Essential shampoo and conditioner review

Essential shampoo and conditioner by Kao

I bought this item from sasa.com few weeks back and I finally switched to this set a week ago from White Tsubaki shampoo and conditioners, so far its been GREAT makes my hair really soft and smooth! I LOVE White Tsubaki set but it can get expensive when you buy them in the states so when I saw this on sasa.com for $4.30 per bottle I had to get it and give it a try!

Kao makes cosmetic brand such as Sofina and Aube, the shampoo is very moisturizing and the conditioner is really thick almost paste like, feel almost like hair masque which I like. Kao makes quality products so I wasnt surprised that this shampoo & conditioner works so well and it also smells good. Immediately after I rinsed my hair and towel dried my hair I could feel that my hair was super soft after I dried my hair I could see very nice shine to my hair! The orange is good for dry/damaged hair and my hair tends to get dry due to all the process I did to my hair but this set really made my hair soft and shiny.

Here are alittle info on this products, click to enlarge if you can't see the texts.
Click here to go to Essential's english website :D

watch the intro vid with kawaii gyaru with shiny hair LOL is so cute :3

Overall I would def buy this again, will make your hair feel and look healthy~great price and great product!

But I do have Asience shampoo and conditioner I bought from mitsuwa not too long ago so I gotta do that review too after a while X3

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Also sasa.com is still doing free shipping if you use paypal to check out!
CODE: paypalus2009
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Shiny and very manageable hair~ ♥

Hope this review helps! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Oooh. I might pick up the Nuance Airy conditioner (if the MBD masks ever come back in stock!) - I'm about a month from finishing up my Avalon Organics one and this one sounds really nice!! I... am also terribly attracted to the bright pink bottle teehee. Thanks for the review & introduction to the line Eki!

  2. comparing it to shiseido tsubaki? which is better? coz I'm finding the tsubaki pricey even though I found one at a local store here in toronto

  3. This sounds like a really good product and it does make your hair look really healthy. Do you think it would work for thinner hair or is it too heavy?

  4. ow you're movin on to another products i just starting to try tsubaki lolz thanks for the review, if tsubaki doesnt work i will try this one

  5. awww i want soft shiny hair! not a lotta conditioners do it for me cus my hair is so thick!!! =S

  6. oh I should stop reading your blog! HAHA kidding! But here is another thing you made me want to buy. I use and love the red Tsubaki, but it costs a lot online and with shipping....But this is just as good? hmm Might give it a try when I run out of shampoos and conditioners!
    Thanks for the review!

  7. Hi, Eki! Thanks for the review, I may want to try those in the future. It makes your hair so shiny and silky. I have colored hair too. You look fabulous as always xD

  8. i first bought my ascience shampoo in singapore and i love it! i've been buying it off sasa for now though :P

  9. Oh yeah, it smells so nice! Like flowers and fruit. Even hubby commented on it. ^^

    The conditioner I especially love. It made my hair soft too! Glad you liked it as well! And I still LOVE your darker hair!!!

  10. your hair looks amazing!! i love the packaging too, haha very shiny :)

    *easily amused*

    i need to try my tsubaki white shampoo/conditioner.. it's been sitting in my drawer.. the costco-sized dove shampoo/conditioner are taking forever to get used up!!

  11. Wow, 5 out of 5? I definitely want to check this out! =)

  12. LOL @ Sarah's comment about the costco-sized products! hehe they take quite a while to use up!

    Anyway, thanks for another haircare review, Eki-chan! ^_^ I've bookmarked this post and added into my "Eki Hair" bookmarks folder. hehe...yup! I told Jen (FrmHeadtoToe) that I have bookmark folders dedicated to you and her. It's so I can organize and store all of my favorite posts from you girls! :D

    <3 caroline

  13. WOw! Its amazingly cheap too! Il definitely keep this in mind when I run out of shampoo =(!

  14. i love your soft romantic curls and wow those individual lashes look great on you!!

    glad to hear that you recovered from sickness, stay warm and well :)

  15. I just got the pink line (shampoo, conditioner, mask) and they are great! Thanks about the review!!!


let me know what you think~ :3

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