Barbie King Grey and EOS Adult Grey Lens review


Here is the belated looks of the lenses that was sponsored by Pinkyparadise.com
I wanted to wear them for sometime to form an opinion about the lenses :)

First one is Barbie King in Grey,
this lens is 14.5 diameter so it is slightly larger than average circle lenses same size as the Barbie Big lenses, this lenses look really similar to Geo's Angel series but its more opaque in color so you can see the pigment of the lens really well.

On comfort,
its really comfortable compared to barbie big lenses! I was really surprised how this lens didnt bother me at all :3 Like the Barbie big lens it will give you DOLLY eyes but to me this series looks more natural I really like it!♥

I feel like I can wear this lens on normal level, wore this lens for 6+ hours without any discomfort~

you can see that this lens looks like the Geo angel's but the rim of the lens are thicker to give more larger dolly eyes.
barbie king grey lens
one without and one with big difference X3
also on my lips, I am wearing on lips is YSL Rouge volupte in #1 nude beige I LOVE how this color looks!! Perfect nudy pink shade♥

eki barbie king lens

with flash and indoor light
you can see that its very visible even without the flash :)
Im also wearing beautiful earring by Moto jewelry handmade by Izumi :D
*sorry Izu-chan Im not good at modeling earrings... always cant see the earrings well =_=;;

Barbie King Grey

eki barbie king grey

EOS adult grey lens
14.0 in diameter
This lens is really pretty in photos but I think not in person LOL X3
Due the the patterns of the lens makes my eyes look weird..
they are pretty opaque in the pigment of the lens, not much of a circle lens effect so I would say it will enlarge your eye just slightly, also this color can look like baby blueish/purple shade if you like the Geo Nudy series I think you will like this lens.

On comfort,
I think they are pretty comfortable, my eyes did not get irritated while wearing this lens for more than 6+ hours so that a good thing about this lens :)

with flash and without
they are pretty noticeable in person definitely will make dark colored eyes lighter, give you the seductive eyes :3

eki EOS adult grey

oh and here is me with my Nerdy glasses LOL X3
I was asked, if I wear my circle lens all the time? yes I do, its because I have prescription lenses I have really bad vision since 13 years old, so I am now -5.50 I can only see clearly within few feet from me now,,, -__-;;
so I end up having so many regular lenses and circle lenses, now I just end up just wearing them on normal basis but only when Im outdoors, when Im home I turn into super Nerd eki~ I give my eyes a break from lenses as much as I can since your eyes need oxygen as well :)
dont laugh at me,, I know my glasses makes me looks nerdier....LOL :/
I need new frames!! thats next thing on my lists of buy :3

nerd eki

I just got 3 more lenses from Pinkyparadise
so I will make a post about those lenses I got next time~ more lens reviews to come!

*if you are contact wearer I do highly recommend to apply eye drop now and then to lubricate your the eyes, I recommend Rohto eye drops! you can get imported from Japan Rohto or you can get Rohto brand that is rebranded for US at most major retailers.

*this is from my past post*

Here is must have for people that wears contacts. Another awesome item from Japan! :P Well this eye drops are made by Rohto, they have started to import their items in US but they only have the boring and not that great ones. They make all kinds of different eye drops but they only sell em in Japan,, :(

This two is my favs~ pink one is *Lycee* contains B12 and rose extract and have mild cooling effect. Rohto make cooling level of 1-7 and this one is 3, they make one for contacts and another one for non contacts. Relieves the red eye and moisturizes for hours! Loves it ;3

Blue one is* Zi 0* This one is for the hard core people that want to feel like you have ice cubes in yo eye! Its level 6 and Im telling you its intense~ but I love it!! I make all my friends try this one. Their first reaction is "oh my gosh!! I have paint thinner in my eyes!!" *trust me it dont burn, its intense icy feeling* but after few minutes they are like "most intense and amazing feeling my eyes ever felt" you gotta try this one it will relieve your red eye and dryness instantly~you will be addicted :D


  1. Aww Eki you look so adorable with your glasses on! lol <3

  2. Gorgeous! Thanks for the reviews :D I really wanna get the EOS Adult gray ones, they're so pretty! Ohh and the Rouge Volupte nude beige is LOVE! Hehe I have only tried one of the Rohto drops... like Wuzzy says... they are CRACKDROPS! XD

  3. I really like the lip color. You're right!

    I've never heard about cooling eye drops. You always have the funnest products!

