been MIA... Individual false lash look


Im sorry for not making a post in SO LONG XP
Things have been super busy and on top of that I was sick and had migraines for the past days that made me not wanna do anything but lay in bed but I had like millions of things to do so I didnt get to rest much but with the holiday coming up I hope to get lots of rest :)

Also my giveaway is finally ending tomorrow! so if you haven't enter please do enter♥

So here is the post for today I got around using the individual false lash that I got from sasa.com * I love this store Im an addict LOL* this set is only $1.90! its great quality and looks super natural depending on how you apply them :)

I wanted to create a gyaru doll eye by empathizing the wing with giving it a 3D wing with this lashes, I have added 4 individual lashes to each end of my eye starting from the 3rd of my eye.

The makeup is pretty much the same eye makeup I do all the time but I just added this lashes and it makes a huge difference and makes your eye more dolly♥

you can get this lashes here

I would stock up on this its way better quality than the ardell individual lashes but way cheaper!

individual lashes

whole view indoor lights
I get ask alot about what lens I wear so here I am wearing clearly color lens in grey storm*my HG lens * :)

eki individual lashes shots

close up

eki individual lashes

outdoor lights

eki snowy outdoor

eki snowy outdoor 2

oh and I am wearing my new creation kawaii anchor earring♥
its available in ekiLove!

also I recently got this muk luks since it gets so chilly in the house and I am in Love! so comfy,soft ad super kawaii! its a must have for anyone that lives in a freezing weather!

here is their website http://www.muk-luks.com/

original mukluks


Thank you for stopping by!



  1. Long time no post! Sorry to hear you have been feeling under the weather, hope you feel all better soon! Still looking lovely as always though ^^ I wish I could apply the individual falsies, I am no good at it >< lol. Btw got your package a little while ago and I love everything!! Thank you so much Eki, you're the sweetest! ♥ *hugs*

  2. omg you look gorgeous with falsies!!
    did you apply them one by one on your lashes? they're sooo beautiful >__<
    and i love love your skin, i wish i had such flawless skin like yours. have you ever posted stuffs like daily skincare routine? heheh

  3. Those anchor earrings are SO pretty! Perfect combo of cute with chic =D

    And I hope you're feeling better now! Don't tire yourself out too much <3 Make sure to drink lots of fluids and get lots of bed rest ^___^

  4. I love the colors in your face, the pink and blue combined:)

  5. I love this blog!!!!! You make such cute items too~~~~Your skin is really nice!! Can you do a post on your fav skin and makeup products?

  6. You're looking dazzling as always, Eki!

    I love single falsies.. I find them a lot easier to apply than strip lashes (plus they don't look so tranny-like compared to my natural short stubby lashes).

    And those boots are kickin', I love them :D

    Miss Neesh

  7. wow i love your make up and lashes!
    im planning to get those lashes from sasa too before XD
    i like all the contact colours, all look great on you :D

  8. you're so pretty eki & those lashes look gorgeous on you. :)
    i love those muk luks too! hmmm...might consider buying a pair even though it's summer in oz right now, but i can save them for next winter, hehe.

  9. Wb we missed you! :3

    Those muk luks look soooo warm and comfy! I just bought myself some ugg boots to keep my toes warm this winter! :) x

  10. I hope u are feeling better now Eki, I so love ur false lashes and lenses, u look super pretty as always^^

  11. aww... you look super cute! i'm always afraid of doing those individual lashes. lol love those boots. they look super warm. btw, how are you enjoying the snow? esp the snow storm we got last week? *ugh* i hate driving when it's snowing. lol

  12. Oh those eyelashes do look like nice quality. The look you created with them is very sweet and girly~!

    I love the shots of you outside with the snow. Although I would be happy if it would stop, I'm sick of shoveling the driveway haha!

