1000 gyaru survey winners of 2009


sorry to break my promise of one a days post already... :/
I wasnt feeling too well yesterday so I took time off from online and slept,

this weather is really kicking my butt LOL

so here is popteen's 1000 gyaru survey post of top 2009 items!
this items was chosen by 1000 gyaru girls to see what was best of 2009

Top 10 best gyaru makeup purchase of 2009

2009 best winner

#1 winner canmake powder cheeks blush
canmake is Japanese low cost cosmetic brand
*eki's favorites too :3

why: great pigments and quality, great pinky shades to create kawaii cheeks, very cheap, pW20 is everyones favorite shade, highly recommended!

2009 face powder

#2 winner Candy doll face powder
candy doll is Model Tsubasa's own brand of cosmetic that just came out on sale last year,

why: Looks so smooth and matte, covers spots, pore and imperfection really well without looking too heavy, looks very natural.

2009 best of 3

#3 winner Maybelline mascaras

why:Makes lashes really full and long, works well with false lashes

2009 4-6

#4 winner Kate eyeshadow

Why:Great quality, stays on, great colors great choice to create doll eyes

#5 winner Cosmagic extending mascara

why: makes short lashes really LONG,

#6 winner Donkihote False lashes
Donki is Japanese 24 hour shop that sell just about anything :3

why: really cheap, great quality and easy to apply

2009 7-10

#7 Winner Maybelline jewel eyeliner

Why: Goes on really smooth and easy to use

#8 Winner Kate eyeliner

Why: Really easy to use, great pigment

#9 Winner D.U.P false lashes

Why: Very soft and great style of lashes to create dolly eyes

#10 Winner Jill Stuart eyeshadows

Why: beautiful shimmer and great colors

2009 Best shampoo and conditioner

2009 hair 1-2

#1 Winner Pantene

Why: Great smell, makes hair really shiny and smooth

#2 Winner Lux

Why: makes damaged hair really healthy and shiny, keep hair smooth without fly aways

2009 hair 3-5

#3 Winner Tsubaki

Why: Smell great and makes hair really shiny

#4 Winner Essential

Why: smells sweet and makes hair really smooth

#5 Winner H&S

Why: makes anyone's damaged hair shiny

2009 Perfume

2009 perfume

#1 Winner Angel Heart

Why: The smell is sweet but not too sweet and very girly scent.

#2 Winner Love & Peace

Why: Guys love this scent on a girl

#3 Winner Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto
*eki's fav too :3

Why: sweet and fresh scent

#4 Winner Samourai woman

Why: very mild and fresh scent

#5 Winner Magic to Love

Why: cute bottle and scent is adore by both girls and boys

2009 fall Hair styles

2009 hair style 1

#1 winner Long loose curls

why: guys love this look, looks sexy and cute

2009 hair style 2-3

#2 winner wavy curls

why: all the model have nice wavy curls and looks casual

#3 Bob hair

Why: soft and with lots of volume bob is really cute

2009 hair style 4,5

#4 Mix curls

why: curls that is curled in different direction curls looks gorgeous

#5 Braided do's

Why: Looks really girly and stylish

2009 Hit songs

2009 songs

#1 "motto" by Kana Nishino
*in my play list :D

#2 "Aitai: by Miliyah Kato
*in my play list

#3 "Fuyu Love" by Juliet

#4 "natsu love" by Juliet

#5 "Tokutemo " by Kana Nishino
*in my play list


  1. ohh i love those lashes!! I need to get me some. =D -nettie

  2. ooh thanks for posting up this!

    and thank you for helping me translate the Japanese words!!

    and you do not have to apologize!! do take care!!

  3. Oh thanks for posting this, great info. I am on the hunt for canmake blush now^^

  4. so cool! thanks thanks for sharing..
    i have always used maybelline mascaras!i love them ^-^
    & i love the mixed curls

  5. Cool scans! When I was in Japan I tried to buy sooo many Japanese magazines but they were too heavy for me to take! :(

  6. Thanks for translating all this =). Very good info to know!! Aww I hope you are feeling better Eki.. Must be the cold weather... Stay warm hun *hugs*

  7. yaaaay! I was looking forward to this post. I wish it were easier to get japanese cosmetics in the US. It makes me curious about Japanese Pantene! Thanks for the post and translations. ^^

  8. Hi Eki!! Thank you for listing all of the products! Really interesting to know what is popular :) Now I really want to try canmake blushes!

  9. Hey!! I'm a spanish girl!! I love gyaru style!!!
    Your blog is amazing!!! I love!! ♥
    And this entry is cool, i like a lot!!! the best of fashion gyaru in 2009!!
    I follow you!! my blog: http://japanyumiworld.blogspot.com
    enjoy please!!! ^^

  10. Thank you for sharing these scans and product rec. with us Eki! I need to get me some Canmake powder cheek blush too. ^^

  11. I really want to try that Canmake blush! Thank you Eki for sharing this with us. :D

  12. Awesome post Eki :)

    Thanks for sharing <3

  13. Thanks for the scans Eki! And extra thanks for breaking the list down for us! :) I wonder if the Donkihote is the same as our Don Quxiote down here?! Hrmm.. but I've never seen their own brand stuff before.

    Stay warm! HOpe you feel better soon!

  14. Thank you for sharing all the products with us! :)

  15. i got #3, #4, #10! im gonna collect all of them! thanks eki!

    xoxo elle

  16. i really like this post and find it useful, thanks eki!!!!!!

  17. Wow, thanks for the scans and breakdowns! I enjoyed reading and I'm totally picking my next conditioner from that list! Haven't tried any Canmake yet either - must check it out!

  18. It's great hearing that japanese prefer cheap brands too >D

    thanks for posting this! xoxo

  19. Thanks for sharing Eki this is awesome! :D

  20. Lux seems to ALWAYS wins these things!! I remember even back when I was in middle school LUX was one of the most popular shampoo among all the models~~

  21. Thanks for posting this :3.
    I also adore KATE eyeshadows, they are very soft and pigmented and good quality, i swear by them!

  22. uh oh, i think i want that blush now :P hahaha! thanks for sharing :D


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