Preview of kawaii eye tutorial, ekiLove Nov customer appreciation gift reveal

Im sorry for not posting in few days,,, I've have been really busy and had family emergency that made me appreciate life even more cause your life can change in a blink of an eye or it can be even taken away just like that so with that in mind alot of things happened lately in my life, but everything is good now but still under alot stress but I'm doing well! :)

I will be going out of town on a business trip for a week but I will have my macbook pro with me so I will be able to post when I have sometime still :3
few days ago I made another video tutorial of kawaii eyes but I didnt have chance to edit them since I've been too busy so I will work on that and will have it up some time this week but here is the preview of the eyes!
I took the vid with the light from my white box it's a great light source so I hope the quality of the vid is great too :)
also here is Nov's ekiLove customer appreciation giveaway gift! Its one of my HG perfume Gucci envy me♥ :) thanks for stopping by!


  1. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how you do your makeup Eki~ Always so pretty! & the lighting that you got for the pictures too are so great, I'm sure the video will be just as good.

    & hey, thanks for replying to my text. It really made me feel much better after <3 The reason why I didn't reply back though, was because I remembered you told me you only got a limited amount of texts a month. But again, thank you so much hun~ You're such a good friend :)

  2. Your eyes are perfect. I can't wait for you to have daughters! LOL I'm such a creeper right?

  3. awww u ur eyes look like doll eyes !hehe

  4. wow cant wait to see the tutorial. you always look gorgeous =) I really like the way you do ur makeup >.<


  5. your eyes look beautiful! i love how your eyelashes always look so perfect! :D if i wore pink hued eyeshadow, i'd look like i have pinkeye :P

  6. pretty eyes Eki, I love the way you draw you eyeliner -.-' Im yet to become good with liquid eyeliner.. anyway, sure life is short and so fragile..that's why we need to appreciate it by doing the right thing :) I hope you will enjoy your business trip eki!

  7. can't wit for ur eye makeup tutorial :)

  8. Eki your eye make up makes me want to try it and then I stop and think that I probably won't get the same amazing effect as yours. :(

    Well I hope that you and your family will be doing okay! See you!

  9. Hey, dear! Hope everything is okay!!! Try to find time to relax!! Have a safe work trip!

    I love your eye makeup!! And the pictures are incredible.

    <3 Rina

  10. You look like an anime character!

    I love it :)

    P.S. I just started, so I'd love it if you'd come by and look at my blog :)


  11. Ahh I love how you do your eyes. You have beautiful eyes! :)

  12. love your EOTD!! i'm going to try to do this look! :D

  13. i love your eye shape. they're so pretty. you can pull off that eyeshadow on the lower lash, when i do it, it makes me look like a goth =(. i cant wait to see the vid. gucci envy me is also one of my HG product as well. its not too strong nor too light.

  14. glad everything is okay now eki :) keep your head up! :)

    love love love your eyes!!! seriously! i bet your bf fell in love with your eyes first!?!? hahaha! ;P

  15. I love your eye makeup tutorials...even if I can't ever make it look quite the same heheh can't wait to see the video!

  16. ooeh i have the envy me (: smells nice ^__^
    you should try amor from cacharel <3

  17. oh you have the prettiest eyes ever <3 i'm so jealous!

  18. I looooove it when you do makeup tutorials :) can't wait for the video :)

    Have fun on your makeup gig :) and come to blogger often :p

    I hope you and your family are doing okay! *big hug*

  19. Sorry to hear about the family emergency. Glad to hear you are doing well now. :)

    Can't wait for that tut, and ooh that perfume is lovely!

  20. Looks like your eye tut is going to be awesome, I can't wait to watch it!

    I hope you have a nice business trip, see you soon! (^-^*)

  21. I hope you and your fam are okay! :) *HUGS*

    Very KAWAII pink eyes!! HAve fun on your trip, be safe! And we'll be here when you get back! ;)

  22. Aww Ekiii I'm sorry about your relative >_< I hope she/he will get better soon! <333

    And do take your time on editing :) no need to rush hehe


  23. I love the simplicity and elegance in your make-up looks! Can't wait for the video :]

  24. I'm always a fan of your doll-eyed looks! :) so so pretty! <3
    I can't wait to see your tutorial! :) I'm sure the video will turn out really great since these sneak peaks are already so clear! :)

  25. I'm so jealous of your lashes! Gorgeous!
    I hope everything is okay with your family.
    Have fun on your gig!

  26. awww...
    your eyes look so pretty
    i never could get my eyes to look like yours.

    just enjoy your gig,hun
    make sure that you have fun!

  27. love love your eyes!! can't wait for the tut!

  28. i've been a fan of your blog recently. i have certainly learn a lot! you have a very beautiful blog.

  29. Hope you and your family are doing OK now!

    Take care of yourself, and I always love seeing your gorgeous eyes!


let me know what you think~ :3

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