FOTD with revlon fantasy lengths, Silk whitia mask review

Here is my FOTD :3
I havent posted much of fotd anymore so I wanted to share them with you with me wearing Revlon fantasy lengths in Intensifying, I think this is my fav lashes from the whole fantasy lengths series :D They look so natural but drastic most of all they are so comfortable!! The only con is that the self adhesive is weird and they only come with 2 pairs,, so after the strip is all worn you can add glue but its not the same as having the strips on the lash since its so thin with out the strips is its not reusable friendly... :/

But I really love how they feel so light and natural on the eye I forget that I have them on :3
if you are new to wearing false lashes they are great for beginner lash users :D

makes my eyes look like I have full and long natural lashes♥
perfect match for winged eye lined look

eki revlon lash whole look

eki revlon lash look

eki revlon lash looks

on to mask review:

silk whitia collagen tightening eye mask

I got this mask from Amynaree, we did a mask swap that we each got from sasa.com she was kind enough to send me 2 pairs of this mask along with other mask and I must say I LOVE this mask alot! I see why other bloggers rave about Silk Whitia masks :)

below is the back of the mask pack you can see all the ingredients, this mask is filled with ALOT of serum so the mask is drenched with serum so when you first apply on your face it instantly soaks your face :D

The serum is with any collagen and Hyaluronic mask its sorta sticky and thick consistency which I didnt mind at all, I was kinda cracking up that the mask looks like super hero mask LOL but it covers half of your face for a eye mask which I thought was really cool, since this was tightening mask I felt tightening sensation around my eyes! Which was really neat but can get slightly uncomfortable cause it felt really tight on my face X3

I left the mask on for about 35 min since the mask is really wet I didnt want to waste it hehe and with the remaining serum I applied it on the rest of my face, my neck area and my hands. :D

after I took off the mask I can feel my eye area was tighter, brighter and super hydrated! my skin felt so smooth that it almost looked plastic like it glowed it definitely does what it says! XD

Silk Whitia have all sorts of other mask that is targeted for other needs, I hightly recommend this brand of mask you can understand why they are more pricer than most other asian masks but sasa.com is having BUY ONE GET ONE FREE so you can get 10 mask for $15 which almost equal out to buying My beauty diary masks :)

silk whitia

funny looking mask :D but does a great job!

eki do silk whitia eye mask

snowy Minnesota pics

snowy minnesota

snowy boots

snow dunes

beautiful snow that sparkles like diamonds♥

beautiful snow sparkle

Finishing off with a snowman/snow monster that me and the BF made on Christmas day LOL its still standing strong! we couldn't roll the snow around since it was so snowed in we just piled the snow till it was like way over 6 feet tall LOL XD

you can see how tall this thing is next to me! we made it look asian too LOL

I had so much fun playing in the snow and making this thing ^0^ its really ugly but makes me smile each time I see this thing in the back yard LOL

eki and snowman

well looking forward to the new year and its coming by in 2 more days!! >_<
Thanks for stopping by again!



  1. What beautiful lashes! I've always stayed away from falsies because I'm horrible at applying them. I'm contemplating getting the ones you have-- self adhesive so I don't have to mess with glue. You look amazing standing next to your snow creature.

  2. Wow! Those lashes ARE gorgeous :D

    And I love you contacts. It's a pretty purple color, not a creepy colored purple. Haha.

    The snow looks gorgeous. Great pics! Happy New Yeaarrr!

  3. Looking gorgeous as always Eki <333 those lashes look great! I really wanna try those ^^ Great mask review too! Lovely pix and hehe the "snow monster" IS super tall!!! Hehe!

  4. The falsies look real good on you, I just love it coz it can look so natural at the same time hehehehe...
    You're right, the snow definitely does reflect like diamonds...White Christmas is the best, too bad it doesn't exist in Australia, it's like 38degrees celcius out here today bleh~~~~~

  5. Revlon Lashes <3 <3
    aww, I have not yet try the eye mask yet... but it looks so big... haha! more eye area can be covered!

