Hope everyone is having a nice Holidays so far!

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and still enjoying your Holiday! :)
I had really nice time with the family and been stuffed from all the nice meals I have been fed through out christmas and after XD

The snow really came down the day before christmas thanks to the winter storm we had over the midwest so we had super white Christmas here! It was really beautiful but with about 15+inches of snow everywhere it was hard getting around to places, so me and the bf played in the snow LOL it was perfect for snowman building! I never really had the chance to play in the snow since I grew up most of my life in the Florida so its really amusing to me X3
brings out the child in me hehe so spent most of Christmas day playing in the snow♥ :)

now that the Christmas is over with we have to look forward to the new years to come, I still cant believe its almost 2010!! >_<
I cant believe it still, well I hope to wish everyone happy new year! Be safe! :D

What is everyone's new years resolution?? :3

Christmas table

christmas tree

eki snow1

super COLD and windy on Christmas day LOL
Thank goodness for the down jackets its a life save in this freezing weather X3
my face was so numb after playing in the snow it was starting to sting so had to go back in side.. :/

eki snow

me sporting DSK earring she gave me for Christmas!! its so beautiful I immediately wore them out LOL! :D
will make a post about them soon♥
Thx Steph♥

eki snow 2

well stay warm everyone!



  1. eki you look like a model in those pictures! good to hear you had a wonderful holiday :} it seems almost everyone had a white christmas this year~

  2. ur so beautiful T_T
    love the photos and glad to hear ur having a great time :3

  3. Aww so glad to hear you had wonderful Christmas! I had a good one too, and stuffed myself as well with loads of yummy food! Hehe XD My new years resolution is to definitely join a gym, I want to keep myself fit this year and strengthen my inner system.

    Happy New Year to you too!


  4. ooomg Eki, you look so radiant and flawless in the pictures! seriously you look amazing! love the earrings too.
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas dear!
    Michelleyyy xxx

  5. Eki you look like a beautiful Snow Angel in these pics! Brings a smile to my face! I'm glad you had a safe fun xmas! And I hope your NewYears goes just as well if not better! :D

  6. Aww! such pretty pix!! happy holidays!! have a happy and safe new years!!! <3 Rina

  7. WOW - white Christmas indeed! Beautiful pictures, Eki!!!! Glad to hear you had a merry Christmas. :D

  8. Glad to you hear you had a wonderful Christmas. I never had a white Christmas before. I can imagine how fun and beautiful is it. Wish you and and your loved ones a happy 2010!

  9. Beautiful photos of the table and ornaments, that's so festive^^ You were so brave to head out in that snow, but the portraits of you are just so sweet!

  10. OMG!
    you're so pretty

    if being on a snow-laden place can make someone look as pretty as you do, i'd jump in straight to a plane just to go there!

    it's nice to know that you had a great christmas. being surrounded with family & friends is a sure way to enjoy & have a memorable christmas. glad you had a great time,hun!

    Here in the Philippines we celebrate with a big bang..literally!
    a lot of firecrackers & lots of noises.

    hope you'll have a lucky start for the new year,girl!

    stay pretty

  11. You look absolutely gorgeous Eki!!!!! Beautiful pics, hope you had a wonderful Christmas & still enjoying your holidays. <3 ^-^
    You're so lucky to get snow for Christmas. We had a green Christmas this year. :( I'm not a fan of snow, but I DO like it for Christmas day, especially waking up to see everything covered in a white blanket. :)

  12. You look cold, but cute! Stay warm and have a Happy New Year! :)


    Kate Gene

  13. aww, it looks like you had lots of fun on Christmas!!! it was sooooo snowy here too. I kept thinking, it must be WORSE in MN! You look pretty in the snow. ^^

  14. eki the snow model! hehehe! ;P glad you had a great time and ate lots!! <3

  15. such gorgeous pictures of you eki! <3
    Looks like you had so much fun :)

  16. Merry belated xmas Eki!<3 Looks like lots of fun in the snow, I kinda wish it would snow here sometimes, that would be cool XD Looking super lovely as always! Stay warm!<3

  17. Snow... Eki your look great!
    Merry Christmas....

  18. I really miss the Midwest snow. It's so pretty, especially around the holidays. The best feeling is when you're warm inside looking out to look at the brightness :)

    I'm glad you like the earrings ^_^ Just a small gift to show my love <3 Thanks for all you do for me:
    1. be my friend hehe
    2. be a dsk jewelry model
    3. make the cutest stuff for ekilove!

    You're one of my favorite people, don't ever change



  19. Your pictures looks very pretty.
    I love the white reflection!!
    A bit of fantasy feel.

  20. i did not enjoy the traveling we did during christmas but we did have a fun time. we went to 3 different places in the snowy weather we had. i'm glad you enjoyed the snow and have fun. stay warm and have a good new years as well! xoxo

  21. aw you always look so pretty!!
    Happy holidays!

  22. happy holidays Eki!!! you look gorgeous in the snow

  23. omg beautiful! i wish i had skin as white and pretty as yours!!

  24. HappY Holidays!!! YOu are just too pretty eki!!!

  25. aww girl!! ur table setting is off the hook! very cute! so glad u were able to enjoy a winter white xmas.. love ur down jacket against the snow! hehe.

  26. eki! your photos are amazing (: and omg white christmas! we had a green one in canada. and it was raining too ><

  27. The goodies are adorable! And I LOVE your photos in the beautiful snowy forest! So natural and cute!

  28. Wow! Your Christmas decorations indoors look fabulous! Looks like you had a lot of fun in the snow!! I wish we had snow here in Toronto already!!

  29. omg you're so pretty!!!
    the pictures of you in the snow look like they're part of an ad =D

  30. So pretty!!! :) I hope you had a great holiday and Happy New Year! ^^

  31. I absolutely ADORE your table setting for Christmas dinner! It's so classy, elegant, and simple! I really love the plates and the glasses--beautiful color and design! Thanks for sharing the eyecandy photos of your table and Christmas tree decorations!

    hehe now onto YOU...I am in LOVEE with the 3 photos of you! looks like you had a very fun and relaxing time just letting loose and playing in the snow. It looks SOO beautiful there. I've mentioned this before, and I'll say it again: I LOVE how you look against snow covered backgrounds. The white of the snow just complements your beautiful Snow White pale complexion so well, and the rich, warm brown of your hair just POPS against all the white of your skin, jacket, and snow!! hehe it's PERFECTION! and the last pic of you truly illustrates all this...I LOVE it!<33 You are our Japanese Snow Angel! You really do look like a model (a truly GORGEOUS one) in these pics! Please do us all a favor and go model already!! hehe <3

    Merry (Belated) Christmas, Eki nee-chan!<3 And I wish you a Happy New Year!! May your life be filled with much love and happiness, prosperity, health, new opportunities, and many many new, special, and heartwarming experiences and memories in the New Year! <3 Yayy and hooray for 2010! :]

    <3 Caroline :)

  32. the pictures are sooooo nice! I love the quality to all of them :) ESPECIALLY the one of the table :D

  33. wow! what gorgeous pics :) you're so pretty in the snow, haha it's like a total fashion shoot i swears<3

    love the table setting!! how cute~


let me know what you think~ :3

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