Tagged by Rina color Blue!

I was tagged by Rina to show 7 things that are color BLUE! :D
so here is what I found in my room♥
I didnt notice I owned so many blue things until I did this tag! I thought I owned mostly pink things LOL X3

it was great chance to test out my white box!
Thanks Rina for the fun tag!♥

Now I will tag 7 people with Color PINK♥ to:

hello kitty hair brushDSKpanasonic lash curlerblue mirrorrohto zi 0chi nanoferragamo incanto

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  1. Thanks for this fun tag :) yay pink will be easy, hehe (i hope!!) :p Wow all your pictures look SO good with the help of the white box! ^^

  2. Haha I got tagged Pink by you and Yellow from a few others! LOL! I need to get on these tags! Haha!! Ooh I can use my Lycee Rohto for pink! LOL!

  3. love the HK brush! so cute!

  4. the pictures are so clear and I think it's coz of the lil white box...which helps capture the true colour and details of the product :) working well heheheehe....

  5. I love your blue items! They're so pretty <3

  6. did you take the pictures using your little whitebox? ;o
    they look really good if you did !

  7. hi eki sweetie! the pictures look gorgeous with the white box, nice quality :)

    do those rohto eye drops work for contacts? i have the lycee one and love it

    did my package arrive yet? i hope it did!

    have a lovely day! <3

  8. My favorite colour is blue! Definitely want to find myself that electric lash curler!

  9. Omg that's my fav perfume!! Great pics, Eki!

  10. I like colour blue, it's so natural and so pretty ^^ but my favourite colour is red

    I love the blue mirror ^^

  11. i love the shade of blue of ur straighteners :3

    very cute post
    I love ur blog so much :)

    Happy blogging!

  12. Beautiful photos of the blue objects. Do you use a light tent? I wonder how many blue things I might have haha!

  13. wA! ur pictures looks so much more awesome! >u<

  14. i love your pics.. so simple.. so clean.. your light box is amazing!

  15. sweet color Blue!!! :] where did you buy your rohto/? So far Ive only seen 3 types at Walgreens "/ I kinda want the asian version :P

    and I think I have more pink than any of other colors :P

  16. very nice clear pics! :)

    I didn't realize you were already asked to do this tag when I tagged you :P so sorry! :P

  17. funky blue <,<

    just wanted to say hello and wanted to announce that I have currently a giveaway contest at http://kumoripaws.blogspot.com/2009/10/that-thing-owes-me-pair-of-shoes.html

  18. yay! thanks for doing the tag! <3 Rina

  19. aww you have cute blue stuff :D I don't think I own much blue stuff although it's my favorite color lol!


let me know what you think~ :3

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