Paul & Joe haul & review


Feels like I haven't made a post in a while XP
had busy busy week so took some time off from everything this weekend so I guess that really helped me to relax :)

I feel like I have LOTS to post about so hopefully I can make a post everyday! well at least I will try to LOL well here my Paul & Joe haul I got from softsurroundings.com were they had everything from P&J stuff on sale~ they still have few items left so if you like to check it out click here :)

Paul & Joe beaute lines are made in Japan so its hard to find them being sold in Us only in selective stores, you can check out their official site here

I Love their packaging and the style of their products they are very elegant and princessy, all of their products have really nice fragrant also reminds me of elegant and princess like and they are very nice quality products! :D

I was hesitant to purchase this items since I am saving up to go to Japan this year but it was such a great price and deal that I ended up making a buy.. but by the time I decided to make a purchase most of the items that I wanted was sold out so I kicked myself for not making the purchase in the first place LOL but in return the store was kind enough to give me $10 off coupon on this products that I have got! so it was even sweeter deal, but I was missing one of the lip gloss that I wanted so that was a little set back in purchasing from this store again.

first I got Paul & Joe eyeshadow in earth and daisy
This eye shadows are very smooth in texture and very pigmented but soft at the same time since they contain lots shimmer, the earth which is the darker shade one is gold undertone brown with hint of olive so it goes on the skin very neutral almost looks like grayish shade once applied I like it~ and the daisy is pale gold with creamy yellow tint perfect for highlighter shade!

The compact comes with mirror so its very useful if you are on the go :3

paul&joe eyeshadows

p&j eyeshadow

Mascara duo primer and eyeshadow primer

Paul & joe primers

The eyeshadow primer come in 3 shade for different skin tones,
I got the eyeshadow primer in 02 Chai - A sand beige for medium skin tones.
Primers will make your eyeshadow more vibrant and makes your shadow last longer :)

p&j eyeshadow primer

The mascara duo primer is in clear color goes on under your mascara for longer and more defined lashes, this have 2 type for either volume or for curl.

You can see the fibers in the Volume side of the primer this will make your lashes longer and fuller.

paun & joe mascara primer volume

joe & joe mascara primer

Paul & Joe lipstick N in Ballet shoe and Candied Rose

Their lipstick are very sheer and shimmery but looks very pretty, not too overpowering shimmer either. The fine shimmer actually makes your lips look more plumped and the hint of color makes your lips looks very cute :3 But since they are sheer I had to go over couple time for the color to show up.
they are also pretty moisturizing, I almost feel like they have like lip balm consistency and also smells very pretty♥

paul&joe lipsticks

paul & joe lipstick N

#3 Candies Rose
Rosy pink shade

p&j cadied rose

p&j candied rose

#16 Ballet shoe
Pinky apricot/ peach shade

p&j ballet shoes

p&j ballet shoes 2

Look with this products:

p&J primer
P&J eyeshadow in earth and daisy
Fiberwig mascara
Dolly wink eyeliner
Barbie king lens in grey

DHC foundation in beige ocher
NYX concealer jar in beige
Jill Stuart mix blush in 02

P&J lipstick N in Candied Rose
Nyx round lip gloss in sorbet

yes~ I colored my hair finally ;D
used Loreal excellence creme in #4 dark brown, they are super dark almost black X3
will make a post about this hair dye~

also Im wearing new ekiLove necklace Kawaii bow necklace♥
I will have the new items for sale tomorrow! :)

eki wear p&j

ok that it for now thanks for stopping by~
will have ysl lippie post next time and some mask reviews!

take care everyone♥



  1. Hey Eki!<3 Great haul! I will have to get my hands on some P&J products hehe, they seem so great! Esp. love the lippies! Love the full look too, your hair looks lovely ♥

    I'm glad you got my package too hehe. Can't wait to see how your stamps turn out!<3

  2. Eki, you're so beautiful! ;) I love how you did your makeup <3

  3. Hi Eki! :) The necklace is gorgeous! Can't wait for the new items to be on sale~ I'm jealous of your P&J jaul, haha I was going to buy from that site as well but they had none of the colors I wanted in anything anymore :( Your lipstick colors are gorgeousss! <3 Hair color looks amazing as well, I dyed my hair just a few days ago too! I'll be waiting for your revieww on the L'oreal hairdye, I'm curious to know if it fades really fast! :)

    - fanyy

  4. OH WOW. That last photo was you but different to the ones you usually take! You look absolutely stunning!!

  5. Oh my gosh Eki~! The new necklace looks really good on you!!!! =) And you look really pretty modeling it! ^_^ I still need to upload my photo and send you a photo of me with my favorite pair of earrings =)

  6. eki! Looking very gorgeous in the last pic. ^___^ I like your darker hair color also, it gives a different feeling than your lighter hair. A good different feeling.

