Love package from Rina My beauty diary masks! new apple's magic mouse

Hello there♥

I got a surprise Love package from RINA! and have a review on the Apple's magic mouse on today's post~

Hope you are not getting sick so far from this coming up winter, Im bracing myself for the COLD with the coming weeks because its suppose to really start to SNOW here... Like really snow X3 ok so back to the topic, I was again surprised by ever so sweetie Rina! She is very sneaky with her love packages X3 I am always stunned by her kindness and generous gifts♥
If you havent stopped by her blog you should she is very talented with her crafts they are super kawaii along with her always wonderful hauls♥


She has sent me all of the My beauty diary masks for me to try! here is more info about this masks from their official website! My beauty diary mask are Taiwanese brand very popular in asia and was feature in many Japanese magazines! :D

So far I've only tried black pearl mask,apple mask, bulgarian white rose mask review here~ they have all been great so far. I love the aroma of the mask very relaxing while wearing them also your skin feels very nice after! I highly recommend trying this mask :)
you can purchase this mask either on ebay, sasa.com or google it, they should be around $10-18 per box of 10pack anything higher than 18 is too expensive.

Apple's newest mouse! Magic mouse :D

was released 10/20, Apple have not updated their mighty mouse since 05 so this is a big change and its a great upgrade, I was like its about time they made a new model because I really dont like the mighty mouse!
Its world FIRST multi-touch mouse, its the same touch sensor built in as the iphone :D
There is left and right click, the surface is multi-touch so you can swipe sideways, scroll up and down, enlarge items and go in and out of pages with pretty much the same control as the track pad on the macbook! :)

my review:
I LOVE IT! it is so sensitive in the touch you can get precise control, its wireless so you dont have to worry about cords, feels more stable and well built than the old mighty mouse, it feels more natural in your hands also best of all dont have to deal with that stupid track ball anymore! I highly recommend it to anyone with a mac♥
This will come included if you purchase the new imacs, the price for the magic mouse is $69 at apple.

apple magic mouseapple magic mouse compare
comparison of New magic mouse to old wireless mighty mouse

thank you stampthank youalso my ekiLove thank you tags that I made! I love stamping its fun times LOL

I wanted to say thank you for supporting my creations to all the lovelies that have ordered from me! Customer appreciating Giveaway ends 11/9! I will reveal November's giveaway gift soon♥

take care everyone!



  1. hehe how cute! I love the stamp :)

    whoa cool mouse! I want one now!

    and Rina is SUCH a sweetie to send you all the flavors of the MBD mask! You gotta tell us your favorite ones :) I've only tried about 3 or 4 kinds from the brand so far but I am already in love with it! <3

  2. The pix of the masks look so cool!!! I got all ur texts!! Sorry taking me a long time to reply!! My phone isn't always on me!!! <3 Rina

  3. Very cute tags! That was so sweet of your friend to send you the masks like that. You are very fortunate! Nice review of the the magic mouse too. I was just talking to my husband about mouses and stuff pertaining to my current inability to create decent graphic art. I hope you have a great day. Take care & love!

  4. wow I like the new mouse! very sleek and white! also, my beauty diary mask feel very very soothing on the skin! love it!

  5. eki-chan, I'm enjoying your mixpod music so much xD
    love everything u create, I hope I will be able to purchase your creation in near future!

  6. wow, so many masks! can't wait for your reviews!
    the stamp looks so cute!

  7. love your thank you tags!! ALSO LOVE THAT STAMP!! Great for cardmaking! ehhehe and i really like your heart punch out! very cute!

  8. Hello Eki ^^
    I gave you an award on my blog <3
    please check it :)

  9. You are so lucky! I've only tried a few of the My Beauty Diary masks: wine, pearl, bulgarian rose and Q10. I think they came out with new ones since I tried them. But I am hoping to get more soon because they're inexpensive but not bad.

    I look forward to your reviews!

  10. what an awesome love package from Rina!! I have so many masks to try right now it's quite over whelming but it's so much fun. I'm really curious to try the chocolate one just because its chocolate :)

    Sometimes I wish beauty bloggers lived close by so we can throw a mask party haha ^__*

    It's still sunny herein LA but just gets a little cold at night but i know Minnesota always has crazy winters and snow! I usually go there for a week during xmas because my bf's parents live there and it's always like a winter wonderland

  11. I HAVE to get one of those mice for the other half for Christmas!

    Amazing mask collection!

  12. wow that's a lot of masks!! lucky lucky girl :D And the stamps are super cute!!

  13. Aww, lovely mail! That is a pretty incredible collection of masks! And ohh - my friends and I went to see the Mighty Mouse in stores yesterday! It looks and feels like sooo much fun. I think one of my friends is dead set on ordering it now hehe.

    Very cute tags!

  14. WOW!! rina is sooo nicee ^__^

    i love stamping too xD

    i checked out the new mouse up in sf and it's pretty nice! i'm thinking i want a new keyboard over a new mouse, haha but that's just because i have a regular clunky keyboard, not apple's.

  15. How nice of Rina!! Looks really cute how you organized them in rainbow order haha :)
    And the mac mouse looks so cool, the shape is much smaller than the original.. I need to get a mac someday. Thanks for the review!

  16. that's so sweet!

    lots of people love you here in the blogging world,right?

    im pretty sure you'll have a grand time pampering your skin with those masks.

    That mouse looks so sleek!

    & that's such a nice stamp. It's so cute & personalize at the same time.

  17. How sweet of Rina to send you ALL the MBD masks! :) I love the few I've tried from Yume!

    And the new mouse is SLEEK indeed! Wow that design is very up to the moment! :) But you are the APPLE girl! :)

    How sweet are YOU! Making hand stamped hand punched tags for your customers! Eki LOVE is an understatement!

  18. Cute tags and mouse! And wow, all those masks! :D

  19. I'm so glad you liked my photo blog. :) I just got my dslr about a month ago so I'm very new to using it. I LOVE your photos on here. Everything on your blog is so visually appealing. It makes me what to buy everything! Hehe. I think I'm going to try these masks though. I have this silly infatuation with Asian Beauty Products.

  20. those masks look good!! i may have to try some...i think there's a coupon for sasa.com if u use paypal right now :)

  21. omg thats really nice of rina ^^

    cute post :D

  22. oooh purty mouse! Looks like I'll be going to the apple store ^^. Looks like I'll need to invest into a usb hub since my macbook only has 2 ports :S. I went to T&T Supermarket today and bought my first box of My Beauty Diary Masks. They were selling them for $14.99 CND per box (10 pieces). Since I'm sharing with my mom I went with the black pearl masks ^^. I want to try the chocolate and the strawberry masks cuz it looks so yummy, hahaha.

  23. OMG mask galore! and I need a new mouse.. It costs like $50 for the mighty mouse.. I gotta go check this out at the apple store to see if it's worth it :D

  24. My Beauty Diary masks are the best! I love the pictures you took of them! =]

  25. what a pretty rainbow of masks! i like the yogurt, sake yeast, and black pearl masks, but there are many others i want to try! the new apple mouse looks great!

  26. *gasp* that mouse is so cool! if i'd known about it i wouldn't have gotten my bf the wireless mighty mouse a few months ago...i guess it's time for me to help him upgrade hehe
    i love the pictures you took of the masks...they make me wanna buy more


let me know what you think~ :3

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