more sasa haul, love packages, EOTD smokey close up and drawing

Hi there!♥

I hope everyone is having a really nice Christmas eve today, mine is very relaxing finally after having really hectic past months I feel like I am finally taking 'me' time :D

I am sorry I am not making much posts and videos I really want to make some time for them but most of the time I am just too tired and drained to do so... :/
but my new years resolution is to make a better blog and take more time for my blog so I hope I can keep that resolution! hehe :3

ok so I am a total sasa.com addict I had about 5 packages from there at one time like seriously I have a addition problem with sasa. I check their website like every 4-6 days to see if they have new products and ends up making a purchase... because of their free shipping offer I cant resist LOL X3

but most of the items I bought will go into goodie bag with my ekiLove orders so I dont feel bad buying more items♥ :D

but really, if you want good price with asian products and you cant really get your hands on one, sasa is the way to go! Also popular items do get sold out fast but if you subscribe to their restock email alert it will notify you once its stocked again :)

ok so here is my haul from sasa

Catena eight cups of water crystal collagen eye mask

I bought all three type in

Whitening and Repairing
Anti Wrinkle and Firming
Cell Repairing and Mark Removing

I have review their crystal collagen eye mask before and this stuff is really cheap and quality mask, feels really relaxing on your eyes and I think it works really well. :)
here is my review

eki catena crystal collagen eye mask

my beauty diary mask whitening box set

This is really good value for 13 mask and if you havent tried out their mask you get to sample them in one box set.

This set includes 13 mask per box of
4 Japanese cherry blossom
4 black pearl mask
4 red wine mask
1 white peony tea mask

my beauty diary mask whitening box set

My beauty diary mask brightening box set

This set includes
4 Aloe mask
4 Bulgarian white rose mask
4 natto mask
1 Platinum Nanocolloid Mask

my beauty diary mask brightening box set

sasa LED mirror

This mirror is on sale for $9 if you make other purchases at sasa.com :D
I was really intrigued by this mirror cause its have light up LED lights built in it! and it looks so much like Jill Stuart design so princessy and Hime like I had to get it♥

kawaii sasa LED mirror

It comes in really nice packaging looks very expensive and gorgeous, it feels well made and very pretty also nice size for a compact mirror it is like 4X3 inches.

The pink jewel on the side is the light switch :D

its def worth buying if you need a kawaii compact mirror, the bonus is that it light up
how cool is that now you can put makeup in the dark LOL!!

eki sasa LED mirror closeup

eki sasa LED mirror

some love packages I got recently,

first one is from Sandra! She purchased item from ekiLove and she was so sweet and super happy with her purchase she sent me a return love package!! X3
She left me such a wonderful testimonial in ekiLove and have been super sweet from the beginning, I didnt expect to have her send me a package but she surprised me with such a thoughtful and loving package!

you are so sweet and thoughtful I hope you are having great Holiday and a christmas so far!
I hope you get my love package soon too! :)

I am so blessed to be around such amazingly sweet and caring people in my life, as much as the darkness I have gone through out with my life, I have been shed with so much LOVE and positivity in my life. Always remember to stay positive, be caring and compassionate to other people & living things and it will be rewarding in the end. ♥ :)

from sandra love package

she made me handmade card!!! I LOVE handmades they are always made with lots of love and you can feel that love come out of them :)
so kawaii!!
yummy snacks for me to fill my stomach with! Hawaiian pineapple chocolate is amazing! thank you!

some beauty stuff!! I heart juicy so thank you so much for sending me your favorite perfume and mascara!

kawaii message!

ahhh korilakkuma strap! so kawaii X3

also Catherine sent me some winter necessities love package!

some warm a fuzzy pink stocks, Organic green tea lip balm and Loccitane lotion!
Thank you so much all of this items they are much needed in this freezing snowy weather!

also I got so many sweet comments on my smokey eyes that I think looks draggish but you guys think its beautiful so I wanted to show you a close up of it, I will do a tutorial on a smokey sexy look one of this days :)

basically I have used black shadow all over the lid with layered with copper shade and gradually mixed the gold on the center to the inner of the eyes with white liner like Urban decay yeyo that I have used here along with it on the bottom lash waterline cause the false lashes can look too heavy to balance out the eye.

for the falsie I have used 2 strips of lashes layered to create the drastic sexy eyes along with winged liner :)

eki smokey eye

finishing off with some drawing I did few days ago for my sisters bday card hehe :D
she is a anime geek just like her older sister LOL currently she loves Haruhi Suzumiya she even cosplayed as her for halloween ^0^

so I thought it would be nice to draw her fav character on her bday card♥
Since I never draw anymore My hands are really rusty from drawing, I never have time now to draw but I really enjoy drawing and I really need to get back into it asap!!

