More item from sasa.com & mask swap with Amy

so I got my second order from sasa.com! it took about almost 3 weeks to get it but its worth the wait since sasa.com offers great prices, the items are nicely packaged and great customer service. :)

This time I got Kao essential Rich premier shampoo and conditioner since I'm running low on Tsubaki so I wanted to try something new and this was really resonable price and of course any products that uses kawaii to advertise gets my attention LOL

Here is Kao's essential English page
Kao is one of Japan's largest beauty care and house hold product company with history since 1887, I trust their products so I hope this shampoo and conditioner is good,, will do a review after few weeks of use. :D

get it here

Product overview

also I got ball hair curler also known as magic hair sponge, this item curls your hair by wrapping it around the ball and sleep with it over night and wake up to beautifully curled hair :3
get it here

Kuan Yuan Lian green bean cleanser
Kuan Yuan Lian Green Beans Cleanser is created with natural green beans, which are rich in Vitamin A, B and C. After cleansing, skin feels fresh without sensation of greasiness or tightness.
This cleanser powder turns into dense clay while mixing with water. It could be used as cleanser, mask or mask. More importantly, it could be a scrub removing aged cuticles. The nutrients in green beans could therefore permeate into skin. Skin looks nourished, youthful and healthy.

how to use it
Add drops of water into a proper amount of Green Beans Cleanse. Mix well until it turns to dense clay. Massage over skin for 1 minute so that it emulsifies. Then rinse off with lukewarm water. Afterwards, pat skin with cold water to tighten pores. 【Mask】
Follow the above method to cleanse face. Then blend the clay over face. Leave on for 5-10 minutes.
buy it here

Cosmed Hydra-C anti oxidant eye treatment pads
These eye treatment pads are specially pre-moistened with real Kiwi and Strawberry extracts, which are highly rich in Vitamin C and known to its anti-oxidant, exfoliating and whitening properties. Formulated with rare natural plants such as Chamomile, Witch Hazel, Licorice and Aloe Vera, the pads deliver natural NMF and SOD effectively for moisturizing soothing and detoxifying, to help restoring charming, healthier, younger eyes and skin.


  • To reduce eye bags & puffiness
  • To remove fine lines
  • To enlighten dark circles
  • To stimulate cell regeneration for skin suppleness
  • To eliminate dead cells
  • To recover from tire, exhaustion and over exposure to TV, computer & sun
  • To soothe stress from environment pollution
  • To deliver moisture to maintain hydro balance

how to use it
It is recommended to use the pads treatment every night for the first week and then 2-3 times a week or whenever you think needed.
  • Remove contact lenses and eye make-up if any. Then clean your face thoroughly.
  • Put the pads on your closing eyes and use finger tips to dab the pads to touch your eyes completely.
  • Lie back to relax for 10-15 minutes.
  • Remove the pads and do not re-use. No rinse is required.
  • Recommend to store the pads in the refrigerator which allows you to enjoy the cooling sensation, especially nice for refreshment from fatigue and exhaustion

country of origin

suitable for
dry and delicate skin / sensitive skin
buy it here

Mask swap with Amy! She was really sweet to offer me to try out Silk whitia's collagen tightening eye mask she also got from sasa.com so we swapped for masks I recently purchsed from sasa! :D Amy is such a sweetie I didnt expect her to send me so many masks for me to try thank you so MUCH!! ♥

I also got new hair dye! I am going dark again for the winter :3 I got Garnier Nutrisse in 51 med ash brown. Will post before and after post after I dye my hair :)

I hope everyone had a great time on Halloween! I didnt dress up this year since Im too lazy and it was freezing cold here... it just makes you want to stay home and pop in a movie and chill under a warm blanket LOL X3

take care and say warm!♥



  1. that garnier hair dye is great, i dye my hair with the exact same shade before my wedding day, now, after 3 months, the color still vibrant & shinny ;))

  2. nice sasa haul! yeah the shipping takes too long but the stuff is worth it! now makes me wish i ordered more ^__*

    can't wait to hear your reviews on the kao hair products, i'm currently using Tsubaki line right now too for my damaged hair!