    Thanks for the haul review! I always enjoying seeing what other bloggers buy, and I adore the photos you take with your light box! Everything looks like the website photographs except you always gives us a different angle or POV that shows it to its fullest potential. ^___^

  7. wow everything you got looks so pretty :)! I was going to purchase some stuff but I was way too late. Everything I wanted was sold out :(

    I like the new hair color on you!

  8. The lipstick shades are sooo pretty on you & you are gorgeous in the pic!! :)
    I'm currently waiting on my package from you, I can't wait!!!!!! ^^

  9. You look soooo gorgeous <3

    Great haul from soft surroundings! :) it was so nice that they offered you the coupon, great incentive to buy more, hehehe :p You got some great Paul & Joe stuff! I am so glad we found this site and got some goodies from it, esp since it's my first time trying Paul & Joe cosmetics. They did not disappoint! :)

  10. P&J makes your lips so kiss-a-ble...
    great haul!

  11. I resisted this sale and now I'm kicking myself for it! You look gorg as always. =D

  12. oh wow! yay! P&J products. I was walking in the city the other day and a very kawaii japanese shop that sold japanese facial and cosmetic products had them at 50% sale T__T but when I got there they told me they just sold the last item. I love the lipstick though, sooooo pretty and looks very moisturising.

    :O New ekilove jewelry!!! hehes, wow, it's so pretty! and I love your hair colour eki =)


  13. Lovely haul and gorgeous FOTD! I was eyeing Candied Rose too but I was afraid it wouldn't show up on me...... ;_;

  14. That's a very pretty look! Love your blog too! I'm on a recent P&J kick and absolutely adore their products. The lippies look like something I need to try next.

  15. Lovely buys! And the look is so feminine and sweet :D

    BTW love the new hair color - have been ogling the Loreal Excellence in Dark Brown myself, cuz I want make my hair dark, but not blac.

  16. That's a pretty impressive haul Eki! And thanks for doing all those swatchies for us!

    Loving the darker hair on you! It really makes your bright skin glow! :) And I thought you couldn't get any more beautiful! ;)

  17. #16 Ballet shoe is such a pretty shade on you, eki chan!

  18. First time leaving comment here, hello!! You're so pretty and glamorous! haha, gotta love your new hair color, looks younger!

  19. Hey Eki, just wondering, could u tell me what colour your hair is in the P&J make up photo? Is it different from the photos below? I'm thinking of getting the colour done for my pre-wedding shoots!

    Thanks! :)

  20. Ahhh <3 P&J products!! Thanks for the swatches and reviews. And the look you did with them is really pretty. Really love the necklace as well, very elegant!

  21. Great haul! I love P&J stuff as well, especially their lipsticks.
    I guess we're lucky in Asia, cos we've got deals going on all the time.
    Enjoy your new goodies! :)

  22. What a nice purchase eki! I really wanna try their lippies :) thanks for sharing the site :)

  23. i wish I was as good as u at make up :p

  24. eki :) i love the styles of your pictures always. how do you get the backgrounds so white? do you use a specific background or is it photoshopped?

    i love the packaging! so adorable!

  25. So pretty! I wish I had the money to get myself a few stuff right now :(

    May I ask how long does the primer last before eyeshadows start creasing again? Thanks!

  26. Wow eki I love that lippie on you! Too bad I have to order P&J from online...but one of these days I'll get to it *lol*

  27. omg why are you so gorgeous?!! lol my fave is the ballet shoe lipstick because i'm really into peach colors right now : ) xo

  28. I only got a few items from this sale :( everything was out of stock. Love your new look!

  29. princessy looking items for a true princess! you look gorgeous and your product photos are awesome with your light box :D

  30. Omg you look supremely gorgeous!! That lipstick looks divine on you!

  31. great post, thanks for sharing! i love the packaging on all the products, and the lipsticks look gorgeous on you!

  32. You look amazing hun!! Love the darker hair.. it's sexy =D!! The look with the P&J products are amazing <33!!

  33. Eki you look so beautiful! I love the makeup you did and your lips look so luscious!

  34. Love the kawaii inu, your haul, and your look!

  35. Swatches were great! Pretty picture, love your hair like that-looks different!

  36. The make up is beautiful on u! Please do a tutorial w/ this product and look!


let me know what you think~ :3

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