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Here are some recent hauls,
first I order stuff from beautyticket.com they had additional %20 off on all YSL products and seen like great deal since beauty ticket all ready sell their stuff 20-70% off retail!

I have been eye this products for LONG time but I never wanted to spend so much on it so I never did before but this time I had too it was a bargain deal XD

Yves Saint Laurent Tuxedo collection radiant blush and highlighter
this is what it says on the site

Filled with radiance, these three skin illuminators enable the user to adjust the effects as desired: The beige powder enhances the face with velvet-smooth transparency and is ideal for touchups throughout the day. The apricot blush warms and enlivens the complexion. Applied on the cheekbones, the eyebrow arch and the chin, the pearly pink shade highlights the features with subtle golden reflections. Used together, these three shades offer the complexion a soft veil of light. (.31 oz)
This is such a pretty palette I love the shades, comes with velvet cover and a brush. Haven't tried it out yet its too pretty to use LOL :P

YSL tuxedo collection complexion blush

YSL tuxedo collection blush

Yves Saint Laurent White mode Active whitening beauty lotion
here is what it say in the site

This lotion serves as a multi-function pre-treatment and adds gentle exfoliating and moisturizing properties to its lightening powers. An essential product for speeding-up the complete lightening programme of the White Mode range. Your skin texture is refined, your complexion is purer, lighter and more even. (6.7 oz)
Made in France

so I have been eyeing this lotion for a long time since it sounds so promising, but I could never really find a review on this lotion.... so I never like to buy anything new unless I see some reviews so I never got it but since its so cheap I got it :D

I have uneven skin tone from living in FL for so long with sun spots and this suppose to target spots and uneven skin tones so I wanted to give it a try.

The bottle is HUGE its 200Ml 6.7oz so its really a great deal LOL :D

have anyone tried the "white mode" line from YSL?? whats your thoughts?

ysl White mode active whitening

YSL white mode active whitening lotion

also I can never run out of Fiberwig since its my HG mascara so I decided to buy instead from sephora I wanted to try out ebay! :D

I got this from seller kawiwi in HK it was $11.56 total and took about 2 weeks to get but it was worth the wait since instead of normal $24+ tax from sephora :P

Its in exactly in same packaging as if you got them in Japan! 100% authentic item :D
If you never used ebay before, the way to know who to buys from is always look at the sellers feedback!
I always seem to find good deal from ebay♥

eki Fiberwig



  1. Hey Eki<3 Great haul, I always want YSL items from beauty ticket but I never know which to try!! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on them :D Btw love all the new jewelry, so kawaii!

  2. I like BeautyTicket! They have good deals on some stuff, but it sucks that shipping is always so expensive to Canada and international =(

  3. I love browsing through BeautyTicket.com! They always have great items at great prices! ;) Nice YSL haul!!

    And I used to use fiberwig too, but it always dries out on me to quick! LOL!

  4. LOVE the fiberwig I bought mine from Sasa, maybe next time I will buy from kawiwi ❤

  5. omg I rember seeing that mascara in one of my mina mags ^^

  6. the ysl products look amazing! :D i've always liked their packaging :P it just looks so luxurious! :D

  7. Sasa also sells Fiberwig for around $14. I don't know if you've seen it before, but I know you like to shop there a lot. :)

  8. you are fabulous and so is your blog! I'm a big japanese products lover. I have an award for you in my blog!

  9. the bluch is so pretty;D

  10. oooooo! i love ysl packaging, SUPER luxe! i'm glad you got a great deal :)

  11. Wow, pretty new things! The blush is so, so gorgeous! I can totally see why you haven't touched it yet lol, but I totally want to see you wear it too!

    Great find with Fiberwig too! I'm actually thinking of buying my next tube of Kiss Me on ebay as well since I can get it so much cheaper, even with shipping, than at Marukai.

  12. eki! how do you use the fiberwig? it really doesnt give any volume whatsoever, but is amazing for length. do you pair it with something else or are you blessed with many thick lashes? XD

    i can't wait to receive your earrings :D :D

  13. I LOVE fiberwig. I'm on my 5th tube now. Thanks for the tip. I've also seen ebay sellers sell whole lots of them (ie. 5 at a time) for a good price, but I haven't gave in yet. I will try the seller you recommended first! =)

  14. Nice haul! The YSL blush looks gorgeous :D

  15. nice haul! beauty ticket always has really great deals on ysl products, can't wait to hear your reviews on it

  16. Oh great items that you got in your haul, really beautiful^^ I want to try fiberwig sometime, but maybe I am not skilled enough haha!

  17. Ooooh that powder looks so pretty! You can really find some good stuff on eBay, haha! :)

  18. in case you don't want to ebay it next time, fiberwig is $14 from sasa.com :)

  19. oah im very interested in this mascara... is it a lengthening mascara or does it curl your lashes?


  20. I just bought fiberwig from sephora and I love it! Gonna get it from ebay next time and save some cash, thanks for the heads up :)

  21. Thanks for the reference to Kawiwi on ebay for the fiberwig! I just bought one ;) I've been looking for a good seller on ebay for it :D

  22. You got that fiberwig for such a good price :D


let me know what you think~ :3

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