Gyaru Kumikki look tutorial, sasa haul

as promised here is the quick tutorial I made few day ago I tried to mimic Gyaru model kumiki :D

Here is the item used for this look

DHC cream foundation in natural ocher 02
NYX concealer jar in beige
canmake cheek gradation in 01
Loreal lineur liquid felt liner
Majolica majorca lash expander
MUFE aqua liner in 2L, 8L
canmake metallic eyes in 11
DHC auto brow pencil in light brown
Revlon fantasy length lash in defining
canmake maxi volume rouge in 22 peach beige
NYX round lip gloss in baby pink
IMG_0881gyaru liner
eye kumiki tutorialeki kumiki look

Here is the items I got from sasa.com! it took about 2 weeks to get it, it was packaged very nice and secure :) great service! Im still waiting for my second order since I took adventage of the free shipping! its still going till 20th! But its just for us shoppers using paypal..
here is the code: paypalus2009

I cannot wait to try out the masks :D I've tested the DHC cosmetic series morning hair lotion and so far I like it! smells very nice, sweet floral scent hair felt soft and smooth! It's made to be used in the morning when you have a bed head and need to fix it with out taking a shower that is why its in a spray bottle for easy squirt of fine mist :D

IMG_0772IMG_0795 (1)IMG_0799 (1)IMG_0802 (1)IMG_0806IMG_0779IMG_0788 (1)IMG_0747 (1)
Also I finally got my business card from zazzle.com :D
very happy how it turned out♥ very easy to order from, they make your order and have it shipped out within 48 hours :D but ups was not fast nor on time so that was the bad part >_<

Im so sorry for the lack of post and commenting lately.. been really busy busy and my store is keeping me super busy too so all my free time goes to it XD
But to all my ekiLove customers THANK YOU for your support and LOVE! ♥ I just hope you love your ekiLove creations!! More items will be posted soon :3

well gotta go



  1. Very cute FOTD look! I am soooo interested in that hair lotion now!! I really need something to keep my hair from drying out in the air conditioning/heating. & oooooooh your business cards are sooooooo cute!!! LOVE your logo!! :D

  2. Aww, you look so pretty! I love this look on you :) xx

  3. Hey Eki, looking gorgeous as always. I really like your bussiness cards. They're so pretty! =) Great hauls too.

  4. lovely look! I love looking at your eye makeup (and your eyes), you look like a model in those Japanese magazines! So pretty <3

    Yay for Sasa haul :) It really tested out my patience because they never arrive soon enough hahaha.

  5. woww!! cute tutorial! I wish I had the flawless skin like yours :] love your SASA haul and I really like your business card :]

  6. Eki you are beautiful with or without makeup! But this Hime look is super sweet!

    I always want to order from sasa.com but even with their translations it's hard for me to understand what certain products are supposed to do! LOL!

    And you know I already love your business cards!

  7. aww, you always look just like those japanese models. your lipgloss always looks PERFECT!!! I can't wait for my order from sasa to come too... I even ordered a second time for a friend. ^^ You need to give me recommendations in case I order one more time with the free shipping!

  8. yay! face masks!!! i'm so obsessed with face masks! let us know how they turn out!!! <3 Rina

  9. Love the business cards!!

    Ahhhhhhh all you people getting nice things from sasa.....the temptation is too much!!

  10. Beautiful! I love your tutorials! :) Your channel is so wonderful! You are soo pretty!

  11. Eki, YOU should be on the cover of Vivi, honestly!!

    Congrats on the new business cards, too!

  12. Flawless. You look fantastic! (^-^)

  13. Totally enjoyed your FOTD it's very cute...wonder if I can pull it off~~~....hhaahahahaa... I also recently did a sasa haul.. but it hasn't arrived yet...hope it comes soon coz i'm running outta mascara bleh~~~ Love all your creations but I never get in early enough before all my faves are SOLD OUT!!!! So I'm gonna keep following you with any new stuff you put up and one day I hope to own on of your pieces. Keep up the great work!!!

  14. eki - awesome tutorial!!!

    love your business cards!!! it's soooo you!!

    and love your haul!

