popteen 11.09 FOTD and new items in ekiLove store

Hello :)

Long time no post of mag scan and FOTD so I figure I need to post! :D
Lately I have been trying to stay busy and do the things that I love, to make myself happy so Im sorry I've been lacking on makeup stuff and FOTD's but I will start blog more often with the beauty stuff!!

Also it started snowing here already and everyone have told me this years weather have been really unusual and the summer /warm season have been really short,, >_< href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/41410575@N05/4007570886/" title="133 by ekieki, on Flickr">133


This is Tsugi-chan used to be a member of morning musume, can you believe she had a daughter?? yup she has a 1 0r a two year old!! she's so kawaii♥

040041120119118116eki gyaru lookeki gyaru eyerevlon lash
I tried to mimic Kumiki's kawaii makeup style with using Revlon Fantasy Lengths false lashes in Defining, looks natural and feels really light and very comfortable but one thing with this self adhesive lashes is that the ends lifts up so you might wanna add glue to the ends :)

I made a tutorial for this look will post this in next post Im too lazy right now sorry >_<
Also few new pouches in my store! :)


  1. Ooooh, nice scans and beautiful FOTD! And wow it's already snowing???!

  2. EKI! Oh my gosh, I checked out the new pouches you make, SO KAWAII!!! <3 Gosh XD You make me want to buy everything you have up on your page!! Your creations seem to just get better & better hun!

    I'm debating whether to stock up on your creations now or wait a bit. I think I may buy a couple of different things for gifts for the holidays :)

  3. You look even more beautiful then the girls in the mags!! thanks for the scans! :) Wow the falsies really make the eyes POP! :)

    Eki you are truly GORGEOUS!

  4. I love your blog! You're gorgeous*
    I used to live in Okinawa (for 2 years) and every time i come onto your site it makes me miss japan so much more :)

    Good luck to your store!


  5. I super love the FOTD!! You look fantastic!


  6. you're so pretty!
    you need to be in the magazine as well! i swear you fit in with them (models)...

    i won't be surprised if one day i see your pic on a magazine.

    hope you are feeling happy today

  7. wow, i'm totally loving the magazine scans and those Revlon lashes look so natural yet they really draw the attention to the eye area. u look gorgeous Eki :)

  8. <3333 Tsuji-chan! I love her! She is so cute. I love her old duo with Kago Ai.
    Kago is also very cute. But now she acts like an adult. Tsuji is still so kawaii. <333

  9. Eki - you're so cute! You did AWESOME with the look!! can't wait to see your tutorial! TFS! *huggles*

  10. girl! you are so pretty! i admire you so much!

  11. えきちゃんはとてもかわいいね。ホントウに。日本のざっしが大好き。2nE1の音楽がいいね。じゃあね。

  12. Yeyyy! More scans :D Thanks Eki! Can't wait for the tutorial :) xxx

  13. i love mag scans ^^

    i love ur fringe in the photos and ur make up ^^

    have a good day :3

  14. I love your new store!!! Congrats on its grand opening!!! SNOW??? It just barely started raining here in SOCAL. <3 Rina

  15. oooh those lashes look gorgeous on you! i'm going to go check them out the next time i go to the store. :)

  16. im addicted to japanese fashion and magazines. i love them. your skin looks amazing!

  17. Omgosh Eki! I was just scrolling through the mag scans (thanks for those btw, great quality scans!!) and then I get to your picture and you look EXACTLY like the models in the mag!! You do such a great job with making yourself up! So envious of that~

  18. Hello!
    Nice scans!I love japanese magazine!I bought here in Brazil the magazine ViVi.
    Eyelashes are beautiful in Japanese!
    Very Nice!
    Bye Bye!

  19. Those falsies look very light and natural! Wow. Maybe I should consider getting those.
    GORGEOUS FOTD. Can't wait till you post up the tutorial!! *^^*

  20. you > all of the models in that mag!! sooooo pretty<33 i hope you take care of yourself and stay warm! >_<

  21. OMG you r so pretty ^_^
    even more beautiful than model in Jap Mag. hehe love your falsies from Revlon very much.

  22. Already snowing!! That's crazy! Hope you are not too bummed out with the weather.. good thing is that maybe you can go skiing.. LOL I love skiing.
    I love the FOTD so cute. I wish I can master this kind of gyaru-ish cartoony eye makeup. I'm very bad with the liquid liner and falsies. Can't wait for some tutorials :D

  23. I lovee the model's eyes especially how there's a slight cat eye, but downwards + the lashes soo pretty!

    you did a really good job with that look! It's so simple, yet very makeup fashionable <3

    Stay warm hunny bunny!



  24. Eki, your pretty face belongs in that magazine! :) Thank you as always for sharing these scans with us.

  25. Eki, honestly, you look like you jumped straight out of one of those magazines-- pretty.

  26. You look just as pretty as the models!
    I wish I had your makeup skills...

  27. You are sooo beautiful! :) I love following your blog! I also love all the things you make! :) Thank you for following my blog, that really made my day! Thank you again soo much!

  28. eki you so pretty and great job :)

  29. I just found your blog Eki!!! It's awesome!:)

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