Love package from Rina! FOTD

Ohh one of my sweet friend Rina of Rae630 surprised me again with a LOVE package!!♥
She is always so sneaky with sending love packages I get it when I'm least expecting so its such a pleasant surprise to see a package from her X3

Rina is always really REALLY thoughtful with her gifts, she knows alot about beauty and Japanese products also! so I LOVE going to her blog to look at her amazing hauls and food porn LOL XD

Also she is so talented~!!AMAZING at creating super kawaii handmade too~!! I adore the sock piggy she sent me long time ago, she sit on my table next the the computer and always puts smile on my face :D

you may have seem her kawaii creations on other blogs hehe
piggy is famous! :D

me and piggy ♥ :3

THANK YOU DO MUCH RINA!! you have put SOOooo many smiles on my face and one of my favorite things about the year 2009 is that I got to meet you and became friends with you♥
Thank you for always thinking of me and being so thoughtful, generous and kind to me ^__^
I hope to make you feel the same way too!!

so In the letter she told me that she knew one of my favorites from my beauty diary mask is Bulgarian white rose mask, so she sent me HUGE 30 pack box set X3
I have not seen the big box set and I was so shocked to see this XD

my beauty diary mask 30 pack

came with 2 free my beauty diary eye mask too! Thank you so much!! now I dont have to be so cheap with using face mask LOL and maybe try out for everyday for a week since I hear that is what you should do to see best results with this masks :)
thank you for letting me pamper myself!

my beauty diary mask 30 pack open

Ohhhh another surprise! I sooo wanted to smell what Angel Heart perfume smelled like since its voted #1 perfume of 2009 by gyaru's so I was sooo curious with the scent XD

it smells so sweet and luxurious! I like it!

this is much needed in this freezing and dry weather thank you for always being so thoughtful!

Angel heart perfume body butter

This body butter said it contains triple moisturizing ingredients. shea butter, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil super thick and so moisturizing I LOVE it♥

ANGEL HEART body butter

Rina's favorite false lashes!!

She wanted to know what I thought of them too
since she said this was her favorite false lashes :D

so many of them!!

Rina's favorite false lashes

so fine and looks natural!! :D

false lash 217

this one looks just like my favorite Revlon fantasy lengths in Intensifying

false lash 7 long

so I tried it on to see how they looked :D
I like them! looks very natural and pretty comfortable, I love how lashes give the eye such a drastic big difference in bringing out the eyes and making the eyes appear bigger! lower lash is with fiberwig mascara, love how this makes them look so LONG~

got to ask her where she got this lashes from LOL

eki with false lash

more view of the lashes, also me modeling kawaii bow earring its hard to see tho :P

ekimura eye lash view

also wearing the sweater jacket I got from Abercrombie on their winter clearance, can you believe this cute jacket was only $19 such a deal!! XD
so warm too its like 50% cotton and 40% wool or something like that :D

eki love abercrombie

bathroom shot, this room had the best lighting in the whole house LOL X3

most asked question:

Q:What camera do you use?

A:Nikon D90 :3

eki love sweater view

ohh my hair grew so fast so I gotta color my hair again >_< the color faded so I got new dye to try out today! still gonna stay in the dark brown shade :3

Im sorry, Im not good at showing my earrings I know seeing them on actual person gives a better idea of them but could never take good photo of me wearing them they end up looking very blah... :/

eki love sweater

I am trying to post one post a day for my new years resolution,, so I hope I can do that LOL
next up:

most popular things of 2009 according to 1000 gyaru votes post :D

take care everyone and thank you for stopping by!



  1. You are always beautiful Eki ♥ You have such great skin! :) I will try that Bulgarian white rose someday! :)

  2. O_0 lucky to have such a nice friend! I want to try the Beauty Diary Masks...I still have the Kose Hadabesei ones.

    I'm new to your blog (love it) and I posted some questions on your chatbox; name Stephanie....did you get a chance to see them. You can email me: robolegojupiter@yahoo.com

    Thank you!

  3. How sweet of her! You deserve all the love Eki! :)

    ANd I love the sweater on you! Looks better then any model in a catalogue! Very stylish yet functional! ANd those falsies look so natural on you!

    Hope your staying warm & healthy!

  4. Oh wow ! Aren't you the lucky one ?! Everything looks brillaint ! Have a great week...

  5. Awww such a lovely package!

    Really want to try the BD masks! Hehe now you have tons to use :D

    You look so cozy and gorgeous with that jumper on btw ^___^


  6. Wow...Your last picture was beautiful^^

    Thank you for your reviews:D

  7. ooh, one post everyday! How exciting! :D I can't wait to see the list.

    You look so pretty and your bottom eyelashes look so long here. I need to try that magic Fiberwig mascara. XD

  8. Hi Eki! Wow Rina is such a sweetheart :) I have never seen a box of MBD masks that big!! 30? I need me some of those haha so I can do masks everyday.

    The lashes look gorgeous on you, I still don't know how to properly apply false eyelashes. For some reason I don't think they look right on me! Great deal on the AF sweater, I love Holiday sales!

  9. i love it! the lashes look so great and natural! you should smile more often eki, you've got a beautiful smile!

  10. dang eki, as always your looks are soo mesmerizing! how much did you get ur nikon for? i really want to start doing photography.


  11. Ohh so much love! Rina is so nice :D My piggies sit on my stereo hehe. The lashes look lovely, so natural!! You're looking gorgeous as always, loving the lenses ^^<3

  12. aahh i love your sweater! way cute<3

    rina is SOOO generous! she blows me away :D

  13. You look gorgeous as always Eki!! Ooo those lashes look nice on you!

  14. Wow, what a fantastic package! And you are just so, so beautiful Eki!! Love these contacts on you, and the lippie too! Love your sweater - very cute!

  15. Eki you look super gorgeous in the first picture! The piggie is so cute, that package is so amazing! Also those lashes are super gorgeous and natural, they look really pretty and fluttery ^_^

  16. I love the lashes on you!!!! So pretty!! Your lower lashes are amazing!! I need to learn how to work with fiberwig. I don't think I'm using it to its maximum affect/effect. I think the lashes originate from taiwan. I will ask the sales girl next time I go. I'm so obsessed with them!!! <3 Rina oh, they also have other styles. i will try to take a pic (if they let me, heehee) next time I go.

  17. Wow you are so gorgeous Eki, how do you get your skin so flawless? I'm so impressed with how the fiberwig extends your lashes, I so want some now!

  18. wow a 30 pack of MBD masks is crazy!

    I have the same AF sweater / jacket! it looks really cute on you :)

  19. You are my perfect Gyaru girl!!

    You and piggy are so adorable together!

  20. OMG! You look absolutely 110% fantastic. Seriously. Eki, you look great!!
    The lashes looks real good too, now I'm tempted to get some as we.. *sigh*
    more FOTD please!

  21. Your friend is so sweet for giving you such lovely gifts! I would also like to know where she bought the lashes, they look so pretty! :D

    You look gorgeous as always too <3

  22. Girl, you look hot! Yay to you scoring that cute sweater jacket at such a great price. :D Love all your goodies!

  23. Jealous of your MBD masks!! And I love your color =)

  24. Pretty pretty pretty! Wow such a big box for masks!!

  25. Oh! No wonder you looked a bit different in the first pic! You're showing some teeth! You look good Eki! Smile big more often!!


let me know what you think~ :3

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