sneak preview of new items in ekiLove, swap with kay, Rohto Zi free, LE kit kats

Just wanted to show you a quick peak at what Im working on with the new fabric I got♥
I think they turned out good :) still not done decoration them tho LOL

I wanted to challenge on something new so made a cell phone/digi camera/ipod case! it fit my iphone really well so happy how it turned out :3

This and other stuff will be up for sale soon after I make few sets!
Also thank you so much to all the lovelies who ordered from ekiLove I am overwhelmed with joy on how much support I get from you ladies! Thank you so much! with your support it lets me keep on doing what I love, creating kawaii things for you♥ekiLove rilakkuma cell pouch

on to the post,

swap with kay

I was recently was talking about how I loved matcha latte on twitter and Kay at Bihada diaries have offered me to send me some so we swapped!! She is uber NICE and sweet, also fellow Japanese blogger! I wanted Maxim matcha latte *its amazingly yummy* and wanted to try out new Rohto Zi FREE eye drops since I LOVE Rohto's Zi 0! Here is a past review of the eyedrop. Rohto has a intensity level of 1-7 the Lycee the pink eye drop is only 3 Zi 0 is 6 and the Zi free is 7!! XD its so soothing! I love them! :D
will do a full review on the updated review of the Rohto eyedrop series in the future♥

rohto zi free

Maxin instant Matcha latte
here is my past post on this item, They are so good and super easy to make just add hot water X3
I saw that they had this at mitsuwa along with other flavors!

maxin matcha latte
Limited Edition Kit kat!

Kay was so sweet she added LE kit kats since last time I asked her for some Ramune and Ume soda kit kats you are too sweet!! you can see my past post on them here

Caramel pudding kit kat

This one is OMG good!! its so yum I didnt expect it to be so creamy and full of caramel + pudding flavor! one of my favs now LOL XD Looks like this was LE for October Halloween series
They seem to only make LE flavors in Japan I wished that they had this in US too >_< style="text-align: center;">kit kat caramel pudding
this inside wafer/filling is so creamy full of flavor!

LE kit kat caramel pudding

Expresso coffee kit kat!

This one at first taste like white chocolate but when you chew the flavor of coffee just spreads in your mouth! so good!

kit kat expresso coffee

inside wafer/filling is packed with coffee flavor :D

LE kit kat expresso coffee

Love package in the mail from Sheila!
She was so sweet surprise me with a love package, she is my loyal ekiLove customer and always been a great supporter of mine! Super sweetie♥ Thank you so much!!love from sheila

She is having her 1 year blog anniversary giveaway right now so please do stop by her blog and enter in the giveaway!♥

Shop and chomp another sweetie is having a giveaway! please do check out her giveaway also
she is giving away some Tsumori Chisato collab with Shu Uemura LE item in her giveaway!

LMX is having her 49th follower giveaway!

her question is what act of kindness you would do to make the world a better place?

its a really good question, I always feel like this world need more unselfish people that are honest within themselves so that they can be more compassionate towards others and be more giving.

I dont know if a one person can change a world into a better place but with me I try to be giving with whatever that I can to give, in terms of creating positivity, giving advise, gifts, and donating to a good cause.

What would you do to make this world a better place?

me modeling the Angel earrings♥
I sure having someone modeling jewelry is better than just picture so you get a better idea of what it'll look like so I took some photos XD

Thank you so much again for all the support! currently all the earring except the Angel earring is sold out due to running out of supply to make the others,,

eki wings
eki wings 2

wondering why Im wearing hoodies in the house LOL
its to hide my roots of course XD
I've been too tired to dye my hair.... I know its bad excuse X3
just to show you how much my roots have glow out since the last time I colored my hair here it is,, :/
Last time I colored my hair was 9/20!! >_<

wow its long over due here is the last time I color my hair post,, Im getting super lazy even with my makeup its super lazy makeup now... LOL

eki rootseki wings3eki wings4

OK that was lots of photos.. sorry for the long post again, I will color my hair tomorrow! hehe X3
but always thank you for stopping by and reading my blog♥



  1. Thank you so much for promoting my contest!! <3

    You look so cute in your modelling pictures. Your hair grows out so fast! Like 1-2 inches after only 2 months, and I thought my hair grew fast, haha. That is good, you will always have endless healthy hair ^___^

  2. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know I just recently followed your blog and love all your posts! Your products are so cute, there was this one pouch that i wanted but it was already sold out :( it was the hime pouch ..

    the maxim instant macha latte looks so delicious.. and looks even yummier in your picture.. i would like to try it, maybe i could find some here in the bay area..

    and le kit kats are so cool! didn't know they had that stuff.. bahh the US is so boring having only plain kit kats..

    ;D you are so pretty!

  3. I loe reading ur blog it always makes me smile because ur soo cute ^^

    I love the earrings and super kawaii fabric :3

  4. Waaah~ Matcha latte! Looks super delicious!!

    And it was so nice of her to send you so many kitkats! The flavours sound much yummier than just normal chocolate/white choc!

