excess oil, ground almonds and rice bran to exfoliate away dead skin cells, sage, chamomile and marigold to soothe inflammation and rosemary and sage to banish nasty microbes. As well, the combination of the clay and rice bran leaves a matte finish to the skin. Some people who have used the Angels On Bareskin and found it too rich, find the Herbalism to be lighter. If you persist and use this cleanser every day, we guarantee results that are well worth the bother.


Ground Almonds (Prunus dulcis), Kaolin, Glycerine, Chlorophyllin Water (Aqua), Nettle, Rosemary, Rice Vinegar Extract (Urtica dioica, Rosmarinus officinalis), Rice Bran (Oryza sativa), Gardenia Extract (Gardenia jasminoides), Rose Absolute (Rosa centifolia), Chamomile Oil (Anthemis nobilis), Sage Oil (Salvia sclarea), Perfume.

Calms and soothes sensitive skin with the bounty of land and sea

Sushi anyone? that's what you might think when you first glimpse Aqua Marina, but packed inside its seaweed wrapping instead is a soothing facial cleanser made with seaweed, chamomile and aloe vera. It whisks away dirt and oil to leave behind soft, clean, manageable skin. Let's face it, the environment can put a serious strain on your skin. Let Aqua Marina help you turn back time.


Glycerine, Calamine Powder, Kaolin, Irish Moss Infusion (Chondrus crispus), Aloe Vera Gel (Aloe barbadensis), Sea Salt (Sodium Chloride), Nori Seaweed (Fucus vesiculosus), Sweet Orange Oil (Citrus dulcis), Patchouli Oil (Pogostemon cablin), Carrageenan, Perfume.

thx for reading
will have some translated mag scans coming up~ :D
also working on new creations at the moment that will be up soon too <3



  1. Cute pics of your customers!! :)
    Oh and I love the pic of you with Kuromi.. you know how I love "dark" but cute stuff hahaha and esp. skulls. Can't wait to see what you think of those lush cleansers~

  2. you are so kawaii Eki!!! and cute outfit!! those photos are great btw. :)

  3. Ikea food is yummy i see, they improved alot i guess. The one i visited 3 years ago had really bad food lol That mirror is sooo kawaii =P

  4. can't wait to see pics of your new creations! and your bfs toys reminds me of my bfs room.. toys galore!!! ahhh, men. heheh! ;P

  5. awwwww!!!
    i love those miniature toys that your bf collects..
    the one with the square heads

    well, the mirror is girly, but then it looks cute...soo hard to resist!

    you + kuromi = uber cuteness!

    the lush green mask..
    im thinking if im gonna be buying it though because it looks...uhhhh....

  6. omigod! that mirror is sooo you! if ur bf ever agreed to it you must add bows!!!! love the pics of your bf's friend's toys. And the pic of you and kuromi is my favorite. I love kuromi!!! we have a lush store here, but I never know what to try out. The products all look so intimidating (hahaha, i'm wierd). Can't wait for your reviews. Maybe I'll try something after I get your okay. haha. Oh, and yes, I had a blast making the grab bags and gift sets when I worked at Sanrio. Can't wait to see your new creations!!

  7. Ooooh - the little piggy is so cute - can't wait to see what you're up to! I think the mirror is adorable. =P

  8. mmm LUSH.. i still haven't tried it yet :\

    you look so cute!! i love off the shoulder shirts xD

  9. I love lush ^^
    They smell so gd :O

    and those bows r so cute and I love ur outfit ^^

  10. Hahaha...I did totally think sushi! You're right! ;-) And when did Ikea get so cute?!

  11. i can't wait to read your review of the lush products. i've always wanted to know if they are good or not...

    ps: I just gave u an award on my blog, go check it out! =)

  12. You are too cute Eki! May I ask what camera do you use to capture those beautiful images? I see that it has auto-focus and it looks real nice ;)

  13. The mirror at Ikea is so cute! I think Princess : )

    Sneak back and get it! :P

  14. You pictures are always so pretty and cute. The mirror @ Ikea is so pretty.

  15. Oh, I just love your cute bows! Everything is uber kawaii! <3

  16. i always get the swedish meatballs at ikea too! it is just so cheap and yummy :)

    i luv lush products... i just recently got some bath bombs and bath bubble bars...can't wait to see some of your new stuff!!

  17. its super sweet to have ppl wear ur lovely creations :) Lush products are so natural and I really love them, too bad they dun have it here in spore.

  18. Eki, you are so beautiful! I want to look like you ^^ I like your outfit =)
    Ikea's food is tasty I think and that mirror is lovely!
    take care

  19. i love ikea haha it's like an amusement park.
    i need to make a stop there sometime. its been a while.

  20. did your bf happen to get the simpsons figures from kidrobot? they're soo cuttteee!!!
    wow your ikea is so much better than the one in canada. that meatball platter comes with boiled potatoes instead or mashed..how i wish they were mashed
    and the salmon definitely didn't cost $4.99 haha

  21. haha, no need to say sorry, I know how it is! I've been really busy lately too - just wait and see for my next post! :D haha You'll see.
    && a meal for $5 is really good! What a deal, tooo bad the food wasn't better XP
    That mirror is SO CUTE~! <3 And funny thing is that I went to a Sanrio just the other day & took a picture with a big stuffed animal also! haha.

  22. Ahh cute stuff! I love Kidrobot but never bought anything from there yet. I love the Labbits, SO CUTE!! :D

  23. Ikea in HK don't provide an eatery but they have a frozen food section, where I ALWAYS stock up on their meatballs and salmon spread...it's so yummy on toast.

  24. Hey! I am a very happy customer! Thanks so much:) I just went to Ikea just now but didn't see anything as cute as that mirror! hmmm and never go with the bf, they always never let you buy anything! :(( I love the toys too!

  25. i love your blog! your pics are so cute :)

  26. GAKKK, I love the mirror!! <3

    btw, you look gorgeous, as always..

    The aqua marina cleanser sounds like something I would have gotten but we don't have Lush here so I can only drool, do let us know how it goes!

  27. Eki, that mirror is divine! I want it sooo bad!

    My dad has a similar toy thing to the green thing smoking a cigarette - my dad has a grenade smoking a cigarette (he's a hypnotherapist who stops people smoking and he has it in his office!)

    Love your skirt too - it's hot!

    Miss Neesh

  28. I'm very curious abt the little pig! :)
    I think you should get the mirror!it's very pretty n suitable for you! :)

  29. That mirror looks so cute, I love mirrors so much^^
    U look so gorgeous in ur picture^^

  30. love the new layout eki and those bows are so cute!

  31. Everyone looks soo cute in your bows!! I always get compliments when I wear mine out! :)

    and awww the BF a big KIDROBOT at heart!

    You're looking so good in that looking glass! :)

  32. ahhh, I miss Mall of America.
    Sanrio is the best, lol.
    btw you took great pictures of the toys, they're so cute!

  33. wao! ur friends toy collection is so cute! ^-^
    and wow! nice mirror >.< ikea has some nice stuff,

  34. I love ikea!! They have the greatest stuff!

  35. gave u an award hun,check oit my blog

  36. aw.. how cute :)
    happy customers :) they all look so adorable wearing your bows :)

    too bad you didn't get the mirror :P looks really nice :) love your outfit too eki :)


let me know what you think~ :3

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