  6. Wow u look super beautiful with those lashes, too bad we don't have them here^^;..
    I so love ur snow pictures, they are so pretty as well as ur picture with the snowman..kawaii~~

  7. I like the revlon lashes because they are so light too! I can barely feel them.
    Once again, i just LOVE your photographs :)

  8. TUXEDO MASK! hehe but girl version!

  9. Oh wow the snow really does sparkle! So envious Eki! And you and the BF did a great job on that snowman! I think he looks even better cuz you're standing next to it! ;)

    Revlon falsies are love! I suck at falsies, but I love that these are soo light! :) And you look breathtakingly gorgeous as always! :)

  10. the snow looks so super pretty! i'm jealous! i'm battling 40 degree heat :(

    i've tried the revlon intensifying one and i loved it! i do agree it's not very re-usable which is kinda annoying :P

    how tall are you? you look tall in that photo! :D

  11. You live in Minnesota!?
    Oh my gosh, in Moorhead it's above my head in snow!

  12. hahaha! i love your snowman! :P
    how did you get it to stand so tall! you got skills! :P

    you look pretty and your eyes look so nice with those lashes :)

  13. i love those lashes! they look very natural!!

    gosh snow..how i wish i have snow here!! btw this is quite a late reply but i got the package from ekilove..thank you!

  14. wow u always look like a magazine, so pretty!!!!. omg ur so tiny, Im used to seeing just your face :)

  15. Those lashes look lovely, I will have to try them if you recommend! Everything I try that you recommend I love!~

    The snow is beautiful~ I wish I could keep a snow diamond around my neck like jewelry ^_^

  16. waaa snoooow *_____* That snowman is hilarious! Cute! ^.^ Love its eyes!^^

    I can imagine you in full white clothing, wearing the mask strolling outside in the snow as the White Hero! ^_^

  17. Your pictures are always so pretty! Love your blog Eki!

  18. I loveee your pic in the snow!!makes me think one of manga scenes I read in one book :) you look lovely as always eki! I hope you enjoy your well deserved year end holiday ^^

  19. Hi Eki! Glad you like the eye masks, I'm loving them as well! I love how it has so much extra liquid. I think i'm officially addicted to eye masks now just ordered a bunch of the crystal ones you gave me to try from sasa hehe

  20. Those lashes look great on you, I wish they sold Revlon falsies where I live :/

  21. I love your new hair cut! the bangs are perfect and make your eyes and lashes look even larger :) Your FOTDs are always so cute ^_^

  22. Gorgeous FOTD, your contacts look gorgeous. I recently received some Revlon lashes to review but I'm a complete noob with falsies. Hope I'll be able to use it correctly, LOL

    And love the snow pictures! Surprisingly, Toronto hasn't snowed very much at all...=/ Strange

    & great snowman you made with the BF. You look great standing next to it =D

  23. The lashes look so pretty & feathery on you :D

    I like the snowy man :D Very tall and funny ^____^


  24. Gorgeous look and LOL. I love the snowmonster you guys made! So cute, hahahahaha!

  25. Dangit! I really want the lashes. Its so pathetic that we can't even get them here. *sigh*

    You look absolutely without a doubt, gorgeous in the snowman pic. LOL!

  26. I know I always say this to you but omg, you look so gorgeous! :D

    Happy New Year!!

  27. You are SOOOO BEAUTIFUL, Eki!! Your beauty never ceases to amaze me! hehe those lashes look amazing on you! and your purple lenses--you are one of the VERY few Asian people I know that can pull off purple eyes so well!! I lovee love LOVEEEE your photos of the snow. WOW! Is it beautiful there in Minnesota! You're so lucky you get sparkly, diamond-like snow! I rather have snow than rain because at least you can play in the snow and make snowmen like your snow monster! hehe it's so much taller than you!! It could be a basketball player! hehe and you just look GORGEOUS against the snowy backdrop in that photo! your hair color is so warm and rich and really pops out against all that pure and beautiful white! You are soo tiny!! I'm so jealous at how petite skinny you are! PERFECT!! :)

    <3 caroline

  28. the snow is beautiful! :) I love the intensifying ones but the flirty one is pretty too :D

  29. YAY snow pics!! i want to see more, they're gorgeous <3 and you look sooo cute and chic, even in the freezing cold.. haha. i'm jealous :P

  30. Hey Eki, Can i know what color of your hair ?

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