    And it's okay, don't worry, your roots don't actually look that bad. I have seen MUCHMUCH worse =P

  5. awww seriously the matcha latte looks so tempting !
    i shud manage to get one ,tho i dunno how to read the name !lol
    seriosuly i love love packs !lol
    ughh teh eaerrings looks so pretty ,or is it u make everything looks kawaii?lol

  6. Awww thanks for the sweet post! You take the most amazing pictures!!!! Wow!! If you ever need some more Japanese candies/snacks/drinks, please don't hesitate to let me know!!

  7. Loved this post, Eki nee-chan! I've missed you! I still read your blog and visit it as often as I could, but the only difference now is that I'm always lurking! I usually read it when I have a break studying/writing papers, so no time for comment because I'm a "long comment" type of person...I don't like saying only a few words. hehe. All those pictures of the matcha latte and the LE KitKats made me drool!! hehe and you are SOO cute with your hoodie on! remind me of Frmheadtotoe Jen! :P hehe you guys ARE buddies<3 anyway, I absolutely adore you and miss you lots! love you Eki!!<3

    <3 caroline :)

    ps. what lip color are you wearing in your hoodie pics? I love it!

  8. I've tried both kitkats and they are so yummy! you still look cute no matter how long your roots are eki, seriously! :)

  9. Oh my gosh! Those look so YUM~! I can't wait for your new pouches either :D

  10. the green tea and the kit kats look so yummm!! i wish they sold yummy flavored kit kats here in the US!

    i haven't dyed my hair in forever too and my roots look really bad so i just put my hair up in a bun all the time hehe

    i can't wait to see your new creations!

  11. wow, limited edition Kit Kat? i want to try it! LOL

  12. Lazy with makeup and coloring hair? Damn you loook SUPER DUPER fine anyway <3 I am so envious kekeke

    And the kit kats looks so good! Especially the caramel ones, yummy!
    I never tried matcha latte, hmm....

    Hehe, your handmade goodies are so cute! I am def ordering the rilakkuma pouch when it's back (oh, and I like the square one ^_^) and the signature earrings when they are back too >o< everything is just so appealing! lol and I can't wait for you new stuffs ^^

  13. mmmmm those Kitkats must be super yummy!!!! *drools*

    Don't worry, your roots are totally okay! YOu should see mine! LOL I can't even see where the dyed color starts on your hair~

  14. OMG >< I will HAVE to buy that pouch hehe. I ♥ it!!! especially since I just got an ipod and I need something to put it in!!! Yay! You look gorgeous as usual, I think your hair looks fabulous and so pretty earrings =)

  15. hey eki! i'm a new follow of yours and couldnt help but be in aw of your beauty and stunning photos! what lense do you use for your camera?

  16. Eki, those earrings have the perfect name not just b/c of the wing but b/c its creator looks like an angel too. :) I am kicking myself for not indulging in all those different Kit Kats when I was in Tokyo last year! You received so many wonderful goodies! XD

    P.S Thank you for joining and posting my giveaway! I appreciate it! Everyone wants a Mia! Hope you get yours! :)

  17. kitkat!<333333333

    and lol don't mind your roots :3 to me it just looks like shadow XD and because the dye is brown it's not bothersome anyway C:

    and hoodies rock! :D

  18. OMG! The cell phone pouch is soooo cute! I hope you make more of them!! :D

    And omg - I am always so jealous of your flavored kit kats! I'm going to have to go hunting for them when I'm up in NorCal later next month!

    You are so pretty Eki! Love your angel earrings!

  19. yyummm LE kit kat!!! those earrings are so pretty! and you never cease to awe us with your amazing creations Eki!
    Good luck with all the giveaways! <3
    btw-have you had a chance to think about what to make with the HK bows I sent you yet? :p

  20. i loveeeeeeeee your hair color (nevermind the roots xDD) + your lip color in the pics!! you are soo pretty <3 and i love everything you make :D how can we NOT support you?? goodness! :P

    what an awesome package from kay! i really gotta get my hands on those matcha latte things xD

  21. I LOVE EKI!! Just had to get that out! ;) Kay is one of the sweetest! Mmm.... THem KitKats are soo good! Sucks that I can't find them down here.. And oooh that Matcha Latte looks good! :)

    Love your angel wing earrings.. so it's no surprise it's sold out! ANd you look absolutely gorgeous as always Eki Love! :)

  22. What a post Eki! :D I love the new creations, so cute~ And I'm jealous over your awesome goodies you've gotten XD lol I love the earrings. I keep meaning to put in an order for your Eki love creations, I think after you get this set of stuffs up, I'll buy some ^__^

  23. i can't believe i missed this post
    you look so cute!
    i want to hug you so tight
    *hugs tight*

    that kit kat sure looks yummy
    i am craving for one now!
    *runs to the store*

  24. What is Zi level?! Haha. Pardon my dumb question.
    I have been dying to try out Rhoto Lycee because it is pink and look so cute! But my country doesn't sell them!
    Oooh. The matcha latte looks yummmy!

  25. OMG.. kit kat! I love kit kat >< it was so hot in my room that the other half I didn't eat yet melted.. I was so sad :(


let me know what you think~ :3

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