Cellnique Contour Renewal II review

Finally my review on Cellnique's Contour Renewal II
here is when I got the items and what my milia looked like then

This product was sponsored by Cellnique to write a review about this product and share my thoughts about Contour Renewal II.

What is Cellnique?
Click here to see their about us section

what is this product?

Designed to remove oil clogs, or milia, around the eye contour area. Contour Renewal II provides noticeable results after one only week of application.
• Oil clogs • Milia
All Skin Types

What's in it?

Glycolic Acid

Belonging to the alpha hydroxy group of acids (AHAs), glycolic acid works as an exfoliant, and was the first AHA to be used in skin care. Glycolic acid is famous for its effectiveness in removing dead skin cells and regenerating collagen as well as elastin in deeper skin layers.

Jasmine Oil

Known in the East as the ‘King of Aromatics’, jasmine oil soothes and calms the skin, encourages cell growth and increases elasticity of the skin.

Balm Mint Extract(Melissa Officinalis)
From the leaves and flowers of the Balm Mint plant. Imparts an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action that has a calming, soothing effect on the skin.

Full Ingredient List:

  • Glycolic Acid, Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Red Sandalwood, Retinyl Palmitade, Ivy, Sambucus Canadenesis, Pellitory, Amica, Yeast Beta Glucan, Sodium Hyaluronate, Oils of Rose, Lemon, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Balm Mint, Lime.
How much?
$20 USD for 5ml/.17 fl oz
Its really small tube but little goes long way

cellnique contour renewal back

semi sticky clear/yellow tint liquid

cellnique contour renewal liquid

ok so my story now, I have been using Cellnique products since mid last year and their products have really improved my skin texture and my complexion. My favorite is their skin Action sebum gel, this serum alone have made my pores smaller and my skin from breaking out so I was really happy that I have started to use Cellnique.

my review on past cellnique products

One of my many concern with my skin is milia under my eyes, I always notice them being under my eye but they never got to a point that they bothered me since they were tiny. But with time they seem to gotten bigger so last year I read lots of sites to help minimize milia but most people's recommendation was to get it removed by dermatologist and most people said that the Doc use Glycolic acid to get rid of milias basically they dry them out since milia's are keratin filled cysts or fat deposits under the first layer of epidermis.

so when I saw that Cellnique has a items made just for milia and said to include Glycolic acid I wanted to try it out.

My experience with Contour renewal II:

I started this products few week after I got it from Cellnique and I was really excited about trying them since their other products have worked wonders for my skin so I read the direction on their website on this product with is

  • Use an amount equal to the size of a grain of rice for each eye. Apply Contour Renewal II gently with the ring finger around the eye areas in outward and upward circular movements.
All you need is really like a grain of rice, the liquid is semi thick consistency which makes them not run on your face once you apply them on after 5-10 minutes its dries into your skin.

I have used this product every night for the first 3 weeks, I stopped using this product for 2 weeks because it BURNS and dried out my skin where it was applied to a point it was crusty. :/
At first it didn't burn as much the couple times I have used this product but the more I used it the more my skin became sensitive to it so it burned ALOT.

Please excuse the below photos,, X3
Macro mode on a skin is really scary thing.... you can see all your flaws :(
my another concerns: sun spots and discolorations

week 1
you can see that my under eye area is semi red from using this product.

Cellnique contour renewal week 1

Week 2

Now you can see that its getting really red, my under eye area was so sensitive, stingy and sore. Also same sensation as when you burnt your skin. :(

I honestly couldnt tell if it was improving my milia at this moment.

cellnique contour renewal week2

Week 3

My under eyes have dried up and turned brownish shade. It felt like I had mild form of scab and crusty flaky skin, just looked really bad cant really tell in this photo tho... :/

cellnique contour renewal week3

It felt like it was actually burning the fat out or something, it was really intense for me that's why I stopped for 2 weeks and I contacted Selina Cellnique rep and told her my experience so far with Contour Renewal so she said "it’s normal to have a little tingling and burning sensation but it doesn’t normally dry out the under eye area and I should stop for a while and see how it goes since it could be the weather that could be the factor too for the dryness."

So I took 2 week break for this so the my under eyes would recover,

Week 6

After taking 2 weeks off from this product I have started using it in hope to see some results.
At this moment I really cant tell the difference yet, some days it looks like my milia's seem to have shrinked and some days it looks the same as before.

my skin still burns alittle but not as worse as before, as far as the drying goes I can feel slight dryness but not as bad as before.

cellnique contour renewal week 6

Week 7

This was taken a week ago, looks like its looking better but I didnt take the clearest picture, actually all of the recent macro photos were blurry since I took then in hurry and didnt double check X/

cellnique contour renewal week 7

I think overall this product just take time to see improvements and that milia's are hard to get rid of but I do think I see alittle bit of improvements in the sizes of the milia now they dont seem as big as before I think LOL

I am going to continue using this product till it runs out since Im only half way on that tiny bottle! it really do goes a long way :)

so far
3.5 out of 5

easy to apply
seems to peel off a layer of skin and make under your eyes smoother
milia's are SLOWLY shrinking * at least I think LOL*

sometime it itches too :/
dries out skin

I recommend this product if you are ok with burning sensation and have lots of patience :3
I Do really believe that Cellnique is a great brand and a high quality products!

