my beauty diary mixed berry review

here is my belated mask review, My beauty dairy in mixed berry!

I love this series of facial mask they are great quality and works really well :)
all of the smell that I have tried so far has been really great! The scent really relaxes you and makes you enjoy the mask even more, I like how this mask is not sticky and the serum does not feel too thick either. Plenty of serum in the packets I would say enough for 2 uses LOL :3

here is before and after of the mask, I left the mask on for about 40 min while I was watching a movie, I can see the difference after the mask but its kinda hard to tell in the photo but after the mask I can see my skin glowing alittle and my skin looks slightly brighter :)

Mixed berry
For dull, dehydrated skin. Helps to even skintone, brighten skin and tighten.

I loved the smell alot and my skin felt great after. did not make me break out the next day its worth a try if you never tried my beauty diary masks! :)
eki my beauty diary mask review

also this item is really popular in asia so there is bound to be imitations floating around here are few tips to avoid buying a fake since you never know what is used in the imitation masks,, >_<

left is real and right is a fake
main dead giveaway for the fake mask is that the fake does not have the manufacture and expiration embossed stamp!

so when you are purchasing my beauty diary mask online make sure to ask the seller for the proof of authenticity or buy them from reputable dealer! :)

also new items in ekiLove

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  1. I love the sheet masks! It's just that a lot of them are HUGE on my face! LOL! I can always fold the edge in! Thanks for this review, and the tip on checking the authenticity! I never knew about that! :)

  2. I never knew there could be fake masks! wow!

    I like these kind of face masks, I bought one once and my skin felt so soft for the whole night! thanks for sharing Eki!

  3. Thanks for the review, I never knew about the embossed stamp ^-^
    The earrings are so pretty too ~ <3

  4. ahhh! thanks for the review! Next time I'm in Shanghai I'll definitely keep an eye out for them!

    The only ones I've seen in Shanghai are Mg ones.Heard of them??

  5. I think it's time for me to use a mask sheet, it's been too long!

    Your wing earrings are too freaking adorable! Actually, everything is adorable!

  6. thanks for the tip! I didn't even know they made fake masks o.O

    This mask must be great :) your face does look brighter in the after pic <3

  7. thanks for the review, I'd love to try the mixed berry flavor sometimes! It's so sad that people would make fake masks :(

  8. Wow, I really see the difference! I want to try this brand after I finish with Silk Whitia. Only the whitening masks fit me well, the collegen one gets into my eyes sometimes..booo

  9. Thanks for the review! I really want to try the beauty diary masks T-T So many raves on all the blogs haha~ Oh and thanks for telling me there are fakes, I didn't know at all.

    Oh btw, will you make new yellow rilakkuma pouches? :D I so wanna grab one

  10. Hey, I'm Mary. Nice to meet you!

    I've tried only the white Bulgarian rose mask so far and it was incredible! I have a feeling that I'm gonna try all of them in the future ^_^

  11. the mixed berry is one of my favs too! i love the way it smells

  12. I gotta try more flavours! I've only tried a few, but I know there is a limited edition box set available with all of the flavours in it... shall try that one out =D

    This one sounds promising!

  13. Lovely mask, thanks for pointing out the fake! I just stumbled on your blog and loving it so far. :)


  14. great advicew I never new about tht ^^

    ur really cute :3

  15. great advicew I never new about tht ^^

    ur really cute :3

  16. Wow, fake MBD masks? I learned something new today.

  17. Thanks for the tip! After reading your entry, I checked to see if my MBD masks I recently purchased from SASA were authentic (it is - yey)

    I can definitely tell the difference and I'll make sure to pick up the mixed berry one on my next haul :)

  18. I can see the difference!! :D thanks for sharing the fake tips! I will be careful when buying this mask! ^^

  19. I just recently tried the Berry mask and it's great as you said! Others that I like are Rice, Sake, Lavender and Cooling.

    There are loads of fake masks being sold here too. My bf's sis bought them and I did a side by side comparison. quite obvious (http://www.skindeco.net/2009/11/beware-of-fake-beauty-diary-masks.html)
    The raised lettering is a good indication but from the info that I gathered, the apple flavored one doesn't have that

  20. Your skin looks so much brighter! You look great BTW. Definitely will look out when buying those masks.

  21. I have to try some masks soon, I had no idea there would be fakes on ebay! I ordered a pair of wing earrings they are so pretty can't wait to get them ^^

  22. Thanks for supporting and joining my giveaway, Eki! I hope you get that Clarisonic Mia! :D

  23. wow this is the first time ive seen people make fake masks? seriously? WOW :| your face does look radiant after the mask though :) always beautiful :)

  24. this one improved your skin wayyyy better than what it did to mine! :) Or maybe I just didn't do a before and after? ahah xD

  25. yaks....
    Mine don't have the exp. date on them, but I bought mine at Mannings (drugstore) in Hong Kong
    I think they wouldn't sell fake stuff right?
    It's a reputable drugsstore!

  26. I love mixed berry mask too!!! anyway, i love reading your blog..it's so informative!!

  27. the manufacture & exp date on my mixed berry is printed with black ink, not embossed like yours. I wonder whether it's a fake one or not?
    btw, thanks for your review ^^


let me know what you think~ :3

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