Reference picture of Haruhi that I used
so kawaii

my take of Haruhi

sketched with mechanical pencil then lined with a ballpoint pen and finished off with a sharpie LOL

eki draw haruhi

eki drawing Haruhi

happy anime character always makes me smile too so happy looking arent they :D

well thanks for stopping by and I hope you are all staying warm and have a
to you all♥



  1. omgaaaah, the drawing is amazing!
    your're so creative * o *

    i really like your lightbox. i shall look up how to make one later x]

    hope you have a nice christmas !

  2. glad to know you're finally getting some ME time Eki! Sometimes i feel like if i'm not doing something productive, i'm wasting time but really, ME time is important! :)

    so muchhh love from the bloggy world, i love it! you're right.. staying positive is key! :)

    hope you have a merry christmas filled with lots of love and joy :)

    take care!

  3. Merry Christmas, Eki!
    You definitely deserve all the love, cause you are such a lovable person!

    The smokey eyes look fabulous! And I always admire your gorgeous photos!

  4. Merry Christmas Eki! Thats a lot of haul right there! I wanted to try beauty diary mask one day!

  5. Ahhhh, I love it! Everything! The drawing, your haul, love packages. Soooo sweet!! :D :D :D

    You are so bad cause you make me want to order from sasa again and again. I already bought 2x because of you! I might have to get some MBDM since you said they are so nice. XD

  6. Merry Christmas Eki!<3

    Awesome hauls & love packages, OMG the korila charm is soooo cute >_< And your drawing, fantastic!!! You're so inspiring! I wish I could draw half as good as you ^^

    Happy holidays!

  7. eki you are so creative i love the haul also! i want that mirror!

  8. Merry Christmas Eki :)
    Great to hear that you finally get some Me time. Thanks for sharing your haul with us. The mirror is so kawaii !! I knew I had to get one. It was my first purchase on sasa.com =)

  9. I have to hold myself back whenever it comes to ordering from Sasa hahahaaha... But it's sometimes difficult but I was definitely satisfied with my last haul from there for the year. Have a lovely Christmas with your love ones and may it be a joyous day for you :)
    I used to draw Sailor Moon and her gang a lot as a kid hahahahaa... I was pretty good at it back then.. but now I can prob only do stick figures ahahahhaahaha...

  10. Eki!!!! I just received your package!!! It's amazing!!! Thank you so much :D
    Expect a blog post about it very soon! I shall save some gushing for the post :P
    Thanks again!
    P.S. you are an amazing artist! What can't you do? :)

  11. wow the mirror is gorgeous!
    and i love your eye make up! it's sexy and mesmerizing ;)
    you're so ood at drawing anime! i definitely should start drawing again now XD

  12. oh my gosh if your rusty and can draw that then...
    you are soooo amazing! @_@

  13. Awwww, yay! Glad to hear you're finally taking out some time for yourself! Hope the lip balm is helping with your lips! It's the only one that really works for me hehehe. And WOW - I always knew you took the most amazing pictures but I am just floored at how you made my package turn out hahahahaha - it's just such simple stuff but you made it look amazing! Hehehe.

    Loooove the EOTD - I think it's really really gorgeous and not draggish at all! And wow! You are so talented Eki! I am amazed at your drawing! :D

    Merry Christmas!! :D :D :D

  14. Merry christmas eki! <3
    wow.. such nice hauls! :) you'r making me want to try more masks! :P
    I love your sexy smokey eye look btw :)
    and your drawing on the card is so awesome! <3 looks exactly like her!!! :)

  15. Your eyes are soooooo amazing!

    Merry Christmas!

  16. I think the eyemakeup looks really prety! And wow, you haven't lost your touch at all for drawing =D Still amazing!

    Merry Christmas Eki!

  17. Yay more great Eki drawings! All around talent woman! ;) And great haulage & love packies you got there!

    Oooh.. the double falsie is gorgeous on you! But then again... everything always is!

    Merry Christmas Eki Love! ;) XOXOXOXO

  18. Merry Christmas Eki chan! May you grow more and more and more beautiful =) and may your kindness to everyone just return to you.