This review will contiune.....♥

Hope this helps anyone with milia problems like me :D



  1. Awesome! This is such a thorough review, didn't know anything about milia, thanks for the info; I have milia problem too from using heavy eye cream. Gosh Eki, it really does looked like it hurted! :( I hope you'll see better results. I really want to try the Sebum Gel, it would be a good preventive measure during the time of the month xD

  2. Thanks for the great honest and detailed review Eki! The pics really helped!

    I love their SkinActionSebumGel too! And the Biorenewal Masque. When more $$ is available I hope to pick up the Dermabrightener. I really liked the sample of that they sent me.

    You'll always be gorgeous LOVE!

  3. Very interesting review!

    What exactly causes milia?

  4. I personally don't have milia, but I'm glad I read this post. I had no idea what milia was or that people had problems with it. Will definitely recommend this to people I know that have this problem!

  5. Thanks for the review Eki!! I was contemplating on getting this too hehe. I love Cellnique products!!! Not sure if I can take the burning though. I can't even tell if what I have is milia. lol

  6. Wow thanks for the very thorough review and week by week pictures Eki! I hate milia too! I get it from bad eye creams sometimes. Hmm but it sucks on the thing burns and dries out the skin.

  7. ohhh, it looks like it really improved to me!! could just be the pic quality, but that's my opinion. :) Looks like it hurt though. :(

  8. Oh Eki, I can actually feel your pain just looking at those photos!is it really normal to have it burn and turn red?This is just my opinion, but for the amount of time you spent on this, and the pain, wouldn't it have been better to go to the doctor?I just don't think you should've suffered so long T.T

  9. :( aww eki!!! i personally wouldn't use a product more than once if it burned, you're so brave!!

    it actually did look better though, but im pretty sure there are other products out there that don't burn as much!

    try the juju cosmetics hyaluronic acid essence at night between your toner and moisturizer. i found that it really helped even out my skin tone, is great for retaining moisture, and definitely helped me get rid of some millia!!

  10. i squinted when i read the ingredient list...no wonder they're irritating. sandalwood, jasmine, lemon, ylang ylang, mint, and lime are ALL potential irritant.

    and cellnique using AHA to get rid of milia sounds phony to me.

    AHA is an exfoliant yes, but it only capable to work on skin's surface, it can't seeps through pores. AHA is a better choice to get rid of pigmentation.

    BHA (beta hydroxy acid or salicylic acid), is oil soluble. hence it can get to the inside of pore lining and work to remove the dirts and debris. that's why BHA is a wiser choice for treatments like acne.

    i don't know much about milia since i don't have them, but from your description, i think you should try BHA products instead :)

    there are plenty of great ones, such as from clinique or paula's choice :)

  11. i'm so sad to hear that the product gave you such an intense reaction! you should just try a different brand cause skin care is not meant to be that painful! :(

  12. thanks for the thorough review! I sometime can spot a milia under my eyes but usually it disappear in one or two days...or maybe it wasnt milia but just normal bump? :/

  13. hey eki! i just purchased some earrings thru ur site using my bf's paypal acct. its under Timmy. here's my url if u need to contact me http://gloriafatboylovesyou.blogspot.com/ Thanks a lot! i cant wait for ur package to get here

  14. thanks for the indepth review! hope it works out for you :<

  15. great review,hun!

    i also have milia but it's not under my eye, but somewhere below my brow where the nose meets..

    I think i only notice lately.though same with you, it hasn't bothered me (yet).

    hope that it would somehow help with your milia. Maybe it just really needs time..

    Hope you are having a great day,hun.
    sorry if im not able to comment regularly, but believe me when i say i do read your post as soon as i see it on dashboard.

    stay pretty!

  16. Oh!! is so bad!!! I hope you are ok in fews days. Take care!!

  17. Ahh I have milia too Eki! I get them removed when I get facials though. It hurts a lot. :( I am looking into laser treatments or something to get them off because I've found w/ reg extraction they just grow back a year later! :( I hope this products works for you. I might try it. hmm.

  18. awww... at least it didn't leave scars on your face :) And definitely the weather in your area could be the verdict to the drying out! You did say it was super cold up there :D

    BTW, I received my order from you on Monday and I really love everything I got! ^_^


let me know what you think~ :3

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