  4. I really want to try those eye drops now! LOL the lychee one even looks YUMMY! XD
    I love the contacts, so preeetty. hahas. But my eyes get sore quickly >< so I don't wear them that much. And you look so cute with your glasses eki!! hehes Don't think that they make you nerdy looking ^^

  5. My bf always has really dry eyes even though he wears regular Acuvue Oasys! I definitely want to try the Rohto eyedrops now =)~ Thanks for sharing Eki <3!

  6. Eki! Gorgeous reviews. But I also think that your eyes look gorgeous even without the circles lenses. :) In the comparison picture, I thought just regularly your pupils actually already look like you're wearing 14.0!

    The lenses look very cute especially when paired up with your curled hair! I call those the princess curls because they're simple yet elegant. ^___^

    Are you using the Dollywink liner?

    Also, can you please reply to my email inquiry about the jewelry when you have the time? :3 Sorry for the seemingly never-ending emails! I promise I won't do so next time, I've just been having terrible luck lately with buying your items and various things at school, hope it'll improve soon!

    But forget about that, thanks for taking the time! I really want to try that "ice eyedrop" you mention, haha~

  7. Haha. I need new glasses too! My degree is higher than you! I sometimes wear my glasses out when I feel lazy especially to work. So I've been trying to find some look that matches glasses, and also been searching celebs in glasses but no luck! Flipping all my Vivi, nonno, Mini, Spring or Sweet doesn't seem to have looks that match with spectacles. Any idea where else I can try?

    OH! I've been lemming for the Lycee eye drops. Seems like only ebay have them. =(

  8. Both you and Jen have me wanting the Adult Grey SO BAD. I wish I could wear contacts T_T

  9. Ahh! I really like those EOS contacts!!
    I need to get me them Lychee Rohto drops.
    When I tried the Zi ones for the first time I was laughing cause I wasn't expecting them to be so strong! It surprised me.

  10. Lovely contacts! I wish I could wear coloured contacts, but my eyesight is really bad and they probably don't have a high enough prescription for me. 2: They look lovely on you though! You look so cute with your glasses on too ;D

  11. You are so pretty!!! awww... I want the Lychee rhoto now because I wear prescription contact lenses :(

  12. Hey eki! Thanks for showing us that you wear glasses! I also am quite blind without glasses/contacts, and I was curious what you do when you want a pair of circle lens when you need corrective vision. And those drops sound really cool! So you always wear glasses the circle lenses when you're out and about? cause in all your pics you are never wearing them...

  13. i heard alot about lycee! im going to start using contact lenses from tomorrow, so will need a good eye drop... i wonder where i can find this in the UK :/

    btw, during the day, can u use these eye drops whilst the lenses are still in? or must they be taken out first?? (obvious contact lense newbie here)

    thanks x

  14. I always wanted grey contacts! But they don't make um strong enough for me! LOL!

    But you look amazing as always. The pattern on these is pretty prominent though.

    I love you glasses. Not nerdy at all! Intellectual! AND YAY FOR CRACKDROPS!!! ;)

  15. thanks for the review! been debating on whether to get the adult greys for the longest time!

  16. Ahahaaaa, I should try to deside which color I'll order soon! <3<3<3 I have to wear contacts, the last review sounds cool! :D

  17. wouahh ^__^ i really do prefer the EOS adult grey. You looks so pretty. Thank you for sharing your pictures <3

  18. Theses lenses are looking beautiful and ur eyes too ♥♥♥

  19. i have always wanted to try rohto v eyedrops! i heard they made my friend cry a little though :P

    those contacts are so cute! i definitely want a brown one! where else do you buy your circle lenses from? :)

  20. Amazing post as always eki!
    The lenses are gorgeous and your indepth honest review makes it even better.
    I've tried the artic rohoto eye drops and it burns so gooooood haha it's so addicting!

