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Hello there~

Long time no post,, been really busy, stressed,depressed and was starting to get sick again so took of few days from blogging. I feel like Ive been away for a long time and missed looking at other blogs, XP My stress level have gone so high that I feel like an empty shell and havent been stimulated to do anything, that's why you might have noticed that I dont post much of my photography and art stuff any more... :(
also I never really talk much about anything too personal here about my feelings and thoughts about my life since I try to dedicate this blog to sharing informations to you so I wanted to be more personal since it is my place, my blog.

so here is alittle more about me today
I have battled depression all my life, started out right when I moved to America its a constant battle to stay postive and happy, most people's first impression of me is that I am happy go person but truth is that I battle to stay happy. Some people say depression is just the way you think, feel and you yourself can control it but matter the fact is that its NOT, sometimes I just wanna give up but staying postive is the key to happiness

so with that said I know alot of you have same issues, mine was triggered by alot of things that have happened in my life which I dont want to get into but wanted to share this info, think postive and stay postive at all time in the end you will be truly happy. Sometimes it can be really hard but at times but really, stay postive! also anti depressant is not the answer either, I take chinese herbs *since my bff is eastern medicine doctor*, exercise, have a hobby and relax*keep your mind off from negative issues* :D

so even tho you might of seen me and my character here on my blog to be happy but it sometimes its not what it seems to be..we are all human being with emotions, with me I try really hard to bring happiness and positivity here & I hope you all do as well♥

so off to main topic
I get alot of questions regarding to what products I use for my hair so here is the items I use! :D

For many years now I ONLY use shiseido hair products, why shiseido products? well it started off with my aunt who works for shiseido, so I always had shiseido products around the house so got custom to using shiseido products.

Shiseido is a Japanese brand also world oldest hair care and cosmetic company so they pretty much produces just about anything health and beauty care products so you might see alot of Japanese products are made by shiseido :)

They make really quality products from low end to high end products~ my all time fav shiseido product brand for hair is Tsubaki and ma cherie but just about any hair product made by shiseido is LOVE :3

so my current line of shampoo and conditoner is white Tusbaki line.
Tsubaki line are one of top shiseidos best seller and highest quality product of hair care that shiesido makes. White tsubaki is for damage care good for color treated and permed hairs.

for more info from my past post on this product.

use this product for more than a month and you will see results! your hair will be more manageable,thicker and shiny :D

buy here

after I wash my hair I apply Ma cherie platinum veil leave on treatment on my ends since I color my hair alot which can leave your ends damaged so this products keep my ends healthy~
you can use just about any ma cherie product they are made to protect your hair and keep your hair shiny and healthy♥

buy here

I style my hair with my HG hair wax made by SALA I use shiny wax its the yellow one~

you can see my past post on this product

buy here

I blow dry my hair with Tescom ione hair dryer with built in brush and this dryer produces positive ion to your hair so it leaves your hair healthy and shiny.

its suppost to be really good for your hair and I do see a difference from using regular dryer and a postive ion dryer much faster in drying time and leaves my hair silkier! :)

and lastly to style my hair I use 1" Chi nano straigtner, I use this to straighten or to curl my hair.
I have been using this for about 2 years and I love it! It heats up in 5-10 seconds so its always great cause Im on the go and keeps my hair shiny and nice! :3

here is what it says at folica.com

The CHI Nano Ceramic Flat Iron is the latest in advanced technology in Hairstyling Irons with a pure ceramic heater combined with CHI Nano Silver Technology.

"Nano Silver Technology" is a health system which works to eliminate bacteria from appliances to promote a germ-free zone of protection for your health and safety. This high tech flat iron utilizes Ceramic Technology, Negative Ions, Far Infrared, and Nano silver technology. Features include flash heating in under 10 seconds, curved edge plates for curling and straightening, and a temperature setting from 302-356 degrees F. Innovative Nano Silver Technology in the iron eliminates bacteria on the appliance, creating a germ-free environment every time you use it. For fine, thin or damaged hair, try a flat iron with an adjustable temperature and Nano Silver Technology such as the CHI Nano Digital 1" Flat Iron.

