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I was tagged to do a future clothes from Pink Monkey :3
I thought is was nice tag since I like to browse on things that I want online alot especially living in Us its hard getting Japanese things here so :P
my favorite brand that I think that is absolutely pretty is Liz Lisa♥
they are popular gyaru Japanese brand, mostly very girly girly and semi hime style!
here is their website
Screen shot 2009-09-17 at 2.25.13 AM
Screen shot 2009-09-17 at 2.24.37 AM
Screen shot 2009-09-17 at 2.26.04 AM
Screen shot 2009-09-17 at 2.25.50 AM

here is the items Im eyeing on from Liz Lisa XD
I want all this items!! so kawaii!
the jacket is super kawaii!!
liz lisa

 Bless is another Japanese brand based in Tokyo
I like their simple, cool and kawaii designs
here is the items im eyeing on :D

I LOVE boots and I want all of this boots! the knee high boots and the middle boots are both fold able to however you wanna wear so cute♥

eki boots 
 finally Ravijour is kinda like victoria's secret but popular amongst gyaru~ very kawaii :3
so many cute stuff I want from there >_<
so many things I want but so hard to get here :(
also I havent had time to color my hair again! X3 hopefully I will tomorrow! I didnt want to do a hair tutorial until I color my root hehe :P sorry..
thanks for reading♥


  1. Very pretty clothes! Such a sweet yet sassy style! :)

    Haha.. roots first! I'm lazy I just color my whole head when the roots start showing! LOL!

  2. Wow nice choices Eki! I love everything you choose, so pretty and girly. ^^

  3. ravijour looks super cuteeeee :) actually i love all the stuff you picked out!! i hope you find a way to get some!!

  4. Cute tag! I LOVE your clothing choices! Everything is so cute and sophisticated at the same time! And those boots are ADORABLE.

    Totally adoring the super cute tube jumpsuit jammies from the last store too! SO owes me PJs for my bday.... hehehe.

  5. it IS pretty hard to find such cute clothes like this over here huh eki! :P
    the boots are so cute! <3

  6. I love this collection, specially the dresses!!

  7. You are more Kawaii than any of these models!

  8. the stuff on blessed tokyo is really cool! their models are so pretty!!

  9. those japanese girls are so doll like and gorgeous!

  10. I love the style from Liz Lisa too! It's so feminine and pretty =)

  11. I've heard of Liz Lisa, are we able to order from that website?

  12. ohhh... totally didn't know you had a new layout up! it's super cute! I love those clothes by the way! they all look super nice, and adorable! :)

  13. oh la la some knows how to close a post! With some flirty sleep wear :)

  14. such cute items!! i wish the US would have such kawaii brands here, i'm loving the coat with the bow in the back...would be so perfect for fall/winter

  15. Thansk for sharing this clothing site. They have such girly and cute stuff. =)

  16. Aww your blog is so cute. please keep up the good work, good luck in the USA!

  17. So many pretty things!!!
    I really like the jacket from Liz Lisa!

    I really want to shop at Liz Lisa!!
    Sigh, too bad I don't understand Japanese -_-

  19. Mmm, I can't wait for the weather to turn into full on fall. I think autumn has the best clothes :D Ekii you definitely need to post on flickr more. More photography!!

  20. Cuteeee~ websites! And you think America doesn't have anything? Try Canada.. -.- now.. THAT is where there is nothing hahaha!

  21. omgosh i remembered when i first walked into a liz lisa store and my eyes went *o* HAHA... it was loveeee.

  22. I like Ravijour but prefer Peach John more

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