Ayumi mag scan~swap with Kym bee creative~

Ayu on latest scawaii magazine!

I LOVE her hair!!so kawaii makes me want highlights XD

Hello~ :D

I wanted to thank all of you who enter in my giveaway and left super SWEET comments!! All of the comments have made me SMILE with HAPPINESS~ X3

it was such a word of encouragements to continue my blog to make you lovely's happy as well as you guys makes me HAPPY!

thank you :3

I will be having more giveaways to come to say thank you! :)

so here is a swap I did with KYM at bee creative!
this was her FIRST ever swap and I was so happy to do this with her~ she is uber creative and SWEET with great sense of humor~! :D
I got a shirt to give to my best friend she loves ENGRISH and jokes around alot with asian engrish so I thought it was perfect for her :P

all of her shirt are printed by Kym on american apparel shirts great quality with great prints :)

she even make me "E" for eki amd handmade card! hehe :D now hanging on my wall of LOVE~ <3

thank you KYM for the awesome swap I love everything!!

my wall of LOVE notes from my love packages :)
I look at this alot makes me HAPPY~ :)

also I went shopping to craft store and got new fabrics and ribbons for me to make something with~its really hard finding really kawaii printed fabrics here in US :P I wish stores would import some from Japan they have all the kawaii fabrics there... =__=;;

art of the day~
sorry I havent been psting my drawings lately didnt have time to draw.. :(
this painting is kinda old I painted my bamboo since I think they are so pretty~

I have used acrylic paint on this, I dont paint at all so not very good but I do love to paint just gotta be in the mood since I make big mess XP

thank you for reading~



  1. Ohh the painting is beautiful! I am no good at painting xD

    Awesome swap stuff :D and aww I wish I could get my hair to be blonde like that it only comes orange when I bleach it :(

  2. oh gosh beautiful painting eki, just stunning.

  3. Wow eki,the bamboo painting is gorgeous. You have good hands :D n cute tee too,I'm thinking to get myself one because so many of kym's tee are around lolz

  4. the "fluent in engrish shirt" is so cute ...awww how sweet of you to have a wall of love... very precious

    can't wait to see what you make next out of your new fabric!

    gorgeous bamboo art! very simple but love the colors

  5. that painting looks amazing!!! <33 you are super talented xD hehee.

  6. The Engrish shirt is so fun haha.

    Your painting of the bamboo looks so realistic like a photograph!

  7. Nice swap! And also I'm loving your drawings and now painting! Haha awesome work as always :) <3
    And yeah I totally agree with the lack of cute stuff in the US T_T

  8. Thanks for the scans Eki!! And *gasp* I see my postcard on the board! :) I keep all my blogga love notes too! ;)

    Kym sent you great stuff! LOL! That shirt is too funny!!

    The painting is awesome!! Simple yet striking!! Endless talent in you woman! :)

  9. the painting is so lovely! :)
    ha ha. i love the shirt, it's so adorable.

  10. i love your painting!!! it's so beautiful!! and i love the love package from kym i really want to get a shirt now!!

    and i really love all the new fabrics!! i need to order from you soon =)

  11. The painting is gorgeous! You should paint more often because that's real artistic and good!

  12. Ayumi always looks so pretty in her pictures^^Thanks for the scans..Ur swap goodies look so cawaii too and I agree with all the other bloggers that ur creations are one of the prettiest^^Love ur painting, u r really a very talented girl*

  13. The Bamboo painting is beautiful! And thanks for sharing the Ayumi Hamasaki scans! I'll have to post some of my scans up too. ^_^

  14. ur really talented :p
    ayu is so cute but not as cute as u ^^

    I love the fabric aswell ^^

  15. Thank you for the scans Eki! Ayumi is so gorgeous!

    I adore your painting, it's so elegant and lovely. I love the vibrant shades of green! ^_^

  16. Cool swap & love notes board!!ayumi really looks like an angel in those scans ...

  17. I like the way you use your paint !! It seems more freee for acrylic. Did you water it down a lot?? I always do that xD people tell me my paintings always look watercolor and soft xD

  18. This mag is really awesome! ^_^ thanks for scanning.

  19. My husband was peeking over my shoulder and said 'I like that painting!'. You are a good artist, you should put some things on your etsy site! That would be awesome :D

  20. lovely pacakge! looks so fun :) x

  21. Your bamboo painting is so fresh and lovely :) Cool swap stuff. I want Ayu's hair! XD

  22. wah~ ayumi is always so so pretty no matter what :D i love her too

    nice swap very cute tee "fluent in engrish" :p

    so cute u have a wall of love cuz your so nice!!

    wow :o great art love the bamboo painting its sooooo pretty
    u so talented eki! :]

  23. the bamboo print is awesome :D and hehehe I love kym's shirts <3 The american appreal shirts are so fitting too! Anyways can't wait to see more of your creations, you creative vixen you ;)

  24. Can't wait to see your latest and greatest!! :) I just received your package today, thank you so much for the extras you included!! I was so excited... haha... you don't even know... lol,... but I'll be posting about it in my blog :)

  25. lovely swap! and i love ur painting! ur such a great artist!

  26. Great swap! I think it's really cool that you have a blog love board. It's nice when people keep the letters you send them, it just makes you want to send them more often.

    And... great painting. You are so multi-talented!

  27. Nice swap. The bamboo painting is beautiful. You are extremely talented lady:)

  28. Hun your painting is so beautiful <3 Thanks for sharing it with us. & I can't wait to see what cute things you make with the fabrics and ribbons Ms. (amazingly) Creative ;D

    And that's really cute that you have a board just for your "love letters" :) I never would have thought of ever doing something like that, now I'm totally wishing that I saved some of my letters!

  29. i love that shirt! XD

    Just saying ENGRISH is funny.

    And what are you talking about, that painting is really nice. U are an all around artist, there is no doubt about that!


  30. wow! very nice! is there anything u can't do? hehe =)

  31. oh i really wanted that magazine whilst in japan, but i'm glad you posted some shots of ayu
    ah everything you create is so pretty~

  32. Hiii Eki <3
    I read your blog but this is my first time commenting :)

    Just wanted to thank you for the iphone screen pictures because I downloaded the pink one and am loving it. hehe arigatooo <3

    I love your painting! I'm actually contemplating on making an attempt to draw one of those hawaiian leaves...

  33. EKI! you have some very pretty paintings! I love it! :)

  34. ayumi always makes me want to dye my hair!

    very cute swap!! and your artwork is great!

  35. Gorgeous paintings, Gorgeous Ullzang!

    I think your headband has arrived at home...I am lookng forward to seeing it when I'm home on the 29th!

  36. I love Ayumi some prefer Hikaru Utada because she has a better vocal range but Ayumi is #1 especially when you read the translation of her songs since I don't speak nor understand Japanese.


let me know what you think~ :3

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