new in ekiLove

Some new items are available in ekiLove
Always made with lots of LOVE :3
All one of a kind!


  1. pretty! love love the lock and keys! I don't know how to attach cell phone charms on my iphone, any ideas? :(

  2. eki - just soooo girly!! i love it!

  3. I sent you my order already <3 These pouches are all so cute I had trouble deciding which one I want, hehe.

    You work so hard, you should take a break!

  4. I'm really liking the charms Eki! :)

  5. hi! love the stuff you make! all kawaii! ^_^ btw, i featured you in http://www.myasianfashion.com/

    i hope you don't mind... (peace!) there are plenty of girls there who would be interested in your stuffs! the site is all about Asian Fashion (lolita, hime, kawaii, deco stuff and fashion trends) you might want to visit some time. thanks!


let me know what you think~ :3

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