Im back home! Liz Lisa, hauls and photo heavy :)

Hello everyone!♥

Im back home in my comfortable bed and my stressful week is over with! Im sorry for not posting much and I will try to post more about personal stuff also, Stress sometimes makes you loose sight of all the joy and beautiful things in this world but I will try to post more personal stuff along with my art like the old times :)

Just making a quick post about my progress with milia under my eyes, Ive been using cellnique's contour renewal II consistently for week and half was really uncomfortable the first week since it burns so I wasnt too sure if I wanted to continue it but I do see results already so I have been trying to use them every night so when I see better results I will do a full review along with process photos! :D

here is photos from today sorry its my lazy makeup no mascara,,you see I have no lashes if I dont use fiberwig LOL :P

took a vid of my hair roots after I took this photos since I have not colored them yet so I wanted to make a vid of them, after I color my hair will show you the results in the vid but my roots are really bad... >_< like almost 2 inches I've been too busy to dye them so it looks really bad :/

eki hair

On the way home from my business trip I was in Chicago so I went to mitsuwa a Japanese store! I love that place they have everything I want :3
I saw this Asience hair set on sale for $24 so I had to get it since I haven't used this brand yet and I have heard lots of nice stuff about it!


contains natural ingredients like white pearl extract,aloe extract,tsubaki extract and korean ginseng. Its suppost to bulit your hair to strenghten them by making them thicker so I cant wait to start using them :)


I finally got the Jill Stuart 5th Anniversary Limited Edition makeup bag and mirror set! This will be given away in my giveaway that is coming up to celebrate my upcoming 1400 followers as a thank you!♥
I will have the giveaway as soon as I get the gifts ready! :D

Jill stuart

also if you are readers of my blog I love kawaii and hime style so Liz Lisa is one of my fav brands from Japan, they feature alot of hime/vintage princess style fashion♥
so I got their 10th anniversary special magazine, it came with free Liz Lisa pouch!! X3
so kawaii!!

Liz lisaLiz lisaLiz lisaLiz lisaLiz lisaLiz lisaLiz lisaLiz lisaLiz lisaLiz lisaLiz lisaLiz lisaLiz lisaLiz lisa

also some photography that Ive been taking lately :D
friends kawaii puppies Australian shepherds so cute X3
They are brothers and super hyper but when they are worn out they sleep like baby♥

can you believe Christmas is around the corner already??

christmas 09christmas 09christmas 09

also new fabrics I got from Japan!! XD I was waiting for them to come for a long time it was worth the wait! can wait to start making stuff with them :D

japanese kawaii fabric

also I am having a giveaway open to everyone in ekiLove soon since it have reached 300 as a way to say thank you! Thank you everyone for all the love and support you've given me in ekiLove! That will be up too when I get all the gifts ready♥

well thanks for reading this long post!

Take care♥



  1. awwwww super cuteee puppies.

  2. Missed your posts! I hope your stresses go away *hugs* Looking lovely as usual, your hair looks great too :D Aww so cute puppies and OMG the new fabric >< I have to start saving up now hehe can't wait to see what you make!

  3. Oh and btw I got your package and posted about it a little while ago!! :DD THAnk you sooo much, I love everything ♥♥♥ you are the most generous and sweet person everrr ^0^

  4. the puppy is so cute! :) and don't worry about your roots babe, you're still gorgeous! ^_^ I want those makeup brushes she's holding! They look like a nice creamy pink.. haha xD

  5. yayy welcome back! :)

    aww the JS makeup bag and mirror set is adorable! <3

    Your hair looks so smooth and beautiful! *jealous* :p

  6. Your photos are gorgeous and the puppies are soo cute!

    Hope you had a fun and safe trip! Can't wait for the review!

  7. Great pics Eki! I hope you feel 100% soon! Love your lashes even with out mascara! Still have more than me! And cute bag!! THanks for all the scans!

