Random things, things that make me smile

Hello, long time :3

I have been away due to being not 100%, was sick with flue like symptoms on top of its that time of the month and on top of that I had sever migraine for few days that just didnt want to go away... so with that said I had rough week and was pretty depressed :/

but instead of feeling sorry for myself I like to try to make my self happy by doing the things that puts a smile on my face :D

1. I like to look at happy, colorful kawaii things :3
always puts smile on my face♥

I like to look at pretty images and browse wallpaper app on my iphone.. LOL
so here is some of the wallpaper I thought was so cheerful :3

I love colors, mixed colors are always eye catching for me
this candies looks super yummy and pretty

haha such a cute rilakkuma looking bears

Love simple cute happy illustrations

sooo cute!!! this puts a big smile on my face :D

aww looks like same kitty,, feels bad cause looks very uncomfortable but still cute :3

I had a hamster once and it was super cute~ love the way they eat kawaii~X3
but it was a sad day when hammy died....

2. I like to doodle but never have the inspiration to do so :/
but always fun getting lost in time while drawing~

first I doodle in my sketchbook

eki doodle  before CG

too lazy to scan so I took a photo of it and CG'ed over the photo
my be next time I'll make full CG when I get inspired to draw :3

eki doodle in B&W

3. this is a weird one.... Stamping! I donno but something about stamping is fun,, its relaxing and playful at same time :D I need to buy my own carving set so I carve my own stamp next time~

stamping away X3

eki Love stamping

simple things in life makes me happy but sometimes I forget to look around because your mind gets too full and occupied with too many things,

but take your time with the things that puts a smile to your face♥

what makes you happy? :3

take care everyone!!
p.s to my love ones and supporters thank you so much for all the support and LOVE you have given me. My life is so much sweeter because of you guys♥



  1. aww, it's so cute that you get happy because of such 'everyday' things like candy or cute pictures. For me, I am super happy today. A friend of me arrived in Germany after being in Vietnam for 5 weeks and though he lifes about 1h by train away from me, it makes me happy knowing he's on the same half of the earth right now <3
    Everyone should be happy about everyday stuff! =D

    and that stamps, damn, i want one >D

  2. I love the picture of the poor cat in the suit! XD

    What makes me happy? Shopping makes me happy...and spending time with those I love <3

  3. I hope you are feeling better Eki, I can relate with how difficult life gets at "that time" of the month >_< Thanks for sharing all these super cute pictures! I love seeing your drawings too, they're always so inspiring ^^ Plus all your girls are super pretty... and have big boobs ^__^

    Awesome stamp! I had to carve my own stamps for 2D design class last semester :D I have a pink speedball cutter set I can give you if you'd like, since that class is over ^_^

  4. Your blog makes me happy! :3 You share all kinds of cute things with us, and reading your blog always saves my day. You're such a genuine, positive person ♥

    I hope you're feeling alright now! Hugs!

  5. Aw haha love the clouds! ~3~ Ehm good food always makes me happy X)

  6. Oh you're so cute dear <3<3<3
    Have a happy week, try to relax every evening ^^
    Stamping is a ncie idea, great ^-^

  7. hie hie.. cute pictures and ur drawing is so nice :D

    btw, i saw those 'rock" candies b4.. i'm so amazed by the way they make it!! I could never understand how they create those patterns n colors. The candies r very tasty too!

  8. As what the saying goes...the best
    things in life are free.

    It's nice that you are appreciating little things. These days we are all busy that often times we tend to forget to stop & smell the roses.

    You seem to be doing fine,hun.
    I'm glad for that! *hugs*
    much love from me

  9. Awww those wallpapers cheered me up as well I love bright and colourful things and cute stuff too! You are really good at drawing >_< I draw all the time I am slowly getting better! I hope you feel a lot better soon! Remember, when February comes along, its not that long a month and Spring will soon follow!

  10. the candies look very delicious and sweet.and i love colorful things=D
    your drawing is so perfect

  11. Eki, that doodle you did is *amazing*!!! You are so talented!! I wish I could draw. :( All I can do are stick figures, haha! I really like that first wallpaper of candy... I love candy! Sorry you've been feeling bad lately. I'm glad you found a way to make yourself happy. Feel better!!!

  12. I usually get a pretty nasty flu or other small bit annoying health-problem during that time of the month too. But you are right, keep the positive vibes up will definetely help in brighten up the mood :) get well soon. And as always,you made an amazing sketch :)

  13. Hi! Found your blog through Jen (FrmHeadtoToe). Your look is too adorable for words. Like those models straight out of Japanese magazines : )

  14. Eki! I love your sketching, it's beautiful! I love when people share their art, I could stare for hours. I hope you feel better soon!

  15. aww hamsters! my little sister had one and we used to play with it in its hamster ball all the time! cute drawing eki. i hope you are having a wonderful day.!

  16. Oh no! I hope you get back to 100% soon. Thanks for sharing the pretty wallpapers with us.

    Looking at my sheet masks collection and j/s makes me happy hehe.