    P.S you look adorable with your glasses :)

  21. Thank you for the great reviews and recommendations! Very well written useful as always^^ You look great with both lenses but I prefer the second one!

  22. You look stunning and beautiful in your lenses!

    And you still look kawaii in your glasses!

  23. You look stunning and beautiful in your lenses!

    And you still look kawaii in your glasses!

  24. i love your site! the lens look so pretty but im so used to my glasses. dont know if i have the courage to poke something in my eyes.. lol

  25. I've been wanting to buy the Barbie King ones :D Also, I think though EOS always have off-colours, it really flatters you! If they're comfortable, wear them :)

    Hehe glasses are awesome. Glad to know even a gyaru like you has bad vision like me!

    <3 Angie

  26. Both lens look great on you hun! Make your eyes bling bling! Sexy!! You look gorgeous even with glasses on. Not nerdy at all =D Love them rohto drops <33

  27. It looks like you have anime eyes with circle lenses, so pretty.

    I love Rohto eye drops too, very refreshing.

  28. That IS the perfect pink lipstick!! I wish I could afford YSL to try it out.

    The big grey lenses look great, although I really like your natural eyes too :)

  29. Eki! You look gorgeous! The EOS cons are so pretty and you look great in them!

    Out of curiosity, have you written a blog about your hair colour products previously? I love your hair colour!!

  30. Ooh, I love the grey ones! I wish the blue ones looked nicer in person. They look amazing in the pictures!

    LOL. I think your glasses are cute! I wear mine all the time b/c my stupid waterlines get blisters all the time when I'm stressed or low on sleep (which... is kind of all the time =/).

  31. Do they make circle lenses for people with astigmatism? And if they do, how much are they usually?

  32. wow those contacts look sooooooooo nice. very complimentary with your complexion Eki.

  33. loveee ur luscious lips eki *envy ^^

  34. Hey girl! :) Just passing thru & wanted to say hi! U should look at the frames at Aranya's bro's eye clinic when u come back to Orl to visit :D I think u'll find something u like - they carry Juicy & I think Dior, etc. Anyways, everytime I go I always pick 2 that I have her set aside for me lol one day I'll get them. OH I still use the rohto eye drops! I got the ones for contacts, too; & the one w/the highest strength (zi free?) but I'm always scared to use them T_T PS: the music on ur pg always scares the crap outta me b/c I always forget that it's going to play! haha. let me know when u plan to visit & I'll try to meet up w/u & yuan2! it's busy season now so i won't be doing much until may.. >.< (damn I shd'v just emailed u huh) miss u! <3

  35. I love all of your lense reviews :)
    Both of them look great on you! <3 its nice to hear that these ones are more comfy :)

    I really want to dry those drops now :P haha! hm... mayb i will start with the 3rd level :P coz 6 might be a bit intense for the first time ><

  36. hehe you look so cute with your glasses! I really like your new contacts~ Im thinking about getting those too ^^!

  37. so beautiful! I really want to try circle lenses!

  38. I love how you do your hair in your shots Eki!
    I was wondering if the eyedrops can be found in Canada? or maybe if there's a website that sells them?
    I'm interested in trying them out!

  39. Hellooo,

    Wow, your soo pretty!!

    Don't forget to follow back, if your not already & also enter my competition to win 2 tickets to beauty UK show :)

    Lots of love,

  40. Very pretty!


  41. Hello :) I've been doing good. I just can't wait for spring time to come though, I don't like the cold too much >.< HOw've you been hun?

  42. Hahaha! "I have paint thinner in my eyes!" Oh my gawd.. I burst out laughing hahaha.
    I need glasses myself too ><

    Oh and Eki I have a question, you know your favourite lenses.. the clearly colors ones? How long do the prescription last for? The website says 3 months.. but I remember you saying a year? Am I wrong?

  43. I have yet to try Rohto!~ Do you know whether they sell rohto eyedrops for dry eyes? If they do, do you know which one it is?

  44. You don't look nerdy at all.. well maybe?! LOL, I think it's because we're asian and we're smart so I guess we look naturally nerdy :P The lenses are so pretty though! ^_^

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