    I linked your Cellnique review to mine, I hope that's okay! I really liked their products & I have you and Whit to thank for peaking the interest! :)

  8. I love your haul, and the magazine snaps.

    I was wondering do you get your Japanese fabric online? Thanks =)

  9. Hey! Your back!
    Oh. I use Asience too. Before I recently switch to Tsubaki. I really like Asience too. It works really well for my thick hair! Haha.
    It is much cheaper and more easily available compared to Tsubaki.

  10. Wow, how did you get that 10th anniversary special magazine set? That pouch is so kawaii!

  11. okairi,eki-chan!

    i missed you!
    hope you had a great time

    the puppy pics are so cute
    me want to reach my arms to squeeze them!

    & yeah....a couple of days & it's gonna be christmas already..have to start shopping now

  12. Welcome back!! =D

    And wow, the clothes look really wearable and so pretty! The pouch looks really beautiful!

    Magazines are so expensive after they've been imported. >< I was in Japancentre in London, and they were selling copies of December's Vivi, S cawaii etc. for £10 ($15 USD).

  13. Aww yay! Glad you're back safe! Sorry your trip sounded like it was more stressful than expected though... Yay for visiting Mitsuwa though! I love Mitsuwa too - haven't been in too long hahaha, I always buy so many random things.

    Gorgeous pictures, Eki! Love the ones of the puppies, especially. :D

    Can't wait to see what's in your store next!

  14. i luv the mag scans! the colors are gorgeous!

  15. oh yes! i can't wait for christmas either <3
    and that puppy is sooo cute :3
    the liz lisa bag is so nice O__O love it :3

  16. wAo! nice stuff you got1 ^-^
    i love free mag stuff =3
    & that's some cute fabrics >u<

  17. the puppies are so cute! :)
    nice haul! i wish there was a mitsuwa near where i live.

  18. Welcome back! I hope you are feeling better.

    Thanks for all the kawaii pics...and your eyes look great even with "lazy makeup"!!

  19. WELCOME BACK!!! ^_^ Glad you're safely back home.

    Love the goodies you got! great photography of the puppies! they're super cute!!!

  20. You look so lovely as usual~^^ Oh I like Liz Lisa too, that pouch is super cute, but I don't think I fit that style hehe.^^

    Oh you killed me with the puppies!! Australian shepards are one of my favorite breeds and those little guys are so precious~~

  21. awwww, the puppies are so cute! esp. when sleeping! ;P and yes, can't believe christmas is just around the corner.. i feel like the year just zoooooomed by!

    p.s love that liz lisa pouch, so cute!

  22. welcome back home Eki!! Nothing feels as good as sleeping on your own bed

    I love Mitsuwa too, I always spend so much time in there walking back and forth between the aisles haha

    Cute photos of the puppies ^__*

    Can't wait to see your new creations with the fabric. I have my eyes on the black ones!

  23. awww, yay! so cute, the jill stuart bag looks great, and the Liz Lisa one too!!! Hope your first sleep back at home was nice. :D

  24. nice photography...can't wait to see the things you make from the fabrics = ] also, how did you know about the store in Chicago? id love to find a store like that in the south.

  25. u r sooo beautiful <3

  26. You're a great photog. :) Love that Liz Lisa pouch!

  27. you are so pretty <3
    i love your photos too. you always take such amazing photos. can't wait to see what you make with your fabric! xx

  28. ooh asience looks like a great hair product.. i hope i can find that here where i live.. maybe it can help with my damaged hair ? :(

    that liz lisa pouch with the 20th anniversary magazine is soo pretty! i want one now! ;D i love liz lisa fashion a lot!

    cute photos of the puppies!

    and the christmas decorations are so festive.. is that your tree??

  29. I love Asience hair products!! I started using them when I was in Hong Kong. Some of the local Shiseido stores sell them too.

    I miss Mitsuwa. Definitely have to go there next time I go to Chicago :)

  30. the first thing i must comment on is.. OMG PUPPIES!!!!! hahahahaa :) i'm such a sucker.

    love the pouch :DD though i DO think yours are much cuter <3


let me know what you think~ :3

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