Holiday Love Packages!

I got surprise Christmas LOVE from my sweeties~ X3
I was so surprised to see all this LOVE packages in the mail! I am truly lucky to have met all of you Lovelies here and Thank you so much for all the love you have given me I really appreciate it all and have put major smile on my face and have definitely made my Christmas merrier!! ^0^ Thank you SO MUCH!♥ ♥

First I got Love package from my babe DSK! She have been always so supportive of me and my blog from day one, she is super generous, genuine and sweet. I am honor to be your real friend here in this online world LOL X3
Thank you so much for always showering me with your love and gorgeous jewels!! Thank you for always having me on your mind, Proud to be your DSK model as well♥

one and only DSK jewels♥ check out her gorgeous swarovski jewels here
she has one of the BEST customer service and jewels out there!

DSK earring

she saw this and thought of me since I rave about panasonic electric lash curler LOL I cant wait to use this and see how it works!

panasonic electric lash curler

Steph is false lash queen!! She hauls falsie in bulk! LOL XD
Shisem is really nice quality false lashes, Thanks girl!!
They are hard to get for me so I really appreciate it :D

shisem false lashes

moto love

Love package from sarah/moto/Izumi/sis/Izu-chan♥LOL :)
Another major sweetie here in the blog world, she is a fellow Japanese super talented photographer sister of mine :3
She gave me any photography tips and huge supporter of ekiLove! ♥

You always surprise me with your Love packages and I want to let you know

kawaii origami crane :D

moto love origami

as soon as I opened the package this yummy sweet smell oozed out and I didnt know what it came from so I unwrapped this block and saw this handmade soap!
This soap smells so good!! Thank you!

handmade soap

Moto Jewelry♥

one of her signature piece! Check out her store here

moto earring

and kawaii and sweet letter!

moto lovenote

Beautiful business cards of her and her bf's along with Moto Jewelry
moto & bryant card

moto card

sanny love

also I joined K from bihadadiaries secret santa and my secret santa was from Sanniet
She made me custom printed fabric for me! so thoughtful and creative gift along with HK ribbons hehe :D

Thank you so much for sending me christmas LOVE!

sanny love

sweet christmas card

Lim Love

One of my ekiLove customer LIM from singapore have sent me surprise Love package for christmas!! X3 This was totally unexpected sweet gift and really have made my Christmas so happy and joyful! thank you so much! she included really sweet letter letting me know how she is a avid reader of my blog, she let me know how much she appreciates me having my blog with the tutorials,reviews and all the things in between!! Your words mean so much to me since I put so much effort in making the posts on my blog X3 it makes it all worth to know someone actually cares to read what I have to say, Thank you so much!!

Its nice to know that you know what I love hehe
1. I loveee HK 2. I LOVE UME!! Thank you so MUCH you are a true sweetheart!!

Lim went to KITTY LAB in Singapore, they are celebrating Hello Kitty's 35th anniversity so she got me their mascot plushy pouch for me in mind!! so KAWAII!! thank you much! XD

kitty lab plush

along with yummy UME gummies!!!
ume is Japanese plum, typically refers to pickled plum

ume gummy

This ume gummy contains 1900mg of collagen in each bag! not only tastes good but really a plus for your skin how cool is that :D

ume gummy with collagen

I hope you all had wonderful gifts for Christmas and amazing loving friends as well!
Stay warm and take care!



  1. Great prezzies Eki! Steph, Sarah, & Sannie are all great gals! So generous and sweet! Just like you! :)

  2. This is such a heart warming post Eki! I love Sarah's business cards, they're too adorable.

    Sanny's custom fabric print is the sweetest gift I've ever seen! (hehe I knew she was your SS :P) I just think Sanny's one of the most talented girl I know! I love her to pieces.

    I'm loving your photography more and more each day! I think you have a really great aesthetic eye! You just know how to arrange things so perfectly for photos! ^_^

    Ok, I gotta go now, Minh says I'm typing too loud. hehe



    p.s. thanks for the shoutout!

  3. omg... that's a big love!

  4. Awww you got so many nice gifts :) You're very loved Eki <333

  5. collagen is sweets??? how crazy is that??? o_O"
    Girl, you got some awesome packages! =D

  6. Wooow, so man ybeautiful gifts ^____^ That'S really cute. Hope you had a nice christmas and a wonderful new year ^_^v

  7. Wow, so many cute things! *^_^* Love it!

  8. Love all the gifts you got! So thoughtful of them, the online world can be truly SWEET if you ignore those haters who have nothing to do. =.=

    And Sarah must've given you great photography tips! I've always been jealous of your photography..LOL

  9. you got so much love.....belated merry christmas eki....

  10. so many love packages, you are well loved Eki, and hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!! yay for more HK ribbons from Sanniet :p btw have you tried to make anything w/ the ones I sent you yet? I am curious to see what you can create with them, you are the most creative one <3

  11. so many beautiful presents! <3 i love your photographs eki :) theyre so clear and beautiful haha even if its just simple things!

  12. such great gifts you've received... I have to agree that jewelry is the best gift for a girl haahahaha...who would love it.. and also candy MmmM~~~~ Lucky you... Glad you had a great holiday...and now it's New Year's real soon... It's never ending... heheheheeh...Wooo!!!!

  13. I just love your pictures! They are so professional looking!
    What kind of camera do you use? I really want a DSLR...sigh, if only they weren't so expensive :(

  14. wow!! That is a lot of CHristmas presents indeed! love everything you got! ^_^ You deserve it though because you are super sweet and super nice :D

    Happy Holidays!

  15. you are LOVED, Eki-chan!! The way you photographed all those presents...make them look even 100000x more bright and colorful and adorable!! I agree with Steph! you really DO know how to arrange objects to make them look extra 100000000000x kawaii and desirable! hehe all of your pictures just really REALLY draw me in all the time because of how vibrant and lively they are--I LOVE vibrancy! I think it's pure eye candy--visiting your blog is always a joy for me and a feast for my tired eyes! Everything is just so bright and happy! :) Makes me happy too! ^__^

    I've been reading and following your blog for so long...but haven't sent you anything yet. :'( I'm really sorry I couldn't send you anything yet...I feel really bad bc I've been wanting to mail you a small little gift since forever!! Hopefully my piggy bank will allow it soon in 2010!<3 Even though you haven't gotten anything from me yet, just know that I heart you to bajillion million pieces!!<3<3 you are such a wonderfully sweet and GORGEOUS person, I <3 you!

    <3 caroline

  16. you totally deserve everything you received<33 and MORE~! much more!

  17. How do you take your pictures of the things you get? It's always with like a perfect white background. Or do you photoshop the extra stuff out?


let me know what you think~ :3

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