FOTD, DHC Q10 foundation and powder


I know alot of you were interested in the DHC Q10 foundation that I use~ it is one of my HG foundation, been using this product for few years and I LOVE it! Im really disappointed that they are being discontinued so I stocked up :D They are on sale till it gets sold out at dhccare.com~

so one thing about this foundation is that it can be worn light for dewy look or build it for matte full coverage, but first the key for this foundation to look flawless is to PRIME your skin first so your foundation goes on smoothly.
What I do to prime my face is before the foundation I apply oil free moisturizer first :) right now I used clinique moisture surge, its perfect for my skin since I have oily face so I dont want to add more oil.
This foundation is beneficial to your skin as well since it includes age defying coenzyme Q10, olive oil, spf 18. I mostly love this foundation because it feel weightless on my face, I hate it when foundations feel like a mask just feels like a moisturizer also the shade are perfect match for asian skin tones :P

here is what it say on dhccare.com

Q10 Cream Foundation
Creamy fuller coverage. Achieve perfect-looking skin at last! This long-lasting SPF 18 foundation offers fuller coverage to smooth over pores, blemishes, and imperfections. Enriched with age-defying coenzyme Q10, hydrating olive oil, and UV damage–fighting olive leaf extract, these ingredients can help you win the fight against fine lines. Feels silky, not heavy, on skin. Elegant matte finish.
1.4 oz. Net wt.


Active ingredients: titanium dioxide zinc oxide
Inactive ingredients: water, cyclomethicone, butylene glycol, diglycerin, cyclopentasiloxane, PEG-9 polydimethylsiloxyethyl dimethicone, isononoyl isononanoate, PEG-10 dimethicone, disteardimonium hectorite, nylon-12, olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, trimethylsiloxysilicate, silica, phytosteryl/octyldodecyl lauroyl glutamate, dimethicone/methicone copolymer, glyceryl abietate/maleate, octyldodecyl myristate, phenoxyethanol, laureth-7, magnesium sulfate, alumina, methicone, simethicone, alcohol, ubiquinone, acorbyl tetraisopalmitate, olea europaea (olive) leaf extract, polianthes tuberosa polysaccharide, beta-glucan, talc (Natural Ocher 00-Natural Ocher 03, Natural Ocher 06, Yellow Ocher 01-Yellow Ocher 03, Yellow Ocher 05, Pink Ocher 01-Pink Ocher 04), aluminum hydroxide (Natural Ocher 00-Natural Ocher 03, Natural Ocher 05, Yellow Ocher 01-Yellow Ocher 03, Yellow Ocher 05, Pink Ocher 01-Pink Ocher 04), iron oxides

here is the foundation shade I have:

dhc q10 foundation

my shade is yellow ocher 02 or beige ocher 02 they are very similar in shade, also I use yellow ocher 03 to contour my face

DHC Q10 powder in yellow
very silky and smooth fine powder with hint of shimmer~
I use this sometime but when I do use it my face does stay matte longer. Since it have shimmer in it, it will give me a nice glow as well :)

dhc q10 foundation powder

one hand is with beige ocher 02 finished off with q10 powder
you can see that it does have really good coverage

eki makeup

items used for this look:

DHC q10 foundation beige ocher 02
DHC Q10 powder in yellow
Jill Stuart mix blush in rose bloom 02
NYX concealer in beige

Loreal liner felt tip liquid eyeliner
fiberwig mascara
Canmake fresh eyecolor 04
ettusais shiny powder in white

NYX mega shine lip gloss is tea rose
topped off with Rimmel volume boost in innocent

eki dhc foundation look

eki q10 foundatin look2

my hair is not colored yet XP
you can see that the color faded to reddish shade...
making time for tonight to color hehe♥

thanks for reading!


  1. awww...
    i hate it when the product that you love will be discontinued..
    it seems like most of the product that i love is already discontinued

    its good that you get to stock up
    it does make you look flawless!

    this is another cute pic of u..

    if ever i get pregnant, i'll look in your blog daily so that my baby will look like you

    hope you're having a nice day!

  2. Woow the circle lenses are sooo beautiful ^.^

  3. I read many reviews about dhc products :) I never tried any of their lines before, but it's very interesting.if they discontinue their foundation they will come up with a new one right?

