Venus color contacts in violet

Wanted to show you my new lens I got! Its Venus color contacts in violet! :3

HERE is the place I bought the lens from for $38.95 a pair, I couldnt decide what color I wanted.. I was interested between Leaf green, Ice blue or the violet at first. Its not as vibrant as the stock photo they have but I couldnt find much photos of people wearing this lens online but I liked what the stock photo looked like so I decided to get them. I used to wear clearly color lens in Violet venom and I loved them this one is not as defined or vibrant as the clearly colors but it looks more natural and the center is more blended but the color is noticeable and have enlarging effect like the circle lens.

I like my color contacts to look defined, vibrant and opaque so this one is in the semi opaque range. Its pretty vibrant with flash like above photo with natural lighting its more subtle.

This lens is manufactured in USA by Softlens Technology Marletta, GA

Here is what the website say about this lens:
Venus Violet Natural color contacts are the most beautifully radiant of our color contacts selection. With the power to transform your medium to light eyes into captivating pools of color, Venus Violet natural colors truely are the undisputed goddess ofcolor contacts.Venus color contacts are the perfect accessory to complete your deliciously tempting makeover. The latest advance in hi tech technology manufacturing methods, gel-edge technology, ensure that your Venus color contacts are so superbly comfortable, you won't even know that they are there and they also last 6 times longer than Freshlook colorblends or Acuvue 2 colours. When asked to choose, our customers vote for Venus every time. Try your pair of Venus color contacts today, you'll fall in love.

Overall is very comfortable wore this for 8+ without any discomfort, feels like Im not even wearing the lens also the lens looks like its made with quality materials. Geo's are good for their price but not as comfortable for long wear and the material is not as good either but you really pay for what you get.


I subtracted .5 since pattern are the same as picture but its not as vibrant and radiant as pictured in their stock photo

If anyone get other colors please do a review and let me know! I would like to see what they look like ^__^♥

venus contact lens in violet
venus violet

with flash:

eki with venus violet

Indoor light:

eki venus violet

also I get asked alot what camera I use and I love photography but I havent been doing much lately... I take most of high res photos with Nikon D90 Nikkor lens 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED AF-S VR DX Nikkor Zoom Lens or with Nikon Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens for most portrait shots
and when Im lazy I use my point and shoot Canon powershot in SD1100 IS :D

eki Nikoneki nikon D90

update with ekiLove:

I have been getting high numbers of orders *23 orders in one week* and it has taken me a while for me to complete all the orders since there is only me to do everything, so all of my free time was consume by ekiLove orders so I wanted to tell all of whom purchased an items from my store thank you so much for all the support and LOVE! & Thank you for being so patient with me♥

and to my readers Im sorry for the delay in annoucing the 1400th follower giveaway and producting new products in ekiLove I am currently working to put up new items now but still waiting for some supplies to come in still XP

but hopefully I will have new items up this weekend along with announcing the giveaways!

Have a Happy Thanksgivings tomorrow!
I sure will stuff my face with all the feast, I Love thanksgiving foods LOL :3

Thanks for reading and stopping by♥



  1. violently violet eyes are vavavoooooooooooooom!! I LOVES THIS!

  2. oh hey! i actually have that too! same color and brand!

    when i wore it, i dont think the purple shows that well UNLESS im in the sun!

  3. OOhh i like! you look like a goddess eki!

  4. Lovely violet eyes. Lately Ive been obsessing over anything purple-especially eyeshadows

  5. They look great!! Love the look of the grey ones

  6. The violet looks goooorgeous on you!

    Congratulations on EkiLove's popularity!! I think it's very well-deserved. :D

  7. ooo i really like this, you look so pretty in it! <3

    Happy thanksgiving hun!!!

  8. the purple color really warms up ur complexion and it's a totally sophisticated color... icy blue looks like a really promising color too!

  9. happy thanksgiving eki! :)

    those violet contact lenses look beautiful on you :D

  10. DUUUUDE those are absolutely gorgeous
    eki,, is there anywhere that sells contacts without the need of a prescription?

  11. Wuaaaah, I want them. It makes the eyes look soo awsome!! *___* Ncie color! :D

  12. I'm envious of anyone wearing color lenses...I have bad eyesight so I wear glasses. It would be weird to wear contact lenses behind the glasses, right? =D

    Anyway, it looks very pretty on you! *_*

  13. woow eki!
    i love ur circle lenses.
    how many do you have?
    i've got only two of them.
    brown and grey ;)
    from pinkyparadise

  14. omggg your eyes are showstopper! love the violet on you eki!! :) happy thanksgiving! eat lots and lots for me!

  15. aaww thanks for the lense blog :) how do you compare the venus lense vs. the geo ones that are being sold online? (i'm not quite sure if you have any geo lenses)

  16. violet looks so gorgeous on you!! for some reason I think it makes you look more sophisticated and sexy!

    happy thanksgiving

  17. Ohh wow so pretty! I always want to try purple contacts but I want the color to show up >< Looking lovely :3 And can't wait for the new ekilove itmes ^^ <3

  18. Gorgeous. ;D

    The colour is really vibrant and pretty. (:

  19. I used to wear violet ones too.. it's not very opaque though :P
    you look so cute! <3
    you take the best pictures :)

  20. Hope you're having a great Thanksgiving weekend woman! :)

    These look so pretty on you! But then again everything always does! :) OOoh those grey ones are LOVE! I've always wanted to try colored lenses but they don't make them strong enough for my prescription. I'm blind! :)

  21. Ohhh, I really like the purple lenses, they look great on you! Congrats on all the orders, I know I loved my pouch! You're very talented girl...

  22. I hope you try ice blue next cux it looks really good. You look gorgeous and thanks for the review! =)

  23. those look great on you! if anything i'd wanna try the grey ones xD hehee. and your camera is awesome<3 yay for the 50mm!!

  24. You must be so busy with soo many orders :)
    I like the venus contacts, Im wearing my contacts for long hours probably I need to try this brand. thanks for sharing!

  25. I agree the Geo lenses aren't as comfortable during long wear. Thanks for posting your new lenses and where you got them :}

  26. they are beutifull lens ^^ and I like so much your camera nikon ^^

  27. Holy those contacts are sooo bright! Are they always like that or is it the camera lighting? I love it!

  28. Eki, your eyes are like a young Elizabeth Taylor's--very glam and mezmerizing!!

  29. wow, what a GREAT find. the purple ones look beautiful on you girl! i will put this brand in the back of my mind now. i like the amber ones too... hmmmm....

  30. they look amazing on you <3

  31. wow those r gorgeousss!!

    you look like a prettier asian version of eva longoria<33

  32. Hey....you are gorgeous!! i love your make up and hair color everything! I was wondering, where can I get the eye lash curler? thank you!

  33. you're such a bombshell, Eki nee-chan! i <3 you!<33 the purple looks amazing with your hair color and makeup! <33

  34. You are looking gorgeous with violet lenses. I just love this post. Nikon is also my favourite camera.

    r4 dsi

  35. I thank you so much for this review. I've been looking for a more subtle violet but not so subtle that nobody notices it. Violet Venom was too striking for me but looking at the Venus Violet, it's perfect!

  36. Eki ! I think someone is your photo without your permission, actually theres a lot of people. But theres someone using one of the above photos "http://kakkoiix3.blogspot.com/p/gallery.html"


let me know what you think~ :3

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