  17. Awww the cellphone wallpapers are super cute!! Where do you find them?? And your stamp is so pretty, it makes your boxes look so professional & elegant =P

  18. Hope you're feeling better! I find that feline therapy is best for me! MEOW!

  19. such cute pictures! going through them make me smile also, esp the stamping picture!!! so cute :)

  20. ooo the boxes you stamped look super professional and cute! Thanks for showing us all these cute pictures, they made my day so much better ^_^

  21. Coming onto your blog makes me happy =)!! It's the one stop for kawaii-ness! It always does the trick of brightening up my day<33. I am also a sucker for children and pets hehe. Anything cute makes me happy!! Seeing people happy makes me happy =).

  22. cool entry!! whwn I'm child I has this sweets!!! mi mom buy for me always!!! ♥

  23. Your stamp is gorgeous! (I just wanted to say that first)

    What makes me happy? Hmm...probably a good variety show for a good laugh, being able to find something that I've wanted for a long time, and sometimes just dressing up and being about to say "I can look great too!" :D

    Cute cute WPs! I'm snatching some~ Thanks for sharing it! ^0^

    So you HAVE been sick, I figured as much when you didn't reply to my email (about the earrings) for several days and haven't been blogging...like I said, take good care of yourself and remember take your medicine and get loads of rest! >__< Being sick is never fun. Get better soon!

  24. aww babe I hope you start feeling better! I've been having migraines too a lot more than usual in the past week... probably from being sick and the weather. T.T But I do the same thing! I gather happy, cute photos and paint my nails and cheer myself up. :) Drink some tea and get lots of rest!!! <3

  25. I agree...most of the time it's the simple things in life that will make us happy =]

  26. Aww, what a beautiful post of lovely things! Hope you are feeling better hon!!!!

  27. Yeah, these colorful candies look super yummy and so awesome to look at indeed! Oh, I love stamping too, but I haven't any cute stamps yet... where do you get cute stamps by the way? ;/

  28. i love those things also :D such cute wallpapers! makes me want to get an iphone even more, hahaha.

  29. so cute!!! shopping! and being around good people makes me happy

  30. MMM the Japanese candies look soo good! LOL! And how cute are the kitties and hammy!! :) Awww Eki THANK YOU for putting a smile on MY face today with this post!

    Always a pleasure to look at your ART!! Not just doodles girl! It's art! :)

  31. Oh what a lovely post, all the photos are totally cute. Thanks for sharing this! I guess right now blogging, traveling and pastel colors make me happy haha^^

  32. Hey Eki<3 No problem, I want you to have it because you're always so sweet and generous and can definitely make better use of it than I can ^__^ !

  33. I love your drawing! It's super cute :) I just started following your blog but it's really interesting! And btw I love 2ne1 hehe

  34. Hi Eki!! I hope you are doing well and feeling much better now. This is such a cute post and I agree it's just the small little things sometimes that make you smile :) For me it's blogging, watching sappy korean soaps, and online shopping hehe just anything that keeps me busy

  35. Awwa those wallpapers made me happy too! You check out weheartit.com (if you don't all ready know it). That site make me happy all the time!

  36. Lovely artwork as always and those pics are sooo cute :D I might steal some for my mobile background.

    What makes me happy? Appreciating the beautiful sun (it's still summer here), reading my favourite books, cooking yummy food (mm cupcakes!) and playing around with makeup.

    I also wanted to let you know that I've made a post about looks that have given me wedding makeup inspiration - and I've featured your blog & looks in there. I hope you don't mind! You can view it here: http://ineverdoyouanygood.blogspot.com/2010/01/wedding-makeup-inspiration.html

    Let me know what you think!

    Miss Neesh

  37. What a nice post Eki. It's good to try to make yourself happy when you're feeling down. The wallpapers are so kawaii! You're such a good artist too.

  38. all those photos made me smile :) your stamping photo is cute - I love doing crafty little things, whether it's making jewelry or painting or sewing...it's such a nice feeling after you've made something :)

  39. eki you're so talented, i hope you can show more doodles =)

  40. gosh!! those sweets are my "childhood sweets! as my neighbour use to go overseas and buy them for me! but i do not know where to get them now..=(

    the cat looks v cute!!!and the hamster! haha!

    love the anime drawing! i envy those people whose are able to draw such beautiful anime characters!!!

    the stamp is nice!!

    haha yup! you have to make yourself be happy to be happy!

  41. Little things can definitely uplift our spirits. For me, it is the sun shining. Hope you are feeling better and less depressed. :)

  42. Aww, I'd really like it if you would make a post about your iPhone and how you decorate it. I imagine it to be all decked out in rhinestones and very hime!

  43. Omgosh! Those candies! I've had them before and they tasted yummy. All handmade so I felt a little sad eating the hard work but it tasted good so it's okay haha!

    I had a hammies too before. They're just so cute! ^^
    I'm still in awe with your drawing skills and CG? Wow.
    Wow you have your own stamp! So that's how that got on the lid! Amazing!

  44. did you know colorful things are more pleasant to eat :) so a colorful salad will fill you up more than like something that didn't look as cute :P And this hamster was playing with me at petsmart! It was so small and cute.. and they're cheap! I want one :)


let me know what you think~ :3

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