Product Features:

  • 1" Ceramic plates
  • Curved edge plate design to curl, straighten and flip
  • Non Adjustable Temperature
  • Professional Salon Model
  • Far infrared flash heating in only 6-10seconds
  • Energy saving - Uses only 20-25 watts of electricity
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ceramic ionic technology reduces frizz and creates shiny silky hair instantly
  • Nano Silver Technology eliminates bacteria from the handle promoting a germ free environment
  • Swivel power cord.
I read their review from people and all the negative things that are on there Ive never experienced with mine so I think its user error with most people but really
after I use this Chi nano my hair looks and feels so healthy I love it♥

but Im sure after this one breaks on me I will get Sedu or GHD next :D

so I hope this info helps and I am still in process of making a hair styling vids, so many things I have to take care before the vids so Im sorry about this,, :P

well take care and thx for stopping by again♥


p.s I used the code for free shipping to sasa.com paying out with paypal works :3
thanks shop n chomp♥


  1. I'm sad to hear that you battle bouts of depression. I know we all do, but like you said you always come off as this happy go lucky gal. But I'm glad to hear you try your best to not let it get the best of you, or control your life!! Keep up the positivity Eki!! <3 YOU!!!

  2. I LOVE Shiseido White Tsubaki too!! I used to only use Pantene, but when I switched to Tsubaki you can really notice a difference in hair condition. I always feel that Pantene leaves a greasy film on my hair so it *looks* shiny, but with Tsubaki, my hair is actually shiny from it being so healthy.

    I've never tried Ma Cherie products, but I will definitely try it now that you recommend it <3

  3. I dealt with depression too...I'm glad you're back, because I missed reading your blog! ;p
    I've heard good things about Shiseido...I'll probably stop being cheap and go buy some. ^^ Stay positive!

  4. Eki I hope you are well and thank you for letting us know how you are feeling because we are here to hear what you're saying and help out.
    Exercising helps me a lot too.. :)
    I also use Tsubaki White but I don't have the full size.. currently my fav shampoo/conditioner is DHC Smooth and Sleek (i think that's the name? it's on sale now!)

  5. hi hun, i have a giveaway posted on my page (this time its mine) haha at last somebody sponsored for my prize

  6. shiseido products have been pretty good for me too, i'm eager to get my hands on their tinted moisturizer
    keep your chin up eki! <3

  7. Eki - thank you for sharing such a personal part of yourself. We're all rooting for you that one day you won't fight to be happy and that happiness just comes naturally for you. I hope that you continue to surround yourself with positive people so they can support you as well during your struggles. *BIG HUGGLES*!!!!! ^_^

    thanks for sharing your hair care routine - i have yet to try out shiseido products.

  8. Eki, I'm so happy to hear that you stay positive and keep healthy thoughts- that is a main factor to beat up depression by the balls! *kicking depression's ass*

    Just remember- you have a loving family, a caring hubby, artistic talent and a healthy working body-not to mention a very gorgeously pretty face!<3 I know, I know easier said than done but, never ever let those bad feelings take over the good ones:]

    Anyhow, I'm so hesitant to use foreign shampoos. I use to use this "Keratin something-something" yellow bottle from Korea and it use to make my hair feel and look so soft but, after a few months of using it i would get really bad build up! YUCK! So, I'm wondering does this stuff tend to build up?

    Thanks, Eki:]

  9. Hi Eki, thank you for your honesty about your battles with depression... I struggle with it myself, and am going through a bad period right now. It is better to be honest with yourself than to try to pretend it's not a part of who you are, so I applaud you for coming out and talking about it! Wishing you all the best that you start feeling like yourself again soon!


  10. Thank for sharing your experience and advice on depression Eki. You have a good positive good look.

    I love Shiseido hair stuff too, so lux and affordable.