    Those slippers are really cute too, useful nowadays hehe^^

  13. Those pictures of you are so beautifull, and your eyes look so cute.

    And I love those boots. They remind me of snowy winters <3

  14. You look like a doll, OMG! Your eyes and eyelashes are fabulous, and I'm in love with your shoes. I'd probably not buy them for fear of making them dirty, but they're just amazing. Great post. :)

  15. Love your muk luks! *^_^* Your eyes make you look like a cute anime character!

  16. Gorgeous as always! Oh and the lashes are stunning! <3

  17. Hey Eki! Your beauty diary mask post was very informative. Where did you purchase them from? I am thinking of purchasing from sasa.com - are there any other retailers? Are they reputable?

  18. Oh, the individual lashes look so natural! So pretty! And I love your white muk luks! So cute!

    The anchor earring is so kawaii! <3

  19. aww eki u look lovely! i like the individual false lashes. haha i am so horrible at putting those on. cute lenses too.

  20. Yes! Lots of rest. ^___^
    Those boots are the cutest!!

  21. wow eki!! nobody, after seeing those photos, would ever believe you were sick!! you're soo pretty!

    i received your pouch today!!! ^^ it's sooo perfect! thanks so much! :D

  22. hellooooo gorgeous! <3

    i love those boots! makes me wanna live in a colder place so i could wear them without people giving me funny looks, hahaha.

  23. Awww I hope you get better soon! You look gorgeous as always though!

    Love your new earrings and boots!


  24. Ahh, hope you are feeling better! You look soooo pretty here! And LOL. I have this super long list of things to get from Sasa from you LOL! The lashes look so pretty and natural too!

    BTW - I FINALLY got your package out today. Hope it gets to you soon!

  25. Ahhhh, sis you always look so gorgeous but especially here. I got individual falsies but I still haven't tried them yet! They look great on you though. Get a lot of rest so you can feel 100% soon. ^^ <3 you!

  26. I love the look of your eye makeup :D it's simple & prettyyyy! I should try out the individual lashes and it is probably easier to apply and looks more natural lol! XD

  27. Eki you ARE a DOLL!! :) Sweet as evr! I'm glad to hear you're feelin a bit better!! And whoa.. I can't even do reg falsies! Those individuals look complicated for me! LOL!

    Cute boots! I wish I could wear stuff like that down here! LOL!

  28. I luv how natural looking you applied the bottom lashes. I wish I can apply fake lashes as good as u can, but I'm so lazy I just don't bother. lol.

    Cute earrings. ^^

  29. Just found your blog and I had to comment that you look absolutely gorgeous!

    Check out my blog too if you want

  30. Hi Eki! :) Thank you so much for your sweet message! I am doing well. Just waiting for X'mas to arrive...hee hee! I wish you a very happy holiday!!! *^_^*

  31. WOW you are super gorgeous! I really love your tutorials ^^ They're very easy to follow and all-around lovely. <3

    I've never heard of Muk Luks, but they sure are cute!

    The lashes look great, I can't wait to try this out someday. I've always been intrigued to try false lower lashes (or top ones at that, haha) but just never got around to it. I think I absolutely must now! thanks ^^

  32. Hey Eki <3 thanks for the cbox comment! It is actually super cold (to me) at night here in Hawaii :( during the day it's okay temperature, it was HOT today! lol. Hope you are doing well, stay warm! ♥

  33. EKI!! you are just too gorgeous!! :D So flawless!! I wish my skin is as flawless as you! :D

    and btw I got my secret santa gift and can't resist but to open it!! and OMG its so beautiful and cute!! HEllo kitty and eki's creations! :) I love it so much!! THANK YOU SO MUCH and happy holidays!!! :D

  34. eki you are so beautiful!!! and your boots are super duper cute!!! loves **

  35. You are just so completely gorgeous! It's crazy. I love the lashes. I used to wear falsies all the time and then stopped for some reason. I need to get them back out.

  36. oh gosh, if only i could be as patient and good with putting on falsies! haha! can't say it enough but you are one gorgeous (and talented) lady eki!! hehe! those sailor earrings are adorable!!


let me know what you think~ :3

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