  15. So pretty!! Thanks for posting your own tutorial on it :D

    I loveeeee your business card! The design is soooooooooo nice! I would definately put it on my desk :D xxx

  16. love the tut! love the haul. you gotta let me know how the lashes are since i'm on a search for good lashes. lol

  17. eki, wow.. love the masks! and ur business card is super pretty.. grey + pink... looks great! ur eyes look so dollish!!

  18. thanks eki!! i lovve all of ur posts, it reminds me to...stay cute! lol but also i love ur store! cant wait to see more designs!

  19. thanks for the tutorial! <3
    i like the way you lined your eyes :) so cute.
    How are the masks? :) they look nice.

    did you design your business cards by yourself? they look awesome!

  20. i lveo ur business cards :D

    great post ive been looking for a liquid eyeliner and i think i'll try the one ur using since it has such great results ^^

  21. You're very good with liquid eyeliner :) I like how you draw your line, it's always so neat. Cute look eki! And how I adore your business card XD

  22. Pretty FOTD!
    Those business cards rock and looks very pretty. =)

  23. I love your tutorials!!! You're a makeup genius!
    Btw, what does the hair lotion do? I'm tempted to shop at sasa now

  24. This look is TOO cute on you!! I really have to try this out&& post it on my blog ^ ^

  25. Ooh the lashes you have look so familiar, I think I ran across them at the huge Japanese market/book store I visited :) Pretttty

  26. thank you very much for this beautiful tutorial, you look gorgeous as always :)

  27. gorgeous as always! :) your eyes are always so doll like! :D

  28. holy crap! your eyes look A-MAZ-ING in this tutorial. :o

  29. I love your new card!! And your Sasa haul too. Thanks for sharing the free shipping info! That ends Oct 20th? I placed a small order yesterday and I'm so glad I did because when I looked today, one of the items I ordered is already out of stock (and it only went back in stock yesterday)!

    You look cawaii as always!!

  30. the business cards are adorable!

  31. Hi eki,
    I tagged you on my blog :)
    I hope you don't mind?


  32. i sure wish i can line my eyes like you do. i need more practice to be able to do it your way

    anyways, i already feel happy looking at your pic. so it doesn't matter. i don't wanna murder your look.hahaha

    do let us know about the masks...im kinda liking facial masks now.

    the business card looks awesome!
    it's so cute!
    don't tell me that it's also scented?!
    if so, all the more reason to love it!

    i hope it's not lost too. i guess the people at the PO are just kinda slow because of the disaster that hit my country weeks ago. I guess they have to take some time in sorting things out.
    *prays that what im saying is right*

    hope you have a nice day,hun!

  33. Hey, Eki dear!!! The natto mbd masks do not smell or feel anything like actual natto! hahaha. i was afraid to try it cuz i was thinking about the smell. hahaha. it just smells fresh, not anything in particular. The mbd masks go for 16-18 dollars depending where you buy it. They also sell combo packs with 20 masks and large boxes of 30 of the same masks. The bigger boxes go for around 30-40 dollars. The more expensive ones (ex. platinum, white peony tea) go for 19.00 for a box. Ya, they are so addicting!!! What other masks do you suggest me to try? I just bought three masks from the bihada face mask line. I haven't tried them yet. THey are kinda pricey. They are selling them for 5-6 dollars each. I hope you are doing well! <3 Rina

  34. Wow so interesting that you wing out your liner so low but yet it totally works out! I love the Eki card design! Looks so professional!

  35. HAHA I tried to dupe your eye tutorial and my lashes look pretty ridiculous. I think I need more practice at putting on falsies before I can call myself kawaii lol

    Thanks for sharing your tutorial though, your makeup always looks so flawless (and makes me very jealous) haha :}

  36. great tutorial :D and your business cards are too cute! I'm gonna have to order soon just to get my hands on one of those XD

  37. I absolutely love your tutorials! They aren't only easy to follow, but way too cute!

    I also love seeing your hauls, because it helps me narrow down what to get on these sites that have way too much stuff on them. LoL

  38. I'm interested to know how you got your bangs like that? They look exactly like Kumiko's.

  39. can i request you to do a tutorial on how to do your bangs like Kumicky's? please?
    i think they look just liker hers! I really want to make my bangs like that but i can never seem to manage.

    thank you!


let me know what you think~ :3

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