  11. Eki dear~ thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I hope you are feeling better now..know that you will always have us to listen =)

  12. thanks for the cmnt love. Yes, my room is pink..actually been thinking about painting my room a different color and rearrange my room. I want a change since iv'e been going through alot of emotional issues. When I was younger i chopped my own hair to almost my chin when i was depressed. I got my first tattoo just because I was really upset over a breakup. So many ways i used to deal with stress and depression. How you handle depression is important. Your absolutely right, just have to stay positive! I used to let every little negative thoughts get to me. Now i know it will just slow the process of healing..

    Thanks for making this post, i sure relate! <3

  13. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. It's so hard. The only real depression I have experienced was right after I had my baby. I was crying for no reasons for a month. I get a little depressed sometimes when I miss my family in Hong Kong.It's to hard to be away from family. I hope you get to feel better really soon.

  14. *hugz* It takes a lot of courage to share something personal with others. I'm glad you did. Whenever you feel down know that you have a friend here in cali who cares about you and thinks about you! <3 Rina

  15. U've always looked like the really happy sort Eki, thanks for letting us know that even the beauty have their down side.. it makes me feel more normal on my blue and depressed days. anyways I wanted to let u know that I gave u the Gorgeous Blogger Award :) i have never tried the white Tusbaki line yet but it sounds good!

  16. awwww
    i hope you truly are feeling better now,hun.
    you're right about what people's impressions are not always right. We always have to have a happy front, but deep inside we might not be as happy as we truly are.

    but you know what, i think you are doing well. It shows because of your awesome crafts!a person who is really super depressed won't be able to make such cute & colorful crafts like you do!although you have been battling depression, but i think one by one you are able to overcome them compare to before.

    life is not always happy, but as long as we got people who are there to support us it makes the ride easier & happy. & though we have not seen each other yet, but if ever you need somebody to chat with or just someone to vent your frustrations or anything out, im here,hun.

    ok, enough with the sappiness

    i have yet to try shiseido..
    i have been eye-ing tsubaki for quite sometime now. maybe i'll get it after a month or two.

    glad your hair products are working fine with you since you have a shiny & healthy hair!

  17. For what it's worth...me and all your followers think you are awesome.
    And if you don't want to be positive all the time, then don't feel pressured to.
    Depression is hard, and I'm not sure what one should do really (be on meds? just ignore it? probably not...).
    I just wanna say, I understand, and wish you all the best. Because you are so cool!
    Love your blog!

  18. Hi Eki, I'm sorry to hear that you have to deal with depression. It's true that everyone goes through it too, some more then others. I know I definitely have my moments of depression and it's so true that you need to stay positive and try not to lose sight of the bigger picture and not let the negative things in life consume you.
    Keep your head up lovely, remember there's always sunshine after the rain. :)

    Thanks for sharing your hair care products with us, I think I will definitely try the Shiseido Tsubaki.

  19. I'm in love with the tsubaki hair line as well, i've only tried their mask but have already noticed a difference in my hair!

    Thank you for sharing your personal thoughts with us. I get depressed from time to time as well and the feeling of hopelessness and emptiness always seems to creep back in, but just like you said I try to stay positive and keep myself busy! Blogging and shopping has really helped out a lot although my wallet is not too happy but my mind is!

    We are all just humans after all :) I hope you will hop back on the positive road soon, and your bf seems really sweet.

  20. Hi Eki, thanks for sharing your thoughts on depression with us. Depression is something I have gone through too. Maybe I am still struggling with it but I will keep positive because like you said that is they key to battle depression. :)

    I have finished the white Tsubaki shampoo and conditioner. Now, I’m using the red one and I really like it too. I also have some Ma Cherie hair products. What I like is the pretty scent they have. It always cheers me up whenever I use them. :D Hehe.

