If you are an artist this will inspire you!

My boyfriend Zach and I are both artist and work with digital multimedias *basically nerds* LOL so we like to watch beautiful works done by other artist to get inspired.

My Dream ever since I was little is to be mangaka*manga artist* but more I grew more I wanted to be a CG artist mostly in 3D but my life path just parted other ways but its still one of my life dream is to become some form of CG artist. So if you are a artist also or Love ART like me this beautifully done full CG film by Alex Roman will inspire you. :)

I was blown away by the quality of the CG, looks too real @_@
and the cinematography is beautifully done.
One of the best 3D and CG work I've ever seen made by one person! Isnt it amazing what a mind and the hands can create, its a beautiful thing.

Make sure to watch it in FULL SCREEN! :D

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

If you cant believe if this was full CG here is making of :D

Compositing Breakdown (T&S) from Alex Roman on Vimeo.


  1. Wow..thanks for sharing, that was amazing.

  2. OMG!! That looks amazzing!!!

    I love art as well and I also think everyone has an inner "nerd" in us. LoL. Thanks for sharing those links with us!

  3. My bf showed me this yesterday and I was also blown away! It was so beautifully done. My favorite was the cherry blossoms :)

  4. wooooo, beautiful! that's incredible. really inspiring!

  5. wow...i can't believe this is all made...it looks way too real!! Soon enough, all the movies will be made in this way!

  6. WOW that was soooooo amazing! I loved the part where the books started flying up and then the pages were out of the books or the part where there were many sakura trees and birds were flying out of the water. So beautiful ^___________^ I'm definitely not an artist despite me going to an art school and totally failing it but I do really like art, it's something that can instantly appeal to the eye of an individual without having to read. I find it quite amazing ^.~


  7. Wow. That truly was inspiring. It was absolutely amazing that one man could do all of that. Dang. It just shows what one with an imagination and the determination to do it can do. Plus what you said. ;D

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I wanted to be a manga artist too hehe. I could not believe that everything was CG until I watched the 2nd vid... such great leaps in the capabilities of technology... it's truly amazing! (: Thanks for posting this!

  9. WOW.. the bf and i were wondering what the crap it was.. what the point was.. i thought it was just a bunch of fancy camera porn.. but.. NO. this is utterly AMAZING!

  10. I'm def NOT an artist in any way, but this was def COOL!! All of that was CG'd?! Damn.... Now that is def impressive! Everything looks real to me!

  11. WOW!! This is AMAZING! I can't believe this is all CG! *Sigh* When I was younger, I wanted to be a CG artist but I never got the chance to follow that dream. :(

  12. CG life is so tiring, yet challenging.sleepless nights make me look so much older n uglier :(
    saw ur paintings, great job! =)
    i've been viewing ur blog since days ago, n found out ur doing the same thing as wat im doing, interesting!


let me know what you think~ :3

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