Pretty nice deals, gifts for christmas

I found some really good deals online so I wanted to share my finds :D

Beautyticket.com is selling GHD Limited Edition hair straightener for $101.99 with discount code: GIFTS15 offer expires 12/15/09
free shipping and you get a gift with $50 purchase!
you'll get this Too face trio for free

also Clarisonic.com is having 20% off all dual sets so you can get 2 Clarisonic mia for $207 with code: PAIRS offer expires 12/1/09
That's a great deal for a christmas gift :D

also you can get free engraving on your sets when you buy from clarisonic.com


  1. Awww these are US-only prices... I wish Clarisonic shipped to Canada so I can buy with my friend =(

    Thanks for the deals though, I'm sure the American friends in the south will make good use of it =D

  2. Omg that's for the link to the straightener! Have you used that one before though.. is it good?

  3. Oh no the GHD's are all sold out! :( There goes my backup hair straightener.

  4. Thanks for sharing this Eki! These are great deals!

  5. this is great thanks for sharing ^^

  6. the straightener is so cute ~ <3

  7. Great ideas! They are good presents.


let me know what you think~ :3

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