  21. *hugs* You're not alone. <3 Hope you are feeling better soon! I know I get horribly down when the weather gets cold (esp this time of year) too, but I keep telling myself I just have to take one day at a time. I'm really glad to hear you've found ways to deal with your bouts of depression - I'm still trying to get my butt in gear to exercise regularly haha... in the meantime, hot baths & doing my makeup/nails really cheer me up. If you don't have a bathtub, you can still do a foot soak in the sink too! Used to be one of my fav things to do when I was still living in the dorms. Chin up! *hugs*

    Thanks for sharing your haircare routine! I def need to find a good dryer soon. I can't very well keep leaving my hair to air dry in a bun once it gets colder D:

  22. Thanks for sharing about yourself and for the positive message =) I understand how you must feel sometimes, I get into that dismal state too because of my PMDD, I am trying to not resort to pills either -_- Thank you for always being so inspiring, and I wish all the best for you =)

  23. Eki, you are the sweetest girl I have met on Blogger and I just wanna say that I enjoy reading your blog no matter what you write about so don't worry k. Also, depression is very common and I feel it sometimes and it's very true that staying positive helps a lot and I just wanna tell you that I appreciate what you do for your readers, hope you feel better every day! =)

  24. Awww Ms. Eki :( Is the weather change giving you the 'blues'? I have SAD- Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder >_< I fall into a deep depression mid-to late fall. The Dr.s say it has to do with the lack of daylight :(
    Thanks for sharing some Asian hair products. I may need some. I just ordered some long & fabulous remi Malaysian extensions XD

  25. Eki-hang in there
    we are right here cheering for you..
    definitely not easy at all being positive or happy 24*7 but its the goodness in you and us~~

    back to hair- sniff sniff no tsubaki here for me :( would lov to tryout one day!

    i style my hair with tigi bedhead stuff & keratase to keep it healthy & shiny

    i lov readinng your recommending post! what works!

  26. aw~ it's sad to hear that you've been feeling down. but i understand what you mean! even the most happiest people have their down days! there's always a rainbow after the rain<3 i hope things get better for you eki-chan.

    and omg~ thank you, this is just the type of stuff i was looking for~ my hair is soo damaged and yours looks very shiny for colored hair. <3

  27. I hope you are OK by now.. like you told me, keep your head up high.. smile :)

    Anyway, now I know why you have such beautiful locks! heard a lot about TSUBAKI and its time for me to try it! ahahaha! I will also try to hunt that ma cherie since Ive been coloring a lot too..

  28. Hi Eki, thanks for sharing your hair care :) I'm sorry to hear about your depression, take care. I've gone through huge depression during my pregnancy, I actually thought getting pregnant was the worst happened to me. I know it's easy to say than done, hang in there try to stay as positive as you can, go out door enjoy the sun and green grass it'll make you feel better :).

  29. Just like everyone else has already said, all of your readers (including me) adore you, and will always be supporting you!

    Thanks for posting about your haircare products! Your hair is always enviously shiny!

  30. I really admire you for coming out and talking about depression for a moment. I don't think a lot of people realize what really happens when someone goes through depression and how hopeless they may feel and how uncontrollable it is sometimes. Yes, it is sad but it is also normal for someone to be depressed because we are human. I think a lot of people forget this and thus puts more pressure on one to be 'normal' and not sad, which can make matters worse. It is good to know that one is not alone in feeling depressed from time to time. I really hope you feel better. Take care & love!

  31. The secret of your gorgeous hair! Thanks for sharing!

    I know about battling with depression...good luck and stay bright and positive!

  32. Everytime I visit your blog I think we are more and more alike! I have the same problems... it sucks huh?
    People would never expect cutesy happy people to actually be depressed.. That's why I never draw and take pictures anymore... I don't find joy xD oh wells...

    Isn't it weird when in the past it's so easy to stay happy?? Stay up all night listening to music, drawing, and browsing the web/creating websites. Now everything seems so complicated xD.

    Keep up the happy thoughts... I found that the more hopelessly you think the harder it gets to be happy!!