  4. Lovely FOTD. :)
    Not all of the shades are being discontinued.. I believe that only several that haven't been selling well perhaps?? I've got the DHC liquid foundation in Pink ocher 02.. dunno if I'll repurchase though since it makes my dry patches appear if I don't moisturize well enough! T_T I also have that DHC powder but in the pink version, love it as well! But not really using it everyday hahah

  5. ur eyes are super gorgeous! and the foundation gives such a lovely finish :))

  6. Beautiful look! The DHC looks AMAZING On you!

  7. your liner is PERFECTION.
    goodness i wish i could bet my wing to look that perfect,
    and your blush is perfect too!!
    gahhhh everything is perfect! :D

  8. another awesome post as usual! you've got me really interested in trying out this foundation & powder! do you know your MAC shade? i think from there i'd be able to tell which one i should buy (im NC40).

    xox suzy

  9. I loved how you did your hair, Eki! Plus, thank u so much for the swatches. I hate it when a product you love is being discontinued. :(

  10. Hi! I waited 1 week and wore my foundation everyday to make sure I didn't break out and then I stocked up on yellow 02! Now I am probably set for life lol, thanks for helping me before (^-^*)

    Your fotd is gorgeous!

  11. Gorgeous Eki! Your skin is flawless! Too bad they’re discontinuing this foundation. T_T Thanks for the swatches. I better check it out before it’s all sold out. :x

  12. Eki you are amazing! You know that right?! You could never look anything less then exceptional! :)

  13. Ohh so pretty!! :D I wanna try out that foundation now :3 Thank you for reccommending! I have not figured out the jump break yet :( The avatars with comments does not work with my layout either *sigh* I think lots of things don't work with custom layout =(

  14. I wish I had sexy plump lips like u. Very pretty look and as always I luv the pink shade lipgloss. =)

  15. i always love your FOTDs eki! <3 you always look so so cute! :)
    so flawless! <3
    how do you make your hair have so much volume?
    can't wait to see your newly colored hair! <3

  16. nice makeup.... i think the pink shade and beige shade suits u very much!

  17. Hi Eki..I've been a follower of ur blog for a while now. Just wanted to say that ur posts are amazing and you're beautiful! Also, I dont mean to offend you, in fact this is a compliment..But Im seriously considering double eyelid surgery and I was just wondering if yours are natural? A lot of the japanese girls in the magazines seem to have these lids too, I'd love to to have mine look like that. do you know where i could get mine done liek that? =) Please email me annahua252@gmail.com.. Id realllly appreciate it! xxx

  18. im still a beginner with make up so its nice to read reviews ^^

    ur so kawaii ^^

  19. I love your lips! ♥
    I can't remember if you have already a very light pinky color on your lips but I've tried to make my lips pinky like that but I can't seem to find the perfect products :(
    I don't know if I have sort of "darkish" lips so do you think these products would turn my lips pinky like that? XD ♥

  20. You're so gorgeous! (as always) Hmm now I really want to try the foundation! :D

  21. You look so stunning and gorgeous, just like a doll!

    I do agree with you about priming!! That's the secret to smooth foundation and good coverage.

  22. Hi Eki!

    Nice review, i'm sad that some of the colors are being discontinued as well because I really like this foundation. I'm going to have to try the powder it looks nice.

    Your curls are so airy and kawaii, love your FOTD!

  23. Great review! I hate when a product you love is being discontinued. You such a doll:]

    Btw, I love your hair.

  24. Lucky you! <3 I love your voluminous hair! <3
    aw.. my hair never turns out the way it looks on the box too haha :P but i'm sure your hair looks very pretty like it always does :) i can't wait to see it! <3

  25. Thankyou for the foundation swatches!
    All your pictures are soo prettyyy!

  26. Awesome and thorough reviews! Thank you for the swatches and you look stunning as usual! :)

  27. I hate it when products your love gets discontinued gah~ But good you stocked up.

    You look sos beautiful as always :D

  28. I think I want to try it out :D I am going to have a really hard time trying to figure out which one is closest to my color though O_O Do you know your mac shade? :)

  29. i love the color of your hair! :)

  30. ahh maybe i should go check out getting one of those foundies xD hehehe. esp since i know my shade since you were so nice to send me samples<33

    you look stunninnggggg!! <3

  31. eki~ you are too pretty! :) ive tried their liquid foundation before but not their cream foundation.. it looks awesome on you though!

  32. you look absolutely stunning!!! :) i really wanna try that DHC foundation now:)

  33. Wow such great coverage! You look so gorgeous as usual! =P

  34. good idea to stock up on the foundation, especially if it gives you such a flawless look! shame that it's being discontinued though (don't you hate it when that happens?)

  35. I'm obsessed with the last photo of you.. I'm a creep huh? LOL can't stop staring and admiring your beauty as usual =P

  36. your pictures are so beautiful, and your make-up is so perfect, you're so talented; i hope that someday i'll be able to do something as beautiful as that :)


let me know what you think~ :3

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