recent hauls, FOTD canmake look with castledew gloss

Hi :)

here is the look of the day with canmake and castledew lip gloss~

DHC Q10 cream foundation in natural ocher 02
NYX jar concealer in beige
Canmake cheek gradation in 01
canmake metallic eyes in 11 for base color
majolica majorca pk 740 lightest shade for highlight and brown shade for lower lash line shadow
Jill stuart jelly eyes in 08 for shadow on top lids
Loreal felt liquid liner
majolica majorca lash expander for base
fiberwig mascara on top
nyx brow pencil in light brown
Castledew over settling gloss in11


Castledew over settling lip gloss in 11
peach pink shade with gold glitter
smells like fruity candy and very glossy but the wand is alittle weird it does not let you put much product on your lips so have to apply several times but overall very moisturizing and feels nice not too sticky :)

casteldew over setting gloss

eki canmake look

on to recent item I got in the mail♥

I got a custom earring from Cady Nation by Diana
she has another one in her store in different color if you are interested! :D
very kawaii with swarovski stars nicely hand crafted~
she also gave me her origami earring as extra!

thank you Diana its so beautiful & kawaii♥

cady nation

eki wear cady nation

also bought Paul & joe toner from Mona's blog sale! I been wanting to try their skincare line so I was happy to see this on her sale! she even gave me my dairly beauty mask in apple for me to try!! thank you M~!! :D


currently have alot on my plate, but I am working on making a great tutorial with help from my BF as camera man since taping myself doing my hair was a disaster and looked really bad with horrible quality,, Im really bad with making a video so will have a good one up soon after I take care of alot stuff! also will show you my hair care, maintenance and what products I use for my hair so please stay tunes for that!

thank you for stopping by :)


  1. Preeetty :D Can't wait to try my DHC stuff =)

  2. you are such a sugar doll~~
    gazing at your sweeeetness :D

    i need to get my hands on JillStuart jelly..so shimmery & pigmented..yummy
    i like your current hair color!
    gosh i need a hair fix soon!!

  3. You look great Eki!! This is soo pretty!!

    Awww D's earrings are soo nice!! I want a pair of her black origami stars for xmas! LOL I'm hinting to the BF already! And The star cluster dangle you got is the one I want to get my friend for xmas. She's obsessed with stars! LOL!

    And it all looks even better on you!!

  4. The first pic looks like you gotten you hair cut and really nice on you! =D

  5. Ahh! Beautiful as always! =D

    Aww. will wait for the video, don't worry hun! I'm sure you'll get it perfect soon! Your hair looks so shiny and healthy, and so perfect too!

  6. You look gorgeous as usual! The Castledew lipgloss is so pretty.

  7. oohh. Can't wait to see if U like the P&J toner and I'm excited to watch ur hair tutorial videos!

  8. aww, Eki, you always looks so fresh and cute ;))

  9. You always look so good eki! <3 cute earrings :)
    Your hair's always perfectly styled too! :P I can't wait for your hair tutorial! <3

  10. Your look is gorgeous, and your hair colour is stunning!!

    Cute jewels!

  11. Love how natural your foundation looks. Almost like you're not wearing any. The lip colour is pretty too! =)

  12. Oh very pretty!
    the hair colour really suits you! and I'm keen to try some canmake stuff now :D

  13. That canmake lip gloss looks so pretty, I'm thinking of buying that. By the way, I know this isn't related to anything in particular but I think you'll look so cute with a bob hairstyle =)

  14. Aww so pretty! Loving your new earrings :D They suit you well! <3

  15. Yours eyes look fabulous , so pretty!!!super cute !!;) have a nice weekend!!

  16. The Castledew gloss looks great on you!!

    Those earrings are absolutely adorable. Can't wait to see some of your vids!

  17. awww
    cute earrings!
    its perfect for you
    a cute earring for a cute lady!

    the lipgloss is perfect!

    even your lower lashes are full
    me jealous

    it really opens up your eyes with those!

    hope you're having a nice friday,hun!

  18. Hey Eki, I love the warm earthy tones in this look! You look gorgeous as usual.. can't wait for your video :)

  19. I love DHC products : )

  20. So beautiful, Eki! :]

    Your hair, your lips, your sparkling eyes! Just everything is like a doll<3

  21. Beautiful as always, and I love your sparkly earrings! =)

  22. The castledew peachy color lipgloss is very pretty. The color looks great on u. =)

  23. gorgeous~ love how you parted your hair in the last one!

  24. I'm obsessed with Castledew Lipgloss right now. I think cuz it smells so good and its non sticky. Love the earrings. Everything looks so cute on you!!! <3 Rina

  25. hi eki~
    cute post. i really love your make-up. i wish i had the time/skill to apply falsies! lol. anywayss, would you rec any nihon brands of make-up that is available in the u.s. or does international shipping?

    i'm soo excited about the anna sui fragrance! it's so hard to find lol.

  26. ohh eki i so love your hair color v.v

  27. eki, lookin' good!
    You look like you're wearing falsies and I'm envious =)

    Btw, do you know where I can order VOV 212 (?) falsies online? They look so natural!

  28. cute earrings! i like the puff-star that was incorporated into an earring--very creative of Diana!

    as always, i love ur FOTD :)

  29. hello beautiful :D

    it looks like you have your hair in a bob! i think you look great EITHER way.. short OR long :) loving your bangs too!

  30. so pretty :D you rock the jill stuart jelly eye color thing :) and the all blue earrings are really unique and pretty ^_^

  31. i have that canmake blusher - isn't it wonderful? the perfect mix for a light pink cheek :)

    thank you again for supporting my craft :) the earrings look so lovely on you! oh, I don't remember if I mentioned this in the package, but the crystals on the origami earrings change color from light blue to light purple, depending on the light :)

  32. you look so beautiful^^ love the earrings, it's very creative, it suits you very well :)
    have a nice week end^^

  33. ooh..! you're sooo gorgeous..!
    and sooo good at playing with make up!
    when will I ever be able to put on make up like you do.. *sigh.. :p

  34. you're so pretty!!! *is jealous* lol I <3 canmake cheap and good quality yah!


let me know what you think~ :3

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