  33. Thanks for sharing your personal thoughts with us eki, I'm sure a lot of us feel the same way in one way or another with you. When you can find the source of joy, it helps a lot to help you overcome self-depression. I have had the experience before too.
    And many thanks for sharing your hair products!! I really want to try tsubaki but having difficulty finding local seller -.-

  34. Awwww Eki! I'm sorry I never knew! I was shocked when you wrote that entry on when you were young and you had an accident. It it really major but the way you write so happily and cheerfully just made me think you were a really happy person! I guess I was wrong, and I just want to tell you that, sometimes it is better to let things out than to keep it in. It helps to release all the stress and thoughts out. I know you are battling with it but maybe perhaps go on holiday where you can relax and spend time with your love ones. Although, I think you already do that alot. Try and keep thoughts of positive things like strawberries! :D I really hope you will get happier and happier as the days pass by =) x

  35. hang in there eki! i am sorry that you are dealing with depression and hard times. i just wanted to let you know that you are loved by all your fans and i am truly inspired by your artwork and your photography. not to mention you are gorgeous. enjoy the beauty of your life around you.


  36. Hi Eki, it takes a strong person to reveal themselves like you did in your post. Big kudos to you for doing so. Not many of us (myself included) can do this. Perhaps in time this will change. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with us. Like you said, we are all human. Depression is felt by everyone at all points of life so you are definitely not alone.

    Anyways, this post is so awesome b/c you have answered my q about your lovely tresses!! The red Tsubaki did not work for me but this one might! Plus, I am big on leave-in treatments and wax too so thank you for your rec's! XOXO...

  37. Hey Eki, hope you're doing fine and feeling better.

    I was kinda surprised to know that you suffer from depression and yea, you do put up a strong and happy go lucky front so I never imagined.

    Alot of us other there goes thru depression as well, and I'm no different. Sometimes it gets bad that i no longer remember what I did during certains years. But going out with friends and exercising makes me feel alive and well again.

    But I know you can overcome this so stay strong and positive and know that to some of us, you're a role model. :D
    I guess it's okay to be depressed sometimes but just remember that alot of us sincerely care about you.

    Take care!

  38. I heard alot of great reviews for Shiseido, but it's kinda hard to get hold of in UK

    One of my close friends battled with depression, I'm happy you got it off ur chest :) Hope you feel better ^^

    I love ur blog!!

  39. Hey Eki Doll!

    You're one of the most influential bloggers I know. You're a beautiful and strong woman who rollerblades! You're one of the coolest chicks I know ;)

    I think I'm going to go try the ShiSiedo Hair Care! Thank you!!! Love you always =^_^=

  40. i definitely kno how u feel. i went through depression myself and you are so right. staying positive is key. right now im sooooo much better than i was before. before i was super depressed and i felt i kept sinking, and pushing forward and staying positive helped me pretty much get out of my depression...not completely but probably 80% of it.

    i hope ur doing well :) all of us bloggers are here for u ^__^

    btw, thank u for posting up what u use for ur hair! now we kno how ur hair looks so freakin gorgeous, even after dying it different colors!

  41. Hi Eki,

    Thank you for sharing, we respect that you are a private person and the mere fact that you posted something up regarding your feelings makes us even more aware of that.

    Continue to do what you love most because you're awesome at it. I hope you find whatever it is that keeps you happy all the time.

    We're always looking forward to read from you!

    After reading your post, I totally pestered my sister for Tsubaki Shampoo and Conditioner! Hope I get it! (crossed fingers)

  42. Thanks for the reminder to stay positive eki! <3 sorry to hear that you have to constantly deal with depression... i felt the same way sometimes too.. but you are right, being positive really does make a difference, especially to the people around you.
    I hope you are feeling much better now :) remind yourself that there are ppl around you that care :) (me being one of them! :P)
    it always feels better to let negative emotions out so please share with us! :) I'm always happy to hear :)

    thanks for caring and making your blog a happy place to be! <3

    at last! I finally get to know eki's super secret to nice shiny thick voluminous hair!!! I've been waiting for so long! :P you know how much I love your hair :P heehee! thanks for sharing! <3 You're so kind!