    Every sasa haul of yours makes me go crazy cuz I'm dying to purchase those MBD masks xD lol I'm going to purchase 'em soon, grrrrr! Two days ago I found that they have LED mirror on sale too...hmm will have to catch that before the stock runs out =)

  19. I love your drawing!!it's perfect like those I see in the manga books :D even better than some ;) and also I love your smokey eyes! Will you be doin the step by step tute??

  20. love the haul cant wait for the reviews merry xmas :3

  21. Melli~ Kurismas ^_~*
    btw, you're an AMAZING drawer!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all your hard work this year, I LOVE your blogs!

  22. ♥Merry Christmas Eki♥wish u all the best~

    I love ur masks and planning to get them esp. after reading ur reviews^^..Love that mirror, I so love mirrors esp. the gyaru ones.

    Love ur drawing , u r such a creative girl.

  23. Merry Christmas Eki~! I hope you are keeping warm during this snow storm^^

    Thanks for introducing the mirror from sasa, I am going to try and purchase that!^^

    Your eyemake is sooo beautiful and dramatic. You suit so many different styles^^

    Great drawing! Could you be more talented? hehe! You are beautiful and talented~!^^

  24. OMG I didn't know you can draw that well! You never wanted to be a mangaka? That's hard work >.<

    YOu got so many masks...oooh it would be pampering heaven if you'd keep them all LOL That mirror is super awesome! so pretty! I wish they extended the free shipping to other continents too =D

    Merry Christmas Eki! Hope you had a great time! And got many nice presents! Do you celebrate Xmas, BTW?
    All the best wishes!~

  25. What a nice haul, that lit up mirror is so cute!

    I thought your smokey eye was gorgeous. It was so sweet of you to draw your sisters card, it looks amazing!

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, I will be wearing my earrings today! (^-^*)

  26. Wow, your drawing is absolutely amazing! I love your eye makeup there. I could never achieve a look like that myself.

    Merry Christmas!! :)

  27. woooowwww that drawing is sooooo cute and amazing!! you should post more of your sketches and drawings :)I also love the falsies on you! layering the lashes gives it such a gorgeous, dramatic effect.

    Merry Christmas!

  28. Merry Christmas, Eki!! I am also a Sasa addict now too, omg they're taking so much money from me with all their low priced products, lol. I check often too since the popular products and best deals sell out fast...like those My Beauty Diary masks sets sold out as I was trying to check out and purchase them, oh wells.

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  29. Merry Christmas Eki! You are such a great artist, I love when you post your drawings they are always so great.

    Sasa is sooo addicting, omg I love that mirror I'm going to have to try and find it. Haha. Great EOTD, really gorgeous, and I love the contacts too!

  30. beautiful eyes, beautiful drawing!

    merry christmas!

  31. Merry Christmas!!! I wish I could draw!!! I'm surprised I can actually put eyeliner on straight!!!
    I really can't look at sheet mask hauls!!!! I can not afford another addiction!!!! I'll just peek at that website you mentioned real quick!

  32. UHM WOW! You're an amazing artist!

  33. great haul!! i just got fiberwig and a shiseido mascara from sasa too :)

    the drawing is good!

  34. Merry Christmas Eki! <3

    You should write and draw your own manga and sell it in EKILOVE! ^_^

    I hope Sasa has some of those mirrors left :D

  35. i love the drawing!!!! and the mirror looks so pretty~

    great hauls and love packages! XD

    happy holidays!

  36. picture heavy post! I want them alll! hahah!These dyas I'm more and more addicted to sheet masks!! I really need to get the LED mirror, sooo pretty! awesome EOTD!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my dearest friend! <3

  37. awwr i love ur blog
    it's soo amazing and so creativ *_*

    wonderful drawing <3

  38. lots of lovely packages! <3
    That makeup is so gorgeous <3 <3
    I was looking for the perfect Birthday Makeup and couldn't find any... T_T I wish I could have one this!! I should have gone on your blog on my birthday to make sure -.-
    but any ways, thanks for updating! can't wait for moree <3

  39. Happy Holidays Eki! =)

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and still enjoying the holiday week. =)

    Great goodies and you rock in drawing. You're very talented girl. =)

  40. i just tried the collagen mask that you gave as extra and i love it! I should get some of those one day! thank you again! :)

  41. the drawing is soooo good!!!
    its an exact copy =0

  42. wow i'm so behind on this sasa boat xD ahaa. one of these days! and WOW you are so talented! in make up application--you don't look draggy at all--and in drawing.. oh my gosh. i could've sworn yours was the original! WOW.


let me know what you think~ :3

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