    The sponge curlers look so cute, can't wait to see if it works good and the eye treatment pads sounds interesting.

    Awww i'm glad you like the masks I sent you, but definitely doesn't compare to the stuff you gave me especially your handmade earrings!

  3. ive tried that ball curler before but i couldnt manage my hair around it -.-" I will try again tonight hehehe

  4. you always have wonderful hauls!! they are all nice :D I can't wait for your review regarding the shampoos. I colored my hair a lot too.. i don't want my hair to get damaged :(

  5. Ahhh, why is it I hear about all these super awesome easy hair styling tools *after* I chop off all my hair?? =P Can't wait to hear about those curling balls and the masks too!

  6. Great haul Eki! I got a travel size set of the Essential from Chiara! Haven't tried it yet, but maybe now I will soon! :) LOL you got those cute Strawberry sponges! KT did a review on those once I think!

    Can't wait to see your new hair color! :) Your's always turns out great!

    And great swap!

  7. lol! 'kawaii' advertisement catches my attention well too! ^=^

    and wow. iwant to see if that sponge curler sorks *u*

  8. yay for Sasa haul! you got some really great goodies :) I hope the shampoo/conditioner work well for ya! I also got the kuan yuan liang green bean cleanser -- I am still patiently waiting for my package! Great minds thinks alike :)I have the strawberry hair roller thingy but I got too lazy to use it haha, and since we started using memory foam pillows (they are harder than my old pillows), it hurts to sleep w/ those in my hair, lol. But it's great to take on travel since they don't take as much space as a hair curler does! Plus it's not damaging :)

    Yay for mask swaps :) Amy is super sweet!

  9. have been read ekimura-san blog for a while ~

    you're so kawaii ♪ ♪

    I using the essential shampoo pink one.
    it was pretty good , make my hair soft and shine

  10. oh cute ball curlers ive never seen them before so thanks for the link to buy aswell ^^

  11. Thank you so much for your comment ^-^
    I know you are busy and you have many followers, so I am double happy that you dropped by my blog ^-^
    I love your blog and I think you are really beautiful!

    xo xo

  12. Ooooh such nice hauls! I want to buy from Sasa again but I am currently on a buying hold as I've been spending too much money, hehe. That way I can buy more when I'm in Europe early next year then Asia next summer! =D

  13. yummy yummy, can't wait to see your new hair color! if i go to MN you will have to help me color my hair.^^

    I have some yellow foam curlers like those strawberry ones and it works okay but if you sleep on it the curls are a bit messy in the morning. Maybe I just sleep crazy. XD

  14. ooooo looks like an awesome haul :3 the hair ball things amuse me. and yay for darker hair!! can't wait to see pics<3

  15. Nice haul!! I wish I could buy from Sasa again.. but I bought stuff from Sephora yesterday so I should budget more. I hope the Essential shampoo is nice, let us know! The strawberry curling sponges are so cute too, Ena from Shanghainese Dumpling wrote a review on it and her hair turned out so nicely. I wish my hair was longer so I could buy the sponges! LOL this is so funny but now that you use the whitebox for all your photos, sometimes I can't tell which are yours and which are the company's.. hehehe.

  16. that is some cool stuff! i want to try the curl balls... they seem easy enough!

  17. Nice haul, and I like the sound of that green bean cleanser, I've seen them around HK so it's about time I gave them a try.

  18. please review on the curl sponge!
    After it was feature on this Taiwanese beauty show, everyone is selling them here!
    But I am skeptical about it.
    My hair is super duper thick!
    looking forward to the reviews!
    and your new hair color!

  19. nice!
    I am especially curious about the hair curlers! :P

  20. aw, you always get the cutest things :) I want to see if those sponge curlers really work! ^_^


let me know what you think~ :3

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