  43. Hi Eki! Try not to go crazy shopping at Sasa.com! *winks* I am just happy helping people save money. :) As for the sweet message, I meant every word. Know that you have a community of blog friends behind you. :) Can't wait to see your virtual dinner party!

  44. hihi...try to stay happy and think about happy things!..do those things that will make you feel happy!...love reading your blog!!gambatte!

  45. First of everything to say to you that I encourage, never decline :)

    I like much your blog, they are very interesting ideas and of great help:)

    thank u for visit my blog, and I good luck :)

  46. eki you are soooo strong :) it's so hard to FEEL so down inside and to STAY so positive on the outside. you're an inspiration to us all! <3 i hope things get figured out for you.. and that you are truly happy inside and out. i'd hate to think of you being unhappy, for whatever reason :(

    OO wellll.. on a happier note ;) i used to have that kind of hair dryer!! it's actually kinda cool, saves having to curl in the ends of your hair. but the brush part broke off on mine since my hair was sooo long and thick.. hahaha maybe i should look into it again! thanks for the reminder xD

  47. so this is the secret for your hair care! I will try some of these products one day when I actually start styling my hair daily since your hair still looks healthy after all the dying it goes through :) and I've been sick too so I don't feel like blogging lol

  48. Genki to Yuuki Eki! =] Feel better.

  49. Hi Eki!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, it means a lot coming from such an established blogger like yourself. ^^

    I saw this livejournal shop for Japanese nail art and thought of you:

    The designs are so kawaii!

    Not at all paid or connected to this shop LOL, just thought I would share. :)

  50. Aww, I hope you keep striving to thinking positive Eki. It takes a lot of courage to post up what you did about your personal life =]. I'm happy that you are real about yourself, as some are afraid to share. I'm sure your post have helped some people out there. Aja fighting! XD
    On another note.. I love Shiseido products too! I recently bought the Shiseido haircare (red version) and it's great! ^^

  51. Awww, I'm so sorry to hear about how you've been feeling lately. *hugs* I hope things turn around for you!

    You know, it's really difficult here to find low end Shiseido brands here - occasionally I will find some low end ones in China town or Asian grocer but this is random. They only carry the high end stuff at the department stores here which is quite pricey but I know it's good quality ;)

  52. eki dear - hope you're feeling better, physically and mentally today :) i know how difficult it can be to battle depression - i have SAD as well so I always get really sad/moody in the fall and winter, because there's less sunlight around. I just try to take it one day at a time and find things that make me happy, even if it's something like painting my nails or cooking or making something. You have a wonderful and infectious personality, so if you ever need someone to help cheer you up, you know you can always reach out to your fellow bloggers :)

    I love the white tsubaki line! that reminds me that i need to replace my hairdryer, lol..the ionic setting doesn't seem to work on mine anymore

  53. hi eki... first of all i think it is very brave of u to share your battle with depression on ur blog. it takes alot of courage! secondly, i think u are beautiful and so creative! keep up the great work and thank you for always sharing ur beauty knowledge with all of us. <3 ur blog =)

  54. i totally feel you on the positive/negative thing eki. Especially with me now trying to make something out of my business, i'm CONSTANTLY batting negative thoughts, discouraging thoughts, etc. but you're right, staying positive is KEY. I'm so glad you've powered through this and have been an inspiration to many. luvyagirl! :)

  55. Aww Eki :(, I know this is an old post... but I know how you feel I have also battled depression and people just say to get over it, they don't understand... it isn't just feeling sad... clinical depression is an actual illness :( so I understand what you are/were going through. My past has motivated me to study psychology at university, which is what I am currently doing and I hope one day